Monday, 31 December 2012

A little 'Happy New Year' to you all!

I'm currently writing, with rollers in my hair, mascara in my one hand, and nail polish in the other.. (no I don't have 3 hands - but you know what I mean).
I just wanted to leave on a little note of HAPPY NEW YEAR! As I'm sure you'll all be out enjoying yourselves - and most probably, taking the toll for it tomorrow morning - I thought I'd say it now!

2012 has been an amazing year for me: My highlight's include...

Sunday, 30 December 2012

A little Blogging Opportunity - Daxon; try it for yourself!

As We survived 2012, lets look forward to 2013 - with a little blogging opportunity I've got for you!
I heard from a fellow blogger, about this opportunity with Daxon, to become a part of the Daxon blogger network! Not only this, but if you sign up, you can also recieve a £50 Amazon voucher to spend on some 'new year goodies' of you own!
This gorgeous bangle in the Daxon sale, was only £7, and is a great accessory to add some definition to an outfit - the texture is lovely too! This would look great with a cream blouse for work/collage.
This was a favourite piece from the Daxon collection, and it was more than affordable too! This lovely  Ellos Ladies Jacquard Knit Cardigan, is now only £13.00, and will look great dressed down with a pair on jeans and knee high boots in winter months! 
This lovely Tan bag caught my eye, as it's simple design looks great and is practical too! It's only £27 in the sale, which makes it a total bargain! A second advantage is that it's a great size - so I can fit in all my 'handbag essentials'...
Here's just some of the lovely pieces I found on the website:

Simply, Click here and follow the simple instructions on the Daxon website! What could be easier?
I don't know how long this brilliant offer is available, but it's great to be part of new networks - and this looks like a perfect example!

Lots of Love,

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Avon Speeddry nail enamel Review, Christmas jumpers, and a few bits n bobs'

So, today's post is a big jumble of Christmas all stuffed into one! 
But first, I've been obsessed with Avon recently - I need to seriously consider being a representative to start making it pay, for my over indulgence! 
Today's nail colours were two of my favourites, that I pared together while being 'creative' or just 'lazy' over Christmas....

 I chose too colours 'Art Orange' and 'Lime Splatter' which bring in the deep oranges of winter, and the pastels of Spring 2013. The biggest advantage of the Avon collection for me is they really are SPEEDDRY, as my nails were dry in 30 seconds. I would definitely recommend this nail polish, as there's a great range of colours, and definitely worth purchasing if your like me, and get impatient waiting for nails to dry! 

 My sister got the Friends boxset, and between watching the non stop episodes back to back, we've been testing out knowledge, playing the 'friends scene it game'. No matter how old the episodes, I still love some of the outfits, and how the style of each 'Friends' character changes over the years.  
 My auntie brought my mom some gorgeous followers - It doesn't matter what time of year, I always love flowers to brighten up the room!

Managed to drag my sister into a photo, to show off her lovely Christmas jumper! Since technically Christmas continues to the 6th of January, she's seeking every opportunity to wear it! 

Here's my Christmas Jumper - though I've been wearing it most of winter! (shame there hasn't actually been any snow near my home...). Still in good spirits of holiday cheer, I'm sporting my festive jumper for as long as possible!

How are you spending the holidays? We still have a mass of family over every night - and my mom is still finding people to brag at, about our '1 pound Christmas tree'...

Lots of Love,

Friday, 28 December 2012

A wise old owl sat on an oak...

Weather permitting - seeing as around 98% of the UK is underwater or being rained on, I've managed to dash out between the spells of rain, for a post today!
My mom - being a secret shopaholic - (I think that's probably where I've got it from) brought me a lovely dress and satchel from her recent trip to London. Since opening my Satchel on Christmas day, I haven't put it down! It's a stunning vintage leather satchel - and I LOVE IT! Originally, I wanted a Cambridge Satchel. But, I think what makes vintage pieces so special, is you won't see many other parading them around town! PLUS IT'S HALF THE PRICE! My dress was another 'wise' purchase from Camden Loch market, and I've been seeing them everywhere recently...

I just love the pattern on the dress - being an owl lover myself, I can understand why my mom couldn't resist it! After a trip to town, I found they sell a similar design in New Look, Debenham's and Dorothy Perkins. I pared it with a mustard cardigan from Primark - another favourite piece this season! 

 This Pocket Watch was a beautiful Christmas present from a friend from School - Emma-lee. Yes that's Emma-lee (and don't you forget it!). So although I can't tell you where it's from, it's a great example of what to look for, when searching for your own! This one works - so finally I'm keeping track of my time! 
Looks Great + Keeps Track of Time = Not Taking It off!!

I couldn't contain my excitement over my new satchel... as you can see! It was brought with a purpose of use for university - though somehow I can't see it lasting that long (however strong the leather is), once I've started using it. The straps are also adjustable, and the colour means I can match it with pretty much anything! 

What Blondie Wears: Dress - (similar) New Look, Cardigan, Boots, Socks - Primark, Leggings - Matalan, Satchel - Vintage, Necklace - a present!

Well, that's all for today. I've got revision cards to make, books to read and notes to take - oh the joys!
Have a lovely day; wherever you are! 

Lots of Love,

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Just Chillin in my Onesies...

In typical Christmas style, myself and my sister (who's usually behind the camera - driving my crazy!) have been chilling in our new onesies this morning!
I'm being so incredibly lazy today - having skipped the boxing day sales, for a few extra hours in bed! So thought I'd do something productive by turning my lazy day into a post for you!

 I'm in love with my new giraffe Top Shop onesie! A lovely present off my friend Charlotte (who's appeared in previous posts - I love the hood, and the material is lovely! 

Lydia has also been spoiled with a lovely Lady bird onesie from Primark! The feet were what really caught my eye, as they  may just be the cutest thing I've ever seen! I'm always impressed by the quality and feel of Primark onesie's (as I have one of my own courtesy of my lovely auntie!).  Follow her on Twitter - @_LydKendrick

I think Christmas may be one of the only times in the year me and my sister genuinely get along, without fighting! Were now allocating the next few days to watching the whole of the Friends box set! Yay!

Anyone else been treated to a onesie, or a gift that's really made you smile? 

Lots of Love,

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

It's Christmas!!!!!
 Between the hectic traditions of Christmas services, carol singing , and having paper cuts from all the last minute present wrapping, I've stuggled to get a post up for you! 
I hope everyone got all the presents you hoped to get!

I'm more than pleased....
BECAUSE I'VE GOT A CAMERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meet my new baby boy:
I haven't had chance to use him yet, as I've been very lazy watching every Christmas film - mwahahahah!

My lovely Christmas tree - shame I'd destroyed all the presents underneath it before I took the photo.

As I wan't to spend time with the family - as I'm sure you all do as well, I'm going to scoot off now, to finish a great game of Monopoly (which I'm miserably loosing at)!

Speak Soon - and enjoy your Christmas!
Lots of Love,

Monday, 24 December 2012

“Another fresh new year is here . . . Another year to live!"

With a little inspiration from IFB Project #76 I've come up with a few resolutions for the New Year! 
It's never too early to think of your new years resolutions - and hopefully this will give you some inspiration, for when the clock hit's 12! 

1. Eat Less, Blog More! 
It's time I put down the Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Ice Cream, and Haribo sweets, and concentrated on creating original posts for my lovely followers! 
If this involves writing sticky labels on every biscuit tin, then that's what I'll have to do! 

2. Reach out to new blogging friendships
It's very well having a blog, which is your own 'little space'... but ignoring the many other bloggers out there, is no advantage for you! It's great to reach out and seek further inspiration from other bloggers, which could benefit your own blog too! 
My plan, is to seek fresh and original bloggers, follow their blogs, and seek inspiration! 

3. 'Giving rather than Receiving' - bring on the Giveaways!
Yes that's right! I'm breaking all my piggy banks open, to provide some great giveaways for my lovely followers (well it's about time isn't it!). 2013 is going to be all giving from me! 

4. Become too 'School for Cool'
Grades, Grades, Grades. Life evolves around getting the grades at school, so focusing my time on my exams  is essential! Work experience, is also key, and thanks to my blog, I've got the support and confidence, to apply for work experience!

5. Express Yourself
When I started my blog up in the summer, a blogger told me 'always express who you are'! It's important to show your personality, especially when blogging, as it's what makes each blog so unique! My resolution is to embrace my own personality, and ensure everyone see's me on my blog, as who I really am!

So what's your New Year's resolution?
What ever it is, start planning - AND MAKE IT HAPPEN! 
And what every you decide - do it fashionably! :)

Lots of Love,

Saturday, 22 December 2012

The day after an eventful evening...

Only 3 sleeps till Christmas!!!!!!!
A PRE-WARNING - this is one very random post!
In traditional Christmas celebration style, I spent last night (and the majority of this morning) at a friends Christmas party. Being the lightweight I am... I'm now a walking zombie! 
From last night's experience I have 3 things to say about house parties...
1. Take your own Alcohol 2. Don't wear a skirt/dress 3. Ensure at least one person is still sober.
Today I've had my favourite Christmas tune (The Power of Love) on repeat - thanks to the John Lewis Christmas advert. If you need refreshing of it's amazingness, or just wan't to admire it again - like myself, I've dropped a link for your bellow...
I also came across some great style video's, from Matalan today. As a fellow Teen, I found it so hard during my younger years to find fashionable clothing that I still felt comfortable in. Matalan's teen ranges saved my backside - quite literally - or I may have been wearing plastic bags as an outfit!
So If your an super cool parent, or haven't a clue in what you 12 year old daughter want's for Christmas - take a leaf from my 'made all the mistakes' book - seek Matalan for help!
There's also 'generation' at New Look. Which is just as great! And obviously every girl my age, went through her 'tammy girl' stage - AM I RIGHT?

Well, once I've recovered I'll make some effort to get a half decent post up for you!
Lots of Love,

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Christmas Nailssss :)

There's only 5 Sleeps Till Christmas!!!!!
With Christmas less than a week away I've been Christmasying up, everything I own!
Today's nails are in true Christmas festive spirit, with a mix of Barry M green (a birthday present last year from my lovely friend!) and a red Maxfactor nail polish!

 Okay, It might look a little tacky? But I'm planning on going gold in the next few days - so be prepared! I'm just starting to get the Christmas decorations out this year (gutted), so cranking up every Christmas tune! 

Lots of Love,

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

The perfect excuse for wearing furs...

7 sleeps till CHRISTMAS! This is too exciting!
As you know, during my hectic weekend of singing at various Christmas concerts, arranging my holidays and enjoying a Saturday night at the Free Live 2012 concert, I did manage to get a few shots for a post done.... (believe it or not?!)

I've been doing some pre-Christmas shopping, as I couldn't wait the extra week for my mom to surprise me! I've been looking for a faux fur since early November, and thanks to 'Select' I finally sourced a high-street steal! Yay! I've also been dying for some velvet in my wardrobe (although I've been avoiding it, due to my best friends phobia) However, Thanks to Top Shop, and my lovely Vodafone rewards voucher, have finally completed my mission...

I fell in love with this Faux fur from Select, as it doesn't spell tacky! I hate the furs that really look their price, and you always have to bare this in mind when shopping. The pattern is subtly, which means I can pair it up with a number of different outfits - I mean who every thought velvet AND furs? The pin attached is courtesy of Primark, and just adds the final touches to the coat. I already went one step further, to buy myself a large furs, but on this particular fur, the three quarter sleeves and cropped jacket, make it great on a night out, as it's not to heavy to carry!

I loved the lace detail on this Primark top. It was initially one of my shirts for sixth form, but it was so cute I've just been wearing it every weekend instead!
The velvet shorts are now my no.1 wardrobe item. I just love the vintage style buttons, and they fit lovely - unlike many of the Top Shop shorts, which are always too big or too small!

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Barry M & Beauty UK Sky Blue nail paint...

I'm currently slouching around in my Pjays, having had an exciting night out at Free Radio Live Concert, I'm now spending my morning re-cooperating...

Feeling glittery last night, I've used two nail paints to create this sky blue glitter nail colour. First I used a thick layer of Beauty UK blue nail polish, followed by a coat of Barry M glitter! 

As you can probably already tell, from previous posts, I love Barry M nail paint's! The paint is also long lasting, and chip resistant - which saves you from the paint of re-applying...
This nail polish will complete you outfit on a glittery night out! And is very subtle so you can wear it with a rang of outfits too.

Lots of Love,

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Feeling Christmasy? Xmas Jumpers & Novelty Knits..

ONLY 10 MORE SLEEPS TILL CHRISTMAS! - Do you like my XMAS header?

I hope you all as excited for Christmas as myself, this year! I'm sure you're all shopped out with Chrsitmas presents for your friends and family, but there's still one thing missing from my wardrobe this winter! A CHRISTMAS JUMPER!
So it was christmas jumper day yesterday, and although my collage 6th form diddn't go crazy in Primark and wherever else sells the cheapest jumpers, I was anxious to get me own. Thanks to the magical tool of online shopping, I've selected a few jumpers at reasonable prices, that will get your outfits feeling Christmasy!


Have you brought your Xmas jumpers yet? 

Lots of Love,