Saturday, 6 September 2014

Catching up with the blonde: Festival Stripes...

I can't believe it's already September and my crazy cram. everything. in. summer, has finally come to an end! It's been amazing, but I now find that I'm far from ready to continue my journey at university, when I head off at the end of this month.

Today's post is one of my many "oops, I meant to post that, but didn't" sort of posts. During August, I GOT MY UNIVERSITY PLACE AT BRISTOL, I went on a family holiday, volunteered at a local holiday club (involving lots of cream pies in my face), enjoying a few fab day trips, and an epic weekend at Western Park's Vfestival... so not a lot really.
 I thought I'd start off by sharing a few memories from the festival, and show you how I kept the festival look realistic - because believe me, the VIP experience is another league for the true festival experience!

Throughout the weekend, I relied on my trusty Topshop shorts and crop top combinations, to create a relaxed and effortless style. This year I also opted for a handy bum bag, rather than a rucksack, so I had more space to go crazy with my (commonly debatable) awesome dance moves. My Joules wellies made an appearance throughout the weekend, as the most comfortable dance shoes possible. I'd definitely recommend them, if your looking for a cheap option to Hunters!

On day one of the weekend, we treated ourselves with a yummy BBQ and enjoyed the grassy surrounding, that would soon become a wasteland of beer cans! Thanks to our local butcher, we had the great taste of a decent hot dog, before we fed ourselves silly on the nearby fish and chip stands! 

All in all, it was a fabulous weekend celebrating university places, exam results, and friendship, with some great people!
I'm hoping to do a few University preparation posts - we only get to be a fresher once, so I'm hoping to at least get myself organised for the first few weeks of term (here's to attempting the impossible).

Speak soon,

Grace x

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Snapped in the Summer...

Amid the crazy rush of summer, yesterday I managed to spend a few hours with my girlie's, taking lots of lovely photos for my friend Izy's portfolio. She's a rather talented young photographer, and I couldn't resist sharing some of the shots with you all! 

For the photos, we did a combination of 'au natural' shots in a nearby field (dodging local farmers, in the middle of quick changes), with some more elegant photos. Personally, my favourite was the 'lets try and jump at the same time' photo - which I will admit, took numerous attempts of epic fails. The setting was perfect as well, as the barley field's provided the perfect backdrop! 
Before you take a look, let me thank Izy for a lovely day of laughs, tears (from intense sunlight) and our yummy pizza lunch! Enjoy!

Well that's all from me (for now)!
I'm off on my holiday tomorrow, and my current suitcase situation isn't looking good.. so I should probably attempt to start throwing clothes into the case! 

See you in a week,
Grace x

Sunday, 27 July 2014

A Summer Breeze...


Today I've been sunning it up (or turning myself into a tomatoe) in my back garden. Like everyone else in the UK, I've been taking advantage of the lovely sun that's made an appearence during the last few weeks. As the weather was cooler today, I chose an easy summer combination to wear. 

Despite the recent heat, my Topshop summer jeans have been used no end, over the last month. My Jamie jeans fall to just above the ankle, which is great during summer, as they can be rolled up futher to create a 'I'm ready to run in the sea' look. My favourite item this summer, has to be my River Island shirt, with a beautiful butterfly pattern on it. It's one of those items you can literally wear with anything to add a splash of pattern. I wore the shirt over my New Look pink crop top. Since purchasing a few weeks ago, I can't belive how much use it's had. It's simple colour and floral patter makes a great combination with jeans or patterned skirts.

My sandals have also been a god send this year. Clarks are always on hand to provide style and comfort for every season, so my sandals have not let me down so far (and they've literally been everywhere with me)! I always think it's worth having leather shoes in warm summer weather, as they continue to keep your feet feeling fresh...that and the fact that after 4 hours of walking along the sea fron (usually too and from the ice cream parlour), i'm still blister free! But that's enough of my ramble... though if Clarks every need an official representative, you know where I am!

What I'm Wearing: Jeans - Top Shop, Clutch & Shirt - River Island, Crop Top - New Look, Glasses - Jack Wills, Shoes & Necklace - Primark.

Have a lovely week, whatever your plans.

Grace x

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

I'm Back, and Blonder as Ever...

In case you've forgotten me, I'm still Grace, and after a long break I'm back with my same blonde head to comment on the world of fashion, my own style choices, and what the adventures I get up to. 
During the last few months, I have been cramming revision for my final A Level exams. Part of my commitment was to put hobbies like blogging to one side, in the hope that it would allow me to remain focused (that and eat my weight in chocolate spread for "revision purposes").

Finally summer has arrived and I'm freeeeee (she says while being dumped with a massive pile of ironing), so my intentions are to restart the blog! I'll be giving you the low down on the bits you missed between exams, and hopefully record one fabulously stylish summer with you all, as I take on my last ever summer before I head off to University.

So a few things that I've been up to include... 
A final school trip with my music school to Belgium!
- This was one of the most inspirational visits, as the opportunity to sing in the Ypres at the Menin Gate Ceremony in this 100 years since the first battle, was both emotional but also rewarding in every way to see the impact it had on ourselves but also those attending. 
My school Prom!
- Yep that's right, after 7 years of hard work the school leavers ball was the perfect arrangement to celebrate the end of school. I had a lovely evening with my closest friends, who all looked like princesses! 
I got a fit?!
- A harder one to believe, but after a few months of tedious weight control and intese gym sessions, I've finally slimmed down to bikini body weight (and just in time for my summer holiday)! It's been incredibly hard, but I'm now a converted gym freak - horrah!
Last Days of School!
- In the last few days left of school, I cherished the moments by putting on my school uniform for one last time, taking ridiculous selfies and enjoying the summer concert with some great musicians I have met over the years. 
So that's all for me,  hopefullly it wont take me long to get back into blogging away my spare time this summer. So keep watch!

Lots of Love,

Grace X

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Get those make-up wipes out for a #nomakeupselfie...

My four day weekend has been a lovely luxury this week. I've been an angel daughter and spring-cleaned the house, acted host for ten of my favourite girlies (cooking pizza at 4am) and broken my 'heathly eating' proposal for an Indian curry last night... However today's post is a little break from the chaos to tell you a little bit about some great fund raising...

As you've all probably seen the #nomakeupselfie campaign has taken the world of Social Media by storm. Girls all around the UK (and further afield) have been ditching the makeup, to make the bold move of taking an 'au natural selfie' in aid of Cancer Research UK. In the space of a week, an additional £2 million has been raised through the campaign, which is a huge achievement - and it's ever growing.

As I've already published my selfie to Facebook, I thought I'd also post it here!
I myself have seen loved ones fight cancer, and as the battle continues, I always stay positive that organisations like Cancer Research UK take the small steps to help beat it.
I'm hoping to encourage you all to participate, whether it's on Facebook or your own blog - to get spreading the word...

What's great about this campaign is it's unexpected popularity! I always feel great doing something for charity, and by removing the makeup, so many people have felt that in itself is an achievement and worth raising money for! It takes a few seconds to get that early morning selfie before the make-up is applied, and would be amazing to see that £2 million increase even further!

To take part, all you have to do is post your own #nomakeupselfie to facebook/twitter/blog and make a donation to Cancer Research UK, either online at:, or by texting BEAT to 70007 to donate £3.

Let me know if you decide to take your own selfie, please let me know, and drop me a link if you post it to your blog too. Lets fight Cancer together!

Lots of Love,

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Pick of the Day..

So I'm finally getting my bottom into gear, as my blog has been a little neglected to mock exams recently! Today's post is a current favourite for my "Pick of the Day" - something that will most certianly end up in my own wardrobe...

I decided to choose this vibrant orange skort from Miss Selfridge (which I've in fact already put in an order for...). Skort's are making a huge comeback this summer - which gives an awesome excuse to continue doing childish cartwheels 24-7! I liked this particular skirt as it was a little different from other designs, as the belt allows you to adjust the fit for comfort, and the colour is so bright and summery! When I tried it on in the shop (because I couldn't resist) I was worried about having to go up a size, but finally Miss Selfidge have come to terms with a normal size 8 - hallelujah!

As the skirt also comes in a fluorescent pink and black, so there's plenty available to suit your taste, and a definite favourite for spring wardrobes! The fabric material is perfect too - not to heavy, but not cheaply made either, so definitely worth saving up your pennies.
I'd style this skort in two ways..
1. Evening wear, with a pair of sling back heels, loose top and a leather jacket..
2. Day wear, with a tucked in over sized top, Chelsea boots, and contrasting accessories!
Here's the skirt link, if you fancy a little retail therapy: click here

Well that's all from me, for today.
Tomorrow I've got a little outfit post lined up so keep watch.

Lots of Love,

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Princess for one day - A Prom Wishlist/Inspiration...

The next few months are probably going to be the most exciting and terrifying times ever. I don't exaggerate when I mention the dreaded A Level exams, choosing University places, flying the nest on my first girls holiday, and the all important leavers prom...

Today's post is something a little different.. In June, I'll be joining teenage girls around Europe in fulfilling the chaos that is Prom preparation! I have to admit, being princess for one night is rather exciting (if I manage not to fall over my dress/spill something down it/get it caught in a door..). I'm hoping to organise myself early, so today's post is a little 'how I'm getting on' inspiration post!

I recently received an email from asking me to take a look at their prom dresses, in hope of creating a wish list of my favourites. This was a lot harder that I first anticipated - because I can officially say I LOVED EVERY DRESS! So, to make it a little easier, I've created my own personal 'wishlist' with some inspiration for your own dresses too!

For my little wish list, I put together a little outfit which I thought was pretty, elegant and a little cheeky with an open back. I wouldn't personally choose the colour on them model, as I'd proffer a dark purple colour, as I feel it would make the white top details stand out further. To complement I chose an embroidered clutch and sequin heels!

To check out the dress for yourself click here:

Below are a few other dresses, that really caught my eye. I love how different styles of dresses fall - from the mermaid cut (which falls from the knee's) to the gathered bust (which falls much higher). I also love how Dressale offers a range of colours - all the dresses below come in several colours to suit your own preferences! Personally, I like darker colours (otherwise I look even paler) so would definitely find picking my own colour of dress useful!

If your interested in co-operating with me over the next few months, I'll hopefully be posting lots more inspiration for school proms and leaver's balls, so please drop me an email at: Also, If you had your prom in the last 12 months, or already have your dress for this year, let me know as I'd love to hear from you! 

That's all from me now, I'll shut myself off from looking at dresses for the rest of my evening, to watch the next episodes of Call The Midwife, and Mr Selfridge (hooray)!

Lots of Love,

Thursday, 20 February 2014


I hope you've all been keeping up on London Fashion Week these last few days. I didn't attend this year, as I've been pounded by lengthy essays and revision (maybe next time -ey?). But I have been anticipating the catwalks online from the comfort of my desk! One of my favourite collection's from LFW was the Topshop Unique catwalk! I really loved the dark green and blue combinations.

Today's outfit post, features a few things I was kindly donated by a friend (which still had the tags on!). I went a little country girl with colours, and wore my denim skirt, with a burgundy jumper and shoes, and my grey woolly tights to keep me warm! It's not exactly an 'on trend' choice, but I'm still opting for warmth at the moment.

My denim skirt was a gift from a friend, from Primark. Denim is a little dated, but I thought I'd bring in back, as the skirt complemented the outfit. Another old favourite, my jumper was from the men's collection at Primark, and is not too thick so is easy to tuck into shorts or a skirt. For extra warmth I added my little Topshop blouse, which is always handy if you want a collar to show over a jumper. I also have a little obsession with my grey tights... They have been so warm on winter days, and definitely an essential in my wardrobe recently!
Another present gifted by the fab friends, were these Topshop shoes - which I'd had my eye on for ages! I'm currently wearing them in, with hopes to get them out throughout spring, as they'll look great with some frilly socks and pastel hues.
Lastly, I kept my 'bad hair day' at bay, by wearing my favourite felt hat, which is another favourite on windy days!

What I Wore: Jumper, Skirt - Primark, Tights - New Look, Shoes, Shirt - Top Shop, Hat - Oasap.

Well that's all from me, I'm off to rest up ready for my visit to Bristol tomorrow! I adore the city, and this is my chance to see the University before I decide on my offers. So if you live in the city, and see a blonde looking rather confused (map upside down, etc..) do not hesitate to point me in the right direction (for a nearest coffee shop that is..)

Lots of Love,

Sunday, 9 February 2014

I simply remember my favourite things...

It's a "Long time no see" from me!
It's been nearly a month since my last post, so I hope you'll forgive me when I say I've been a little busy! Not only has college work, panto performances and dance exams taken over, but the course of wind and rain has stopped me from getting those precious moments outside (boo!).
For today's post, I thought I'd show you a few of my favourite accessories at the moment! Since my birthday in January, I've been using all my lovely new presents. However, nothing has topped off my vintage ring from mom and dad - it's a beauty!
I love receiving and trying new things, and it was quite a shock when I realised how well my friends knew me when opening my presents.

First on my list, is my little bottle of Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume! It's the perfect handbag size so ideal to take on a night out with the family. I also loved how it came with it's own refill bottle, so you can top up the bottle as you need. I love the whole Marc Jacobs collection (having sampled my friends rather obsessive haul).

Another little gem, that's been rather helpful in the colder months, is my fur headband! It's amazing for 3 reasons: It can conceal the worst bad hair days, it keeps my head warm, and it looks fab too. I brought as a Christmas present (yes, for myself) and it's definitely had it's full wear!

These lovely bottles of Barry M nail paint, were presents for my Birthday. My favourite has to be the metallic teal colour, as it's such a pretty colour, but I've recently liked the matted style of the blue bottle also! Priced around £3 a bottle, these will last me all year - so a great investment!
The Colours are: NP325 (blue) and NP334 (teal). 

This was also a birthday present, from New Look. I'm trying to wear it as much as possible, in hope it'll be a lucky elephant in my exams this year. In truth, I know those A grades aren't going to appear from no where, but hey ho. I loved the decorative touches to the pendent, and the long chain goes lovely with my dresses.

Finally, (and before you ask, no I'm not engaged) I had this beautiful ring from my parents, as a little "dude, your 18" present. It was a vintage engagement ring, purchased from a jewellers on Ebay, and it was sheer luck that it fit! I absolutely love the stone, which happens to be my birthstone Garnette! So although I wont be wearing this accessory piece everyday, it's by far my favourite piece! 

That's all from me today! Thank you for holding up, while I get myself fully sorted (and stop the A Levels from taking over)!

Lots of Love,

Saturday, 11 January 2014


Hello all! It's been a pretty hectic few days - what first week back to school and not forgetting that I TURNED 18 ON TUESDAY!!!!! (which I still haven't got used to). As my new years resolution finally got the 'no no' (several slices of birthday cake later), I thought I'd post little outfit of the day featuring my lovely birthday present off my fab friends!

I couldn't have asked for a better 18th birthday, I had chance to see family and friends over the weekend at my party, and the day itself was well spent eating my favourite foods and sipping red wine (like the adult I am) while watching every chick flick possible with my mom and sister! My parents gave me a stunning antique ring with my birthstone in for my birthday, and are kindly paying for my exotic - exotic as it can be on my budget -holiday with my favourite girlie's!

Today's outfit was centred around my lovely new purchase from New Look. The dress is a black and white lace detailed dress, which shifts over an under layer. I loved the length as its perfect for a day out somewhere, and it because the material was so lightweight the ends floated in the wind! Because the pattern is so detailed, I could be a bit lazy and get away with simple accessories! I wore it with a George green cardigan, my all time favourite brogues and charity shop purchase handbag. I also tweaked my hair in a little experiment, by putting half back in a bobble, then sweeping the pony tail back through the centre of my hair to create a twisted look.

Talking of birthday presents, one of my favourite surprises was this lovely Daniel Wellington wrist watch. I've wanted a brown leather watch to keep me in time (kind of) for so long, so I was overjoyed when I opened the present, knowing my friends had all contributed to buy it for me! It has a gold framed ring with Swarovski stones on the face and brown leather strap - and called the 'Classy Cardiff' if you wanted to take a look at the watches for yourself. It's also water resistant - which means someone definitely had blonde's like myself in mind when designing it! All in all it was a fab purchase by my friends, who no longer have to cope with me asking the time every 5 minutes - so thank you girls!

That's all from me today - I need to get my ass into gear and start getting ready for another friends 18th tonight, and at the moment I'm heading there in my onesie!

Have a lovely weekend!