Saturday, 22 March 2014

Get those make-up wipes out for a #nomakeupselfie...

My four day weekend has been a lovely luxury this week. I've been an angel daughter and spring-cleaned the house, acted host for ten of my favourite girlies (cooking pizza at 4am) and broken my 'heathly eating' proposal for an Indian curry last night... However today's post is a little break from the chaos to tell you a little bit about some great fund raising...

As you've all probably seen the #nomakeupselfie campaign has taken the world of Social Media by storm. Girls all around the UK (and further afield) have been ditching the makeup, to make the bold move of taking an 'au natural selfie' in aid of Cancer Research UK. In the space of a week, an additional £2 million has been raised through the campaign, which is a huge achievement - and it's ever growing.

As I've already published my selfie to Facebook, I thought I'd also post it here!
I myself have seen loved ones fight cancer, and as the battle continues, I always stay positive that organisations like Cancer Research UK take the small steps to help beat it.
I'm hoping to encourage you all to participate, whether it's on Facebook or your own blog - to get spreading the word...

What's great about this campaign is it's unexpected popularity! I always feel great doing something for charity, and by removing the makeup, so many people have felt that in itself is an achievement and worth raising money for! It takes a few seconds to get that early morning selfie before the make-up is applied, and would be amazing to see that £2 million increase even further!

To take part, all you have to do is post your own #nomakeupselfie to facebook/twitter/blog and make a donation to Cancer Research UK, either online at:, or by texting BEAT to 70007 to donate £3.

Let me know if you decide to take your own selfie, please let me know, and drop me a link if you post it to your blog too. Lets fight Cancer together!

Lots of Love,

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Pick of the Day..

So I'm finally getting my bottom into gear, as my blog has been a little neglected to mock exams recently! Today's post is a current favourite for my "Pick of the Day" - something that will most certianly end up in my own wardrobe...

I decided to choose this vibrant orange skort from Miss Selfridge (which I've in fact already put in an order for...). Skort's are making a huge comeback this summer - which gives an awesome excuse to continue doing childish cartwheels 24-7! I liked this particular skirt as it was a little different from other designs, as the belt allows you to adjust the fit for comfort, and the colour is so bright and summery! When I tried it on in the shop (because I couldn't resist) I was worried about having to go up a size, but finally Miss Selfidge have come to terms with a normal size 8 - hallelujah!

As the skirt also comes in a fluorescent pink and black, so there's plenty available to suit your taste, and a definite favourite for spring wardrobes! The fabric material is perfect too - not to heavy, but not cheaply made either, so definitely worth saving up your pennies.
I'd style this skort in two ways..
1. Evening wear, with a pair of sling back heels, loose top and a leather jacket..
2. Day wear, with a tucked in over sized top, Chelsea boots, and contrasting accessories!
Here's the skirt link, if you fancy a little retail therapy: click here

Well that's all from me, for today.
Tomorrow I've got a little outfit post lined up so keep watch.

Lots of Love,