Wednesday, 17 April 2013

I heard it from a Little Birdie: Review...

I really did 'hear it from a Little Birdie,' as today's post is a little review of a recently opened jewellery emporium Little Birdie London. I was so excited when I was kindly invited to review an item from the website - as I'd already fallen in love with a few special pieces!

Little Birdie was founded earlier this year, and sells jewellery pieces for every occasion. It offers unique items, that will add the finishing touches to any outfit and I've now added a few friendship bracelets (oh and the rings, earings and necklaces) to my wish list...

Blondies Style Fix: Bunting Necklace Little Birdie London

This bunting necklace was a clear winner, when selecting an item to review. Bright colours are lots of fun this Spring and the shape of the necklace looks great with high neck tops! The necklace was surprisingly heavy, which made it a great piece, as it helps to shape the necklace around the neck. The gold finish adds sophistication to an outfit, while still keeping it low key and fun!

Blondies Style Fix: Bunting Necklace Little Birdie London

I wore mine with a white collared shirt, and a very bold and striking flamingo jumper (oh yes, I went there). I thought the necklace complimented the jumper really well, and added a contemporary twist to the outfit. The necklace was also adjustable, which means you could re-size it to suit how you want to wear it!

Candy Bunting Necklace in Pink - Little Birdie London £9*

 If you fancy having a look at the Little Birdie London range, check out the website here, and let me know your favourite items from the website!

Lots of Love,

Monday, 15 April 2013

Guest Shoot #3 - From behind the camera lens...

It was back to school today - and didn't the world know about it! My sister yelling 'WAKE UP GRACE' at 6:30 this morning was not the best way to role out of bed - but I'm glad she did, or I would have been going to school in my Pyjamas! (not that I'd complain).
Today's post is a slightly delayed guest post of my darling sister! As she's usually behind the lens, it was great to let me have a go at snapping away (as it's what I love doing). I have to admit, I'm completely obsessed with the use of light in photos, particularly sun set - it always looks so beautiful! These photos were originally a little experiment, so please ignore the fact she has no shoes ;)

 Okay, so sister's aren't supposed to pay each other compliments regularly (and it's certainly a rarity in our house) but I love this Jumper from Republic. There was a huge sale at Republic, due to rumours of it closing down. This meant of course, that my sister was first to snap up a bargain! The wool is thick and amazing quality and I love the knitting work on the front and arms.
This satchel is becoming a favourite of ours this Spring, since we snapped it up at a local charity shop! Pastels are a classic for Spring, and well, this satchel is a classic. She's also sporting her ONE DIRECTION wrist band, from the concert she went to last month. Yes, she's a little obsessed. And yes, I can now sing every lyric, to every song, since she plays the 1D album on full blast, in her bedroom....
The sun glasses (which are MINE) are from Primark, and look effortless for summer! Lydia's style is mainly a relaxed casual look. Not like her sister... But, it's great that we can wear each others clothes in such different ways! 

To complete the 'Saturday shopper' classic look, Lydia styles her hair effortlessly, by simply pulling some of her hair into a pony tail, and leaving a bit half in/half out. Spring is all about an effortless "up-do's" so I'll definitely be trying this look out...

What Lydia Wears: Jumper - Republic, Bag - Charity Shop, Glasses/Jeans - Primark.

So, you've officially met my camera wizard! 
One thing thing that bugs me about blogging is that people may think 'it's all about me'. But it's really not! One of my favourite aspects of blogging, is to take photos of people's style which inspires me (and I hope to do more of this too). So look out! ;)
Lots of Love,

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

let's get away, just for one day. Hello Lichfield...

Last week, my mom, sister and nan took a little trip to Lichfield. It's a little town full of tea rooms, charity shops and market stalls (or maybe that was just because it was a market day)! We spent a few hours walking through some beautiful parks - but mainly concentrating on the important task of raiding every charity shop in the 1 mile radius of the town...

Successfully out mission was complete, so the rest of the time was spent eating Victoria sponge in a coffee shop. I have a confession, I will be returning this Friday, as my little choir is going to sing in the Cathedral there - veeeeeeery exciting!
Blondies Style Fix: lifestyle OOTD post: H&M trousers, Boohoo army jacket. Litchfield.
 Blondies Style Fix: lifestyle OOTD post: H&M trousers, Boohoo army jacket. Litchfield.

Can I first just announce my love for the  SS13 H&M Conscious collection! The collection is just perfection and if your looking for inspiration on how to style it, head over to one of my favourite bloggers, Olivia at What Olivia Did - trust me it's worth it!
Among the many recent purchases from H&M, I brought these gorgeous patterned jeans for a thrifty price of £9.99. I'm loving the tribal feel to spring clothes! But dressed my trousers with an army style jacket from Boohoo, which was only £6 on Ebay (another cheeky bargain purchase) and my sturdy Primak boots. I also layered up, with my coat and scarf as it was freezing outside - don't let the sun fool you!
Blondies Style Fix: lifestyle OOTD post: H&M trousers, Boohoo army jacket. Litchfield.
What I'm Wearing: Trousers - H&M, Jacket - Boohoo, Coat - Bank, Boots/Scarf - Primark.
Blondies Style Fix: lifestyle OOTD post: Litchfield.

Blondies Style Fix: lifestyle OOTD post: Litchfield.
Part of my art coursework is to pick out pretty fabrics for a final piece (I'll fill you in when it's all finished). So I spent most of the day selecting fabrics - with the help of my mom - and materials to use! I get so excited my pretty materials. weird I know!
Blondies Style Fix: lifestyle OOTD post: Litchfield.

Blondies Style Fix: lifestyle OOTD post: Litchfield.

Blondies Style Fix: lifestyle OOTD post: Litchfield.

Blondies Style Fix: lifestyle OOTD post: Litchfield.

Blondies Style Fix: lifestyle OOTD post: Litchfield.

I finished the day off with a well deserved hot chocolate... oh and a gigantic slice of Victoria sponge! I think it's about time I thought about a serious diet! 

Well I'm off now to get on with some more revision - yay :(

Lots of Love,

Sunday, 7 April 2013

The sun came out to say, hello...

It's my 100th post - hiphiphoray!
I am pleased to say to sun finally made a appearance yesterday!
The UK weather has been a real disappointment so far this year, but fingers crossed, things may be looking brighter! (and now I sound like something off the BBC weather report)... As I couldn't resist the opportunity to finally wear my new sunglasses, I grabbed my camera and a bottle of bubbles for today's outfit post!

Today's outfit, is a purchase from one of my recent high street hauls. I was slightly disappointed with the Top Shop sale! So, in desperation, I followed a few sale signs and drifted in and out of endless shops. I found this paisley dress is Warehouse. I wasn't keen on the shape to begin with, but it looked far better on and I fell in love with the pattern...and the price tag of £12 (whoops). I'm hoping to dress it up for collage and down for sunny days this spring, as it's so pretty!
Blondies Style Fix, UK Fashion Blogger Paisley Dress, Satchel, Denim Jacket, Sun GlassesMy sun glasses were also a recent steal from Primark. Every girl needs a few pairs of fun glasses for summer and the cheep and cheerful price tag of £1, has got me hooked on them! Problem is my sister now has her eye's on them... oh no!Blondies Style Fix, UK Fashion Blogger Paisley Dress, Satchel, Denim Jacket, Sun GlassesBlondies Style Fix, UK Fashion Blogger Paisley Dress, Satchel, Denim Jacket, Sun Glasses

The bag was yet another thrifted purchase  I persuaded my sister to buy in a local charity shop. Lydia hates charity shops, so it was my way of showing her that you can find loads of in season accessories for half the price. This pastel blue satchel (a colour I'm obsessed with right now) was initially from TU at Tesco, but was only £3 in the charity shop - Bargain? I think so...
Blondies Style Fix, UK Fashion Blogger Paisley Dress, Satchel, Denim Jacket, Sun Glasses

Blondies Style Fix, UK Fashion Blogger Paisley Dress, Satchel, Denim Jacket, Sun Glasses

Like I said, this shoot consisted of me mainly blowing bubbles at my camera lens - NOT AS EASY AS IT LOOKS! Not only did my sister face get covered in bubbles (I may post a photo on twitter later - @blondiegrace), but I soon ran out of breath; so it's time I hit the gym! However, it was lots of fun! As I see it, I have a year and a half before I got to university to cram in lots of childish fun - though I doubt I will stop there..

Blondies Style Fix, UK Fashion Blogger Paisley Dress, Satchel, Denim Jacket, Sun Glasses

In case you didn't notice, I've also finally got my hair cut.. (drama I know). I've never been a fan of hairdressers, I love styling my own hair and always feel no-one can ever do it, like I want it. However, my local hairdresser knows me well, and knows when I ask for a dramatic hair cut, I'm only asking for a trim! They also provide you with lots of UP-TO-DATE magazines to read; saving my poor piggy bank, and I love the hot chocolate machines - forget coffee shops, just go to the hairdresser and get a hair cut thrown in too! And as Forest Gump says 'that is all I have to say about that'...
Blondies Style Fix, UK Fashion Blogger Paisley Dress, Satchel, Denim Jacket, Sun Glasses GIF

What I'm Wearing: Dress £12 - Warehouse, Jacket/Pumps - Primark, Necklace £3 - New Look, Shoes £4- Primark, Belt - H&M, Braclet/Bag/Socks - Charity Shop.

Well that's all from me!
Anyone else spotted the sun yet in the UK? Let's hope it keeps on shinning!

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Lots of Love,

Thursday, 4 April 2013

What a Sweetie Pie... Spring Pastel Nails X

Since my last post, I've been locked in my room revising (like most kiddo's my age).
So, I decided to do a 'see how long I can revise while painting my nails' experiment. In an attempt to paint my nails while revising, I managed  to get polish everywhere - including my textbooks...
It was a mission failed.

Still, it finally gave me something to post about! After a little shopping trip over the weekend, I've stocked up in pastel shades of nail paint, ready for the Spring - yay!

It's a huge trend at the moment to mix and match pastel shades! For those of you (like myself) who struggle to last 5 minutes without smudging nails, it's a great way to let your nails dry while your using different polishes!

Spring 2013 pastel nail paint, barrry M / Avon The nail polishes I've used are:

1. Avon Speed Dry in pastel green.
2. Barry M Nail Paint in baby pink.
3. Avon nailwear pro in light blue.

Barry M is one of my favourite brands for nail polish, followed closely by Avon. The colours in both collections always look lovely, and look the same colour when painted on, as the bottle (which makes a change!).

pastel nail paint, barrry M / Avon

 Are you feeling the Spring yet? Its difficult considering its around 2°C outside! Still, we can work around that factor...

That's all from me!
Lots of Love,

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

D is for Dungaree's... #OOTD

I hope you've all had a lovely Easter!
I haven't yet had a chance to breathe, as Easter is always a busy time singing in a choral choir! (trust me). It was 5:00 am, on Easter morning I braved the frosty winds to sing in the 'dawn service' at my local church - I should have saved my mom the petrol, and camped out at the church!

I had the money from my family and friends this year for Easter, so I was limited to 1 cadburys Easter egg! A shock considering the mahoosive 13 eggs last year... (just call me a chocoholic). Your never too old to have Easter eggs, right?
Blogger, Easter Egg, Cadbury, BlondiesStyleFix, Headband, Floral
Daisy Head Band - Primark
Today's outfit of the day post, is a little spring number I threw together. The wind is freezing outside so my spring purchases are all dressed with my warm legging's at the moment (or I may turn into an ice sculpture). I love the whole 'naughty schoolgirl' look, that's trending on the high street, but it's not a style I'd usually go for - but hey ho!

Blondies Style Fix, Dungaree's outfit of the day, blogger, sloganBlondies Style Fix - Blogger, Dungaree's outfit of the day
You may have seen my rucksack before - it was my number one companion on my visit to Oxford last month, I just love how much I can cram into it!

 My 'DORK' top, which my sister hates, was a little joke to drive her crazy (also brought it Oxford.. supprise supprise). But now I love the colour of it; as I'm currently obsessed with pastels at the moment!
Striped Rucksack

What Blondie's Wearing: Top, Jumper, Boots - Primark, Dungaree's - New Look, Belt - H&M, Bag - Ebay, Socks - T.K MAXX

Well that's all from me, I'm about to start a covering a mannequin head with tissue paper as part of my art project, and I want my laptop as far away as possible!

Enjoy the rest of your bank holiday's! Anyone been shopping yet? I have... ;)