Saturday, 29 June 2013

So long Google Reader...

Yes, I'm still shocked!
I thought I'd just remind you that Google Reader will be closing from the 1st of July sadly :( and for those of you are already following me there, I would kindly ask you to follow me through Bloglovin', so we don't loose touch.
We're all hoping that Bloglovin will be the next Google Reader, so if you like my blog and would like to stay in touch with me, please do follow me there. ( please click the icon down below, which will redirect you to my Bloglovin page).
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For the bloggers who will join me through Bloglovin, leave your link below,  so I won't miss out on anyone, as I'll make sure I return the favour!
I hope we all keep in touch! :)

Lots of Love,

Friday, 28 June 2013

DIY Sunglasses...

The sun has failed to make an appearance over the last few days. However, by trying to stay positive, I've resorted to a DIY sunglasses post for today. Instead of persuading you to go and get yourself a worthy rain mac (though this might be more sensible) I thought I'd show you how to spice up your sunnies, in a fun way! + it's DEAD easy!

To style up your glasses, all you need is:
1. Cheap pair of classes. Mine were £1.49 from Ebay - get them here...
2. Customise, with anything you fancy. I used Flowers, also from Ebay - get them here...
3. A way off attaching decoration. I used a glue gun, but PVA will also work.

 How to attach your decoration:

1. Staring from the outside, working your way in, put a blob of glue on the base of the flower decoration.
2. Hold the decoration gently in place on the glasses.
3. Repeat this, by adding one onto each side of the glasses, until you reach the centre.
4.  while the glue is drying, remove any glue which may have spread onto the glasses.

You can style up your glasses however you want to, and put more/less decoration on than I have. This is a great idea, if your going to any festivals (*cough* v-festival) this summer, as they look too cute and help you personalise the whole 'shorts, shorts and more shorts' festival style.

I'm sure you'll be seeing a lot more of these glasses - sun, or no sun - and for a total of £3.00, it's easy to have a go and make your own!

Lots of Love,

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Did I mention I love Shopping? Meet Shopcade...

Today's post is a little rant from me, about an awesome new site called SHOPCADE. To put it simply, Shopcade is a website, which makes shopping a WHOLE lot easier. You can select items you like from a range of websites (including Urban Outfitters, American Apparel and Asos) and create shopping lists, based on what you love and what you actually need...
It's easy to set up, and there's a great reward scheme, where you are rewarded with points for you shopping habits, which you can then use in future purchases (yes please)! You can sign up for free, and personalize your account so you only see your favorite brands - and if you anything like me... create very long wish lists!

Also, there is a competition with Etail Pr, in which you can enter to try and win £200 of Asos vouchers + £200 of  Shopcade vouchers! So make sure you entry here.

Lots of Love,

Saturday, 15 June 2013

the festival countdown has begun...

I've got a little Saturday post for you!
Festival season is fast approaching and as my excitement brims for V festival, I thought I'd put together a few festival outfit ideas and make a little 'wishlist' - to inspire you for your own festival outfit's - where ever you may be!
I wore this outfit, a few days ago when I was feeling summery, and it reminded me of festivals! The Shorts were a little bargain last year, £3.50 from Matalan (click here to see similar). I love the pattern on them and they're really colourful. They are also seriously light weight - so are great if its a warm day - or you need to carry them around for day 2! They're high waisted, which means you can get away with wearing a crop top, without having the whole of your belly on show (though, it kinda defeats the point of them.. but hey).

The jacket was also another 'last years purchase' I've pulled out of my wardrobe - mainly as a way of proving to my mom, I DON'T need a spring clean out (even though I most probably do..).
It was around £10 from Primark, and is great to dress up an outfit. I love the edgy sleeves and the light blue colour which matches up with pretty much everything.
I love crop top's at the moment. This purple crop top, was part of a two for £8 offer at Newlook. I love it's simplicity, which means you can pair it up with pretty much anything!
My headband was another recent purchase. I fell in love with Lana Del Ray's flower crowns and have been looking for one similar to the beauties from Crown and Glory. However, until I can save up some pennies, I found this thrifty crown, which was £3 from Primark. It's so cute, so I'm sure you'll be seeing alot more of it in future posts!
What Blondie's Wearing: Top - New Look, Shorts - Matalan, Shoes - Clarks, Jacket & Floral Crown - Primark.

I've also selected a few (of many) items, also perfect for Festival Season: 
Summer Festival

So that's all from me, I'm off to finish watching The Voice..
Enjoy your weekend!

Lots of Love,

Thursday, 6 June 2013

style up the 'office dress'...

Today's post was based on my recent sixth form style 'office dress' habits. I always find it a struggle to put together outfits that are 1. comfortable (because your in them all day) 2. Suitable (only so many ways you can wear a blazer) and 3. fitting the outfit to my own personal style.

As an example of my day to day torture (school would be a lot more comfortable in joggers) I grabbed my sister to take a few 'post-school' shots of toady's outfit!
Comfort is always my number one goal! They say 'no pain, no gain,' but this isn't always the case. 10 hours of  wearing uncomfortable heels? no thanks.. I always advise buying top branded shoes for work/school - and heals with a strong base! Top Shop, Clark's, Barratt's and Next offer a great range of office suitable heels/shoes.
My favourites are these Tan brogues, from Clark's - I also have a similar pair from Top Shop, which I also love!
Finding suitable clothing for work is another aggravation. What you think is knee length, is not always KNEE LENGTH. Most high street shops try and persuade the customer that 'our office wear, really is office wear,' but in fact, a body-con skirt is not really suitable! I've found Dorothy Perkins, H&M, Primark and M&S offer the best range of work clothing! 
My skirt was £20* from Dorothy Perkins, and I love the colour and fit of the skirt. Make sure you sign up for a newsletter, because Dotty P do some fab discounts (up to 20% off!).
Finally, cramming your own style into an outfit, that consists of a blazer and knee length skirt, can be tricky! I wasn't comfortable with my uniform at the start of the year, but it's worth playing around with a clash of colours or different styled jackets to change your outfit to suit you! I've never been a fan of 'matching' colours, so I love 'mix-n-matching' different colours! 
To add my own twist, I also rolled up my blazer by rolling the sleves up, and added a cute bunting necklace from Little Birdie London.

What I'm wearing: Shirt - Primark, Blazer - H&M, Skirt - Dorothy Perkins, Brogues - Clarks, Bag - Market, Necklace - Little Birdie

I hope you're all enjoying the UK sunny weather (while it lasts at least...). 
It's definitely my motivation to getting through collage at the moment!
Lots of Love,