Tuesday, 27 November 2012

For those 'one off pieces' - now on the HighStreet X

So, I love Autumn/Winter...
There's just so many reasons why.
Santa comes to town, I got to lots of lovely event, Spend time with family, go crazy in the sales, enjoy snuggling up in my woollies and greeting the fluffy snow each morning!

Winter is also an opportunity to develop your own style, with so many different styles and trends to choose from - what's not love!

I've gone mad over leather, military, geometry and a bit of baroque. But what I really love, is the opportunity to buy those 'one off' look's which last right through till spring, and add some originality to your wardrobe.
Most people think they have to gone on mad Vintage hunts to get these 'gem's,' but thanks to the ever growing high street chain's, you can still pick up some unique items from your local shops!

Here's just a few examples of what's on offer in some high street stores - that you'll find difficult to find anywhere else!

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Rain Rain, Go Away....

So it's another soggy Saturday and despite being soaked, I managed to get a few shots outside today!
I've been singing at my church's Christmas Fair this morning, it was so cute. Until, we were instructed to sing outside the entrance, where we froze to death! (Lucky for us the rain hadn't set in yet).

GUESS WHAT I'M NEARLY AT 100 FOLLOWERS, ON GFC - thankyou guys! I'm going do a little blog post when I finally reach 100, as I'm on 91 now, number 100 will have a lovely promotional post all about them! Thanks again to you lovely people out there X

Today I've gone really casual with some of my favourite jeans and coat - which I bravely went without in the photos! Oh, and please excuse the state of my hair - my darling assistant sister, found it hilarious to back comb my hair before hand...

 Because I've been so busy recently I've noticed some days my only inspiration has been what my family are wearing. With my 'working man's shirt' today, I think I many have been paying too much attention to what my dad's been wearing (help me now) - still it's soooooooooooo comfortable.

Friday, 23 November 2012

another hectic week for blondie...

So, I've finally had 5 minutes to get blogging, as the last few days have been so hectic!
First, I've got some exciting news (well for me anyway) to share with you. If you didn't know I'm a 'Public Speaker' and part of my school team. We compete in lots of competitions through out the UK, so had our first shot at the BPW competition on Wednesday. It was so exciting! I'm the team's chairperson, so It's my responsibility to ensure the meeting runs smoothly!

Please note this is not the real trophy! From Left-Right; Becky, Lauren and Me 
So were off to the semi-finals in February next year - though I can't release too many details, in case our eager competitors get hold of my blog! Still, the confidence you gain from the opportunity is just amazing!

I couldn't exactly give you a low down on my outfit for the evening, as my M&S shirt, that gets whipped from the back of my wardrobe for the event, doesn't really shout 'buy me or regret it,' if I'm honest. Still, It's really important to be presentable, as every mark towards the final score counts!

There was one speech I really enjoyed. It was all about shoes. FULL STOP. But, it was interesting to learn about how many shoes are made in sweatshops, in third world countries.
One point raised was about 'most women having over 20 pairs of shoes in their cupboard,' this made me stop and count mine....
I'd love to know how many shoes you have! More than 20? I doubt that would be too hard...

I'm signing off now, as it's already dark at 4:30, and I'm desperate to get some exciting posts sorted for the weekend - so watch out!

Lots of Love,

p.s. like my new signature? hahaha! I'm basically turning into a Barbie Doll!

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Breaking Dawn Part 2 - Dress like BellaX

So I haven't seen the latest Breaking Dawn Part 2 film, but it's very high up on my 'to do list'!
My sister went to see it this afternoon, and from her very enthusiastic response, it's fair to say, she enjoyed it!

In celebration of the best, and the last Twilight Film, I thought I'd do a little 'Dress like a Vampire,' where I use the great costumes in the latest film, and well, hunt them down on the high street!

This outfit, you may recognize from the many Breaking Dawn adverts, is such a great look for Bella. After becoming a vampire, nothing says 'I'm a Vampire' like the leather jacket and army boots. Leather Biker Jackets are everywhere at the moment, yet found it a mission impossible to find one, in the similar green colour to Bella's. But, do not worry of course I found one!
Get This Outfit: Paneled Leggings - Top Shop, Biker Jackets -Dorothy Perkins, Army Boots - River Island

Well for all you Twilight fanatics out there - get shopping!
I'll be posting even more outfits throughout next week, staring the other leading vampfashionista stars in the latest Breaking Dawn Part 2 film!
For those of you (like myself) yet to see the film, I've been advised to take tissues, and a weeks supply of chocolate!

Lots of Love,

Blondie X

Saturday, 17 November 2012

My Experience of Singing at The Royal Albert Hall - every dream come true X

Thank God it's the weekend!!!
As promised, I wanted to create a special post, all about my experience singing at the Royal Albert Hall on Wednesday, as part of the Music For Youth Proms.
Along with lots of lovely photos stolen from my friends camera, I'm going to cram a whole day of excitement into one post (wish me luck!).
On Wednesday morning, 3 coaches full of students and parents, left our school for the lights of London.
I spent the majority of the journey down, filling my Facebook Wall with photos and status's expressing my excitement! Outside the building, and we were all finding it impossible to keep our cool, when we saw the size of the venue. There was nothing better than sharing an experience like this, with your best friends!

Sunday, 11 November 2012

A Sunny Autumn Afternoon X

Sorry it's a late one today!
It's been such a busy day today, and I haven't sat down until now. I sang at the Remembrance Service this morning, and Bereavement Service this afternoon at my church. It was such an honour - though I will never understand how I didn't crack up!
On that note, I just wan't to put out a great appeal for the UK poppy legion, and all the work they do - it's such a brilliant cause, so if you haven't already - make sure you buy a poppy and wear it with pride! 11/11 - RIP all those who have fought bravely in wars all around the World, in the hope of Peace and fighting for what they believe is right.
I've also spent my day, eating a yummy Sunday dinner, practising the painful skill of point work for ballet, and cleaning my very messy bed room!

Today's post is based around my lovely new skirt from Top Shop. I fell in love with it when I saw it in the sale a few weeks back, and haven't found an occasion to wear it yet! So when then sun came out this morning I was determined to wear it! - only wish I'd worn a coat for the afternoon down poor!

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Thank God it's the weekend! X

It's been nearly a week since my last post, and haven't I been dying for the weekend!
I'm currently sitting in bed with a hot water bottle, and blanket :(
Everything's going to be hectic the next few weeks - so here's my warning in advance.
I've got so much going on, but my highlight has to be singing at the Schools Prom with Music for Youth, at Royal Albert Hall on Wednesday next week! I'm more than excited, as I've never been to the Royal Albert Hall, and it's a dream to be singing on the stage alongside my choir buddies!
My lovely choir in the first rounds of the Music For Youth festival. Photos courtesy of MFY.
Were singing: Somebody to love, and Rent - I'll Cover You (which were singing with a deaf choir, who will be signing with us - it makes my heart melt!).

I'm being very lazy this weekend, I've got a pile of articles that are already behind schedule (thanks to last weeks firework celebrations) that I need to finish. So it's a weekend in for me!

As I haven't had chance to create a half decent post (shall ensure I do later!) , I'm currently going mad with my camera and laptop, so bear with me! :)

Speak Soon!
Lots of Love,

Blondie X

Sunday, 4 November 2012

the heart is an unsolved mystery... What Blondie is wearing today X

The weekend's nearly over :(
Today's weather was rubbish, so I stayed inside for today's post!
My latest purchase is this Vintage Style Dress from TKMAXX. I can spend hours in TKMAXX, trailing through racks and racks of clothes - and trust me I always find something by the end of it!

It's fair to say I'm in love with this dress. There's so many ways to wear it, so you can wear it over and over! The collar lace detail is really cute and creates a lovely neck line too. The pattern of the dress is just gorgeous! It has dainty flowers that intertwine with polka dots. I've stolen my younger sisters cardigan (as I do rather a lot) to wear with the dress as it creates a more relaxed style, and keeps me warm! 

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Burning With A Cold Flame...

As promised, another post coming your way! Two in one day (you lucky things...)

So the sun was shinning this afternoon - perfect for the wedding I was singing at! Turned out, it was an old friend's sister getting married; which made it super cute! Lucky for them the weather was nice! Unlucky for me the weather has turned ugly! I'm supposed to be going with my family to a bomfire display tonight - but if it keeps raining... YOU CAN COUNT ME OUT! I've never been the hugest fan of fireworks; not since we had our own 'display' at my house a few years ago and nearly set our Thatched Cottage roof alight. It seemed my dad was unaware that fireworks have to be dug into the ground - so sent the whole thing, up in the air (whoops) - as a result, our family tend's to give fireworks a miss since then! Though I am still very much looking forward to wearing my lovely new coat - THANKS DOTTY P! :D

Today's post is my 'keep me warm' outfit. I just love winter. It's a great excuse to slob around in oversized jumpers, load on the layers and enjoy lots of hot drinks! Please excuse the poor quality of today's photos, my cammera has been playing up on me - you cant guess what's on my christmas list!
I just love this jumper! Here's my secret behind it. If you want it, you'll find it in the mens section of Primark. I was unimpressed my some of the ladies jumpers designs - they were either to thick for what I wanted, or I didn't like the design. Insted I found myself among a crowd of men trying on jumpers in the smallest sizes! There were some amazing jumpers, with great price tag's and I've fallen in love with mine :)

Motel Dresses AW12X

YAY it's Saturday!
Hope your all getting out your woollies for tonight's Bomfire celebrations! I've purchased a lovely new coat - thanks to Dorothy Perkins, so I'll get my act together and put a post up later today :D

I have a confession...I'm in love with the latest Motel Dress range!!!!!!!!!!!!
Think... Glimmering Sparkles. Delicate Details. And Gorgeous Patterns!
I've selected a few of my favourite dresses,  that I think are perfect for winter parties and let you know how best to style them :) So enjoy, and if you fancy checking out the website for yourself - click here!
This Motel Alex Pleather Peplum Dress is one of my favourites! It has Black Tie Dye, which gives it such a lovely pattern, and fits lovely - great if you want to show off your figure! The Pleather Peplum detail adds further shape to this dress, and really stands out from current trends. This Dress would look great with your favourite heels, a statement jewellery piece, and a a warm leather jacket (as summer nights are a year away!). I'd also suggest getting some thick tights or knee high socks, if your not hitting the clubs in this number! click here to see online.