Saturday, 3 November 2012

Burning With A Cold Flame...

As promised, another post coming your way! Two in one day (you lucky things...)

So the sun was shinning this afternoon - perfect for the wedding I was singing at! Turned out, it was an old friend's sister getting married; which made it super cute! Lucky for them the weather was nice! Unlucky for me the weather has turned ugly! I'm supposed to be going with my family to a bomfire display tonight - but if it keeps raining... YOU CAN COUNT ME OUT! I've never been the hugest fan of fireworks; not since we had our own 'display' at my house a few years ago and nearly set our Thatched Cottage roof alight. It seemed my dad was unaware that fireworks have to be dug into the ground - so sent the whole thing, up in the air (whoops) - as a result, our family tend's to give fireworks a miss since then! Though I am still very much looking forward to wearing my lovely new coat - THANKS DOTTY P! :D

Today's post is my 'keep me warm' outfit. I just love winter. It's a great excuse to slob around in oversized jumpers, load on the layers and enjoy lots of hot drinks! Please excuse the poor quality of today's photos, my cammera has been playing up on me - you cant guess what's on my christmas list!
I just love this jumper! Here's my secret behind it. If you want it, you'll find it in the mens section of Primark. I was unimpressed my some of the ladies jumpers designs - they were either to thick for what I wanted, or I didn't like the design. Insted I found myself among a crowd of men trying on jumpers in the smallest sizes! There were some amazing jumpers, with great price tag's and I've fallen in love with mine :)

What I'm Wearing: Jumper, Gillet, Boots - Primark, Jeans - Top Shop, Necklace - New Look, Scarf - H&M

Well I better start preparing myself for the a wet night watching fireworks! I must say, I'm rather excited for a jumbo hotdog and a warm drink.

Lots of Love,

Blondie X


  1. That looks like a lovely toasty outfit for winter :-) The mens jumpers are really cute at the moment!!! I love that colour!



  2. Lovely blog and I'm following! I hope you can follow me back!Kisses

  3. Hi! I love Primarkkkkk!
    One of my favourite shops, jajaa! You can find what you want at very affordable prices.

    1. I have a sad obsession with Primark. When I'm penniless, its the first place I go :D X

  4. Love the jumper that you wearing!
    Great outfit :))

  5. Nice jumper and fleece jacket!!


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