Saturday, 17 November 2012

My Experience of Singing at The Royal Albert Hall - every dream come true X

Thank God it's the weekend!!!
As promised, I wanted to create a special post, all about my experience singing at the Royal Albert Hall on Wednesday, as part of the Music For Youth Proms.
Along with lots of lovely photos stolen from my friends camera, I'm going to cram a whole day of excitement into one post (wish me luck!).
On Wednesday morning, 3 coaches full of students and parents, left our school for the lights of London.
I spent the majority of the journey down, filling my Facebook Wall with photos and status's expressing my excitement! Outside the building, and we were all finding it impossible to keep our cool, when we saw the size of the venue. There was nothing better than sharing an experience like this, with your best friends!

On arrival we had a quick tour of the ROYAL ALBERT HALL - which involved going around in circles along the many curved hallways and got chance to meet up with our friends of the Llantarnam Deaf Choir, who we would be singing withAfter this, we were off for our first rehearsal!
It was so great to finally meet up with all the students, who had left our school last year, but had come back to sing with us on the stage. Our soloists Lauren Soley and Omari Douglas, soon joined us, and even in rehearsal I had goose bumps when they sang!
After our first rehearsal we had a gobbled up our packed lunches, (in a very warm dressing room!) and rushed off to our sound rehearsals.
As soon as I stepped onto the stage, I was overwhelmed by the size of the venue! It was huge! I couldn't believe that in a few hours time, it would be packed with people, all there to see us! We were on stage for nearly an hour in the technical rehearsal, where the excitement stepped up to a whole new level.

With a few hours to spare before our final performance, we spent some time sourcing the best junk food take out's in the local area. With full bellies, there was one last photo outside the RAH, before entering to prepare for our performance.
In my little black dress. Dress- New Look. 
after a quick change and a few finishing touches to hair and make up, we were all set to get on the stage...
After our time on stage, I was welling up at the end of it - and so was the majority of the choir. I had tingles as soon as I walked onto the stage, and my big smile never dropped! Our soloists were just amazing, it's fair to say; both of them will be on the West End Stage in the near future! The Deaf choir we sang alongside were brilliant and the emotion they showed when signing, portrayed the music beautifully! At the end of the evening, we sang 'Land of Hope and Glory' while the balloons were released and fireworks set off throughout the venue. It was such an magical experience and thanks to Music For Youth, a memory I will never forget!

So there you have it! I could have selected so many more photos, (the majority of which, we look overly excited on!) but have to leave it there, for the sake of my homework.
Before I sign off, I have to just thank my music school teachers, especially Mr Howell's for all the hard work they put into the choir, and Music For Youth, for allowing us to take part in such a special event!

Blondie X


  1. The hall looks so amazing, and I can't believe there were balloons and fireworks!!! You're so lucky to have had such an incredible opportunity!

    Ellie @ Ellalogy 

    1. It really was! You could see the balloons, but I wasn't expecting the fireworks - they made me jump! X

  2. You look absolutely lovely! That must have been the most amazing experience, the hall is spectacular.

    1. It really was an amazing opportunity! And thankyou X


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