Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween!

Well, unlucky for some, I'm back to school today. This really sucks, because it's Halloween. So instead of emptying my neighbour's cuboards of sweets and dressing up in my cat costume, I'm cracking down to more homework...
Still, I was excited to see what Halloween inspired outfits Celebrity's have been flashing on the Catwalk this year!

Before I yabber on, can I just put in this little note to show my heart goes out to our friends in USA who've been affected by Hurricane Sandy! <3
 My little Halloween treat. So I haven't done anything for Halloween, but I couldn't resist helping my sister to carve her pumpkin! Please excuse the lack of imagination in our pumpkin - I didn't get much said over my smelly sister, who liked it 'just the way it was!'

Sunday, 28 October 2012

BarryM Nail Pollish Review X

Sorry, It's a late one today!
If you didn't know already, I sing in a Choral Choir - So as you can imagine, Sundays are a a little more than crazy! So between today's services, I've been happily having a 'paint and polish' time!

My mom went mad a few weeks ago and came back with some lovely Nail Polishes from Boots - and I instantly fell in love with today's choice: BarryM glitter Burgundy Nail Paint.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Guest Shoot #1 - An Autumn's Day

Hiiii there!
I hope you've been enjoying your weekend!
Tonight I'm having a lovely night in with my momma watching some Saturday night TV! 
However, I may be in bed,before I get chance to watch the end of X factor! Yesterday I was up till all hours catching up with my girlies.We ate our weight in chocolate, watched every Rom-Com ever released and looked back at some very ancient photos (cringe) of ourselves!
As my Half term is coming to an end, I'm afraid reality has to set in... that I still have a pile of homework, and shortly my 'daily' blog posts, will turn into 'weekly' 'if I'm not busy' posts :'(
But, before I swap my Camera and Laptop for Pen and Paper, I've got a last few days of blogging to cram in for you!
As part of my new idea of 'Guest Shoots,' I've finally persuaded - more like bribed - my friend Charlotte (pictured above on the left) to have a shoot. This is my first attempt, but I hope to make this a regular thing! It was great fun - mainly because we re-discovered our childhood love of Autumn. Especially, the many dried leaves that cover the ground - which are also great fun to throw at each other! So here's our lovely shoot! (please let me know what you think!!!!) X

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Very Best of Next AW12 X

Hey there!
Turns out I've spent the most of my Week off school, blogging, eating and doing homework... the joys! 

I found a lovely competition to enter on blog page! Amy has teamed up with Next in an exciting competition, to win £500 worth of Next vouchers! The great thing about Next, is that it offers something for everyone! Me and my momma regularly do swaps on Next clothing, and fight over who is aloud to buy which top! So here's my entry! If you fancy having a go for yourself check it out now! All the outfits bellow, can be found on the Next website: ENJOY X
My first outfit is this lovely Lipsy wax lace shift dress. Just because Winter's here doesn't mean you can't wear your favourite dress with a pair of heals! I love the Gold over wax design, it's so elegant, and perfect for Christmas parties! I've pared it with some glittery heals, as a girls outfit is never complete with a sprinkle of glitter! Accessorize with a black and beaded clutch, and John Richard Vine Necklace, to set your outfit off. Not forgetting a lovely Sparkle Jacket, as let's not forget, it may be hot on the dance floor - but it'll be freezing outside (from personal experience, trust me on this one!). Dress: £70, Shoe's £45, Clutch £35, Necklace £30, Jacket £38.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

CALLING ALL STUDENTS! The perks to the life of a student...

So your a Student?

You probably don't realise the wide amount of discounts your open to - especially for all you fashionistas!
There are so many companies out there, claiming they're the best company to sign up with!
So, (because I'm just so lovely) I've selected some of the very best Student Websites/offers, which are open to you. That way, you can get the most out of being a student - especially with a bit of online shopping!

Monday, 22 October 2012

Big girls really are Beautiful - and there's someone that will prove it?!?!

I've been catching up of my 'beauty' knowledge - which I must admit, isn't great.

I'm not a fan of fake tan. I only wear foundation when I'm 'going out'. And the amount of mascara I war, usually is less than noticeable!

So, when I came across an article about Body shapes, I was more than inspired by a girl called Stella Boonshoft, on her blog 'THE BODY LOVE BLOG', where she writes about how she's happy with the body she had - and embraces it too! If you have a few minutes - check it out - it really was inspiring! I've selected a few photos for you also, from her blog, that would inspire anyone. 
I'm all for 'living life to the full' and my group of friends are just the same - hence the bouncy castle for Charlotte's 16th birthday - the fun never ends! 
Me and Charlotte, making the most of BUBBLEEEES! Me: Top- Primark, Dungarees-Top Shop. Charlotte: Top- Hollister. 

Revamped - Meet the NEW Blondies Style Fix :D

The half term is here, so no 6th form for me for a week :D
I've got plenty of Revision to be getting on with, but as per, I've been distracted by yet another exciting blog post for you!

So Blondies Style Fix has been under quite a bit of construction recently. I'm happy to announce it's all nearly over, with a few touches under way! YAY!

Here's my new Banner for my page! One of my very talented friend, (who is only 16, may I just add) is just amazing! She's so talented with graphic's, so when I asked her to create the 'blondies style fix' look, I was more than excited to see the results! She's always bursting with ideas, and this was no acception!

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Will it be Trick Or Treat?

Well, Halloween is coming up and I've had plenty of inspiration for my Party outfit.
Unlike my 14 year old sister, who has decided to go as a 'Cow' to her Halloween Party?

If you are more like my sister, then this post is for you.
I've noised every online shop, for some great 'daily' outfits with a spooky twist and I've got a few simple ideas for you too, to make your costume ideas better than a 'farmyard animal'!

Before I bore you to death (excuse the pun there) I'm on a raid for new followers, so if your a newbie to Blondies Style Fix, please add me to your followers, and I'll be happy to return!
Here's some of my favourite picks from the High Street, which give that 'spooky' feel to your outfits!
Leggings: £15 New Look, Lace Top: £25 River Island, Collar Top: £32 Top Shop, Fur Gilet: £55 Dorothy Perkins, Skirt: £46 Top Shop.

As for some inspirational ideas, that beat the 'slutty bunny,' 'dead school girl,' or 'white sheet ghost'!

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Casting an Autumn Spell X

Well I've just about recovered after a crazy weekend!
Kelly Clarkson was amazing on Sunday - She's been an idol of mine since I was little, so it was so great to finally see her - and that she sang all my old time favourites too!!!!!
We've got half term next week, but lucky me - I've got work experience! So it won't be much of a break.
Still I'm very excited, as any opportunity to develop my understanding of a career in Marketing should be fun! Plus it gives me something productive to do with my week - apart from shopping!
I'm off now to one of my many dance lessons, followed by a piano lesson - the joys of being young!

As I've been majorly busy, I'm throwing on whatever's at the front of the wardrobe at the moment, relying on my classic 'blue scarf' that I'm way to obsessed with! While completing some (unskilled) photography of my Garden for my art homework, here's a little sneak at today's mixxxxxx mash!

Saturday, 13 October 2012

How Blondie Spent Her Saturday X

Well I bet your thinking 'so where was this weekend's shopping trips?'
No, no, I did something even more productive this Saturday (believe it or not!)
I've been on my first visit to York University for a lecture for History, on 'General Haig, World War 1' by Gary Sheffield. After initial remorse for the long 3 hour journey. It was great!

I just love history, and with an hour to spend scouring the shops I was happy enough with the days visit. Touching up on my History knowledge, and my 'wish list' wardrobe too! 

I just love the Cathedral in York! Perfect day for a spot of shopping first! <3

 Here's me and two of the girlies! from Left; Georgia, Katie, MEEEEEEEE!

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Winter Woollies and Cosy Coats X

So It's been another hectic week in my household.
Now, I could complain to you about how tired I am, or how I still have a pile of homework to catchup on, or that I've willingly volunteered to give up my Saturday to go on an 'all day visit' to York University, for a History Lecture...... No....... Because that would be incredibly dull.

Instead in the search for my perfect AW12 Coat, and some equally snuggly woollies to make a shopping trip worthwhile. So thanks to the Internet and online shopping (MY HEAVEN!) I've found a a few pieces, I may have fallen in love with!

Last Year's Winter - Snow Snow Snow <3

Monday, 8 October 2012

Teen Awards - 'Live While Were Young'!!!!

Just call me 'moody pants' today, as it wasn't easy waking me up this morning!

So I went to the teen awards yesterday at Wembly in London – and well It’s times like that when you love been a teenager – it makes me never want to grow up!
I was just in love with Taylor Swift – Okay, I just love Americans FULL STOP! And well, if you’re a one direction fan, you would have been in your element. 10,000 screaming teenagers all chanting for a 5 lad boy band! It was mental!
Well I’m off to catch up on class work/homework and all things boring! So here’s some lovely press photos ( as in my photos one direction look like a few dots on a very big stage!
Lots of Love

Blondie X

Friday, 5 October 2012

Singer of the Century - Adele X


It's been one crazy week and I have tomorrow to complete my workload of homework, before I'm off to LONDON on Sunday! *YAY* If you didn't know Adele, is officially the latest singer to complete the Bond theme song 'Skyfall', for the latest movie - and well she never fails to impress! If you've got a few minutes to spare - have a listen!

She's been an inspiration for me over the last few years - long before she became such a national sensation! She really made the 'Little Black Dress' a Red Carpet sensation once more, and well she never stops! She's also happy with the way she is, and proud of being herself, no matter what other's may say. There's not many celebrity's that do that! So she has regrets - but she learnt from her mistakes and well, I think she's an inspiration both musically and on the Red Carpet too!

Monday, 1 October 2012

Never to old to be the New Face Louis Vuitton!

Posting from my death bed... 
well not literally! But feeling Ill as can be, I've bunked the evening off dance, and managed to find another exciting topic to rant on about, especially for you fashion lovers!(oh lucky you!)

Since my visit to London 2 weeks ago, (and with another trip due this Sunday) I've been struck by the Latest Louis Vuitton campaign, that was showcased throughout Selfidges! This re-occurring 'Spots' has taken the Worlds Fashion industry by surprise. So, I thought it would be my mission to find out what all fuss was about and who this 'wonder woman' was, starring in this World Wide Campaign. 

Well, after my tireless hours of endless research (more like a quick Google search), I have all the answers you've been looking for...and more!