Monday, 1 October 2012

Never to old to be the New Face Louis Vuitton!

Posting from my death bed... 
well not literally! But feeling Ill as can be, I've bunked the evening off dance, and managed to find another exciting topic to rant on about, especially for you fashion lovers!(oh lucky you!)

Since my visit to London 2 weeks ago, (and with another trip due this Sunday) I've been struck by the Latest Louis Vuitton campaign, that was showcased throughout Selfidges! This re-occurring 'Spots' has taken the Worlds Fashion industry by surprise. So, I thought it would be my mission to find out what all fuss was about and who this 'wonder woman' was, starring in this World Wide Campaign. 

Well, after my tireless hours of endless research (more like a quick Google search), I have all the answers you've been looking for...and more! 

It was a Shock to the World, when Louis Vuitton announced a collaboration with infinitely compelling but obsessively eccentric 82 year-old Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. However, this latest Public Sensation, is not your usual, every day artist!

In short, she is a woman who sees spots everywhere! 
It is a hellish personal reality she can not avoid. Her condition forced her to check herself into a psychiatric institution in 1979 where she still resides today. These inescapable apparitions have also enabled her to turn on a tap of a seemingly inexhaustible flow of cascading enchanting imagery translated into various visual and interactive media including paintings, drawings, photographs, film and sculpture.

Born in 1929, she was interested in at from a young age. However, being born into a prosperous merchant family in the seed business had its consequences, and her Interest for art was soon destroyed. Her mother took away her art supplies saying she did not need them to marry a well heeled husband. She began to experience hallucinations and severe obsessive thoughts. These thoughts, still posses her art as well as her surroundings. However, she has managed to turn her unruly and perplexing inner world into some of the most incredible and beautiful alternative realities ever imaged.

The Louis Vuitton/Yayoi Kusama collaborative collection is scheduled to be launched in July 2012. Marc Jacobs, a long-time admirer, said that he hopes the collaboration will bring Kusama's work to the awareness of a broader public.

 Here's me and my bestisttt friends with the Louis Vuitton figure! I just love the Polka dots; it reminds me of the day's on mini mouse - and well, I'm up for any opportunity to dress like a Disney Character again!

If you fancy checking out Yayio Kusama's personal accounts, leading up to her collaboration with Louis Vuitton, watch it here:

So there you have it,
This 82 year old woman, really is an inspiration, turning her struggles through life into some truly inspirational pieces of art.
If you get chance, check out some of her documentaries!

Lots of Love,
Blondie X


  1. This s amazing !x

  2. I thought the whole spotty thing was a bit weird for LV at first, but now I know the story behind it all perhaps not so much? great post! <3

    1. Yeah same - It was a bit freaky, in Selfridge's they have a giant model sculpture outside the store in London - I was scared to death. But now I think it's pretty awesome!
      Blondie X

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