Saturday, 20 October 2012

Will it be Trick Or Treat?

Well, Halloween is coming up and I've had plenty of inspiration for my Party outfit.
Unlike my 14 year old sister, who has decided to go as a 'Cow' to her Halloween Party?

If you are more like my sister, then this post is for you.
I've noised every online shop, for some great 'daily' outfits with a spooky twist and I've got a few simple ideas for you too, to make your costume ideas better than a 'farmyard animal'!

Before I bore you to death (excuse the pun there) I'm on a raid for new followers, so if your a newbie to Blondies Style Fix, please add me to your followers, and I'll be happy to return!
Here's some of my favourite picks from the High Street, which give that 'spooky' feel to your outfits!
Leggings: £15 New Look, Lace Top: £25 River Island, Collar Top: £32 Top Shop, Fur Gilet: £55 Dorothy Perkins, Skirt: £46 Top Shop.

As for some inspirational ideas, that beat the 'slutty bunny,' 'dead school girl,' or 'white sheet ghost'!

No.1 - The Clown
As a child you thought of clown as a daft man, with a red nose who jumps around like an idiot. But wouldn't it be great to create your own 'spooky' clown look, that will really give you some attention! Grab a tutu style skirt, and pair with striped tights. To give the Halloween touch to your outfit, add typical bright colours in bows, but add lots of black lace!

No.2 - The 'FairyTale' Character
Ever fancied turning your favourite Fairytale Character into something really spooky, well meet Cinerdracula! I still love my prince charming and happy endings, but for one night, it wouldn't hurt (with some drastic revamps) turning your fairy ball gown into a Gothic princess!

No.3 - Meet Catwoman 
Thinking 'Sexy', then Catwoman is an easy outfit, that you can class as a Halloween outfit, but still have that 'Sexy' look! Just pick up a pair of Wet Look Black Leggings, get yours here! Match with some knee high black boots, the villain eye mask and your basically there! It's a great outfit, if you'd rather not going out and buying something 'special', as I don't know many girls who don't have a pair of Leather trousers! 

No.4 - 'Ahoy' Pirate
Thanks to 'Pirates of the Caribbean,' we can now totally get away with wearing a Pirate costume to any Halloween party! Tear up an old skirt, and add black/red paint for extra emphasis. Shirts are everywhere at the moment, so you can find one easily, and pair up with your skirt and a black waistcoat. Then its a case of raiding your relatives 'fancy dress closets' for some essential: eye patches, hat and sword! Easy!

No.5 - An Everyday Zombie
So probably the most 'occurring' fancy dress costume has to be the Zombie. However, it's so easy to make your Zombie outfit stand out from the crowd! All you have to do is think outside the box! Here's a few Zombie looks, that would look great (oh, and not the obvious ones!): Prom Queen, Cheerleader, Teacher, Geek, Dancer. These outfit's can be as imaginative as you want, and mean you can cut costs by snapping up some unwanted Wardrobe Items, and making them into super original outfits!

So I hope that helps! Although Halloween isn't with us just yet, it's great to start thinking about what you'd wear, well in advance! So then, you won't be the one who turning up with a white sheet over their head! 

I'm off now to catch up on the last Downton Abbey Series (Yes I still Love it!) and curl up, watching a film with my momma - more like I'm eager to gobble up the Sensations waiting in my cupboard! 

Lots of Love, 

Blondie X


  1. Great post! I love dressing up :-) x

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    1. Awh, thanks so much! And it's okay, I loved your blog!
      I'll do that now :-)
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