Saturday, 27 October 2012

Guest Shoot #1 - An Autumn's Day

Hiiii there!
I hope you've been enjoying your weekend!
Tonight I'm having a lovely night in with my momma watching some Saturday night TV! 
However, I may be in bed,before I get chance to watch the end of X factor! Yesterday I was up till all hours catching up with my girlies.We ate our weight in chocolate, watched every Rom-Com ever released and looked back at some very ancient photos (cringe) of ourselves!
As my Half term is coming to an end, I'm afraid reality has to set in... that I still have a pile of homework, and shortly my 'daily' blog posts, will turn into 'weekly' 'if I'm not busy' posts :'(
But, before I swap my Camera and Laptop for Pen and Paper, I've got a last few days of blogging to cram in for you!
As part of my new idea of 'Guest Shoots,' I've finally persuaded - more like bribed - my friend Charlotte (pictured above on the left) to have a shoot. This is my first attempt, but I hope to make this a regular thing! It was great fun - mainly because we re-discovered our childhood love of Autumn. Especially, the many dried leaves that cover the ground - which are also great fun to throw at each other! So here's our lovely shoot! (please let me know what you think!!!!) X

Charlotte, has a unique style - think 'urban street style' and you've got the picture. She's never done modelling before, however it's fair to say, in between the cry's of 'why am I doing this,' she did a pretty good job! Charlotte's twitter is: @h1ccups! She's not on the blogger network - but I'll let you know If I can convince her!

This outfit is a typical 'hi my names Charlotte' outfit. You never see her without her Vans, and as soon as the weather drops cool, she's definitely what I call a HAT girl! She completes her look, with her amazing Urban Outfitters Rucksack, and a selection of very random bracelet' - that really give a relaxed and casual feel to her outfit. Her Van's really are her babies! She's rockin' the latest Hawaiian Doren Authentic Vans here - and even though I'm not the greatest fan - its fair to say I'm more than jealous of those! For full outfit details please see end of post!

 Every time I see this hat - it shouts 'steal me!' Winter isn't winter without a hat, and I love the patterns on this  Top Shop bobble hat. Keeping your head warm, perfect on a bad hair day, and looks great - what could be a better investment? I also love the way Charlotte folds her under shirt over her jumper - It gives her a unique style, and lets the lovely shirt pattern show too. Although, after covering herself with leaves from my garden, I think she'll be putting most of her outfit into the wash-basket tonight!  

What Charlotte's wearing... Hat-Top Shop, Rucksack-Urban Outfitters, Shirt-Hollister, Jumper-TopShop, Jeans-Miss Selfridge, Shoes-Vans.
Thanks again Charlotte for 'willingly' allowing me, to drag you into my first Guest Shoot! I hope there is more to come, but until then - your stuck with my ugly face (mwhahahaha!)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Lots of Love,

Blondie X


  1. It looks great Grace, well done! ;-)

    Charlotte (@h1ccups)

  2. nice fotos, she looks so charming :))

  3. Yay for Charlotte! You girls are both adorable! Just found your blog and am your newest follower on GFC #61! Check out my blog if you'd like:)!

    Rita @

    1. awh thankyou! We do try ;D
      I'll take a look now - thanks for following me! X

  4. Oh, pretty, love the hat <3

    Maybe you want to follow eatch other? let me know :)

    1. Hey! Thanks - the hat was pretty awesome!
      Yeah sure! :) X

  5. Beautiful photos!!!
    Would you like to follow each other on bloglovin and facebook? Let me know!!!

    The Fashion Heels

    1. Hi Jessica, That would be great - I'll check out your links! hope you can follow me too :) X

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks Jess ;D
      I finally convinced her!!!! Watch out- I'll be grabbing you for one soon ;D X


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