Tuesday, 30 July 2013

you'll find me chasing the sun...


I’m currently writing today’s post from my lovely (tidy) desk, feeling like a proper journalist, in my work placement, where I've been hiding the last few days! 

Most students my age, will be spending every second of their summer, eating, watching TV and sleeping. With the exception to watching the White Queen (because I love it) and my usual 8 hours dosage of sleep, my summer is somewhat hectic! At my work placement I've had the opportunity to write articles (make of that what you will) visit clients and answer the dreaded telephone! While picking up on the daily running’s of a magazine, I've managed to get lots of tips for working in the industry, which I found really helpful! And I only have my little blog to thank for it.

But before I bore you, lets get to today's post!
As you know, I'm a proud member of the OASAP blogger program (check their awesome website out here). Each month I get the opportunity to review a product, and this month I've chosen to review a b-e-autiful boho skirt, that's perfect for summer holidays and festivals!

Today's outfit was a little combination I put together, after happily receiving a parcel from OASAP this morning. The skirt, is currently $29.93 in the sale - You can find it here. It's a beautiful boho style chiffon skirt, which is perfect for holidays and days in the sun. It's a really diverse dress, and you can style it in many ways. It would look beautiful with some high wedgies, or stay casual with some converse (why not?). I love the pattern - it's fab, but  OASAP also have the same skirt in a few different patterns. 

I combined the skirt, with a crop top from New Look (which is on offer at 2 for £8) and a wardrobe classic denim shirt from Primark - that's great for covering up on a chilly evening! The Sandals were from Clarks and are amazingly comfy, and the necklace was also from New Look - and just adds a finishing touch to the outfit. My leather bag was a thrifty market purchase (and a kind present) from my Auntie, and is the perfect size to carry a few necessities in. 

What I'm Wearing: Skirt - OASAP, Top - New Look, Shoes - Clarks, Jacket & Sun Glasses - Primark, Necklace - New Look, Bag - Market Purchase. 

My sister's improving on her photography skills, so if anyone needs a photographer - I'm training her up well! So thank you Lydia for today's photos!

I've also been a little bit brave (for me) with my choice of makeup for summer. I'm touching up my eyes up with a bit of blue eye shadow, to prove I'm not always painting my face in the same way. However, I can't promise this will last...

Before I bore you with my rant's, I'll sign off for today,

Lots of Love,

Friday, 26 July 2013

A helping hand to charity...


As the very busy summer holiday begins, I've got so much to share with you all already! I'm hoping to make lots of free time to write some fun posts for you all - so keep an eye out.
Today's post is a little more 'close to heart' sort of post, that may not be directly linked to everything I usually blab on about, but thought I'd share it anyhow.

Recently I saw Money Supermarket were looking to help contribute to local charities in the UK, through normal people like myself, who had worthy causes to contribute to! I was given £30, to invest in items that would be greatly accepted in a local charity - so here's how I used the donation...

'The Well' is a local food bank, which distributes food and everyday essentials to families in the local area, that may have fallen into a number of difficulties which prevents them from purchasing the items for themselves. The charity runs off kind donations from surrounding areas, which can accumulate to aiding around 200 adults and children a week. In the past donations from myself and my local community have really helped people close to home, and I found out the charity were looking for more donations of baby items - as no child born into difficult situations should be without the essentials!
So as a result, my £30, investment was spent on buying as many babies nappies as physically possible!
I spent £22.50 on Babies Nappies, and £1.99 on Baby Wipes and with P&P, it came to just over £30!
Charity is always important, and it made me feel great to pass on Money Supermarket's kind donation to a cause which was local to myself - so thank you!

Lots of Love,

Saturday, 13 July 2013

pretty in pink...

As I've got so much to catch up on, so I thought I'd do a double post today! If you read my earlier post, you'll know I've been jetting off across Europe over the last few weeks, so my blogging patterns have been very slow! But that's enough of my rambling..

Recently, I was kindly invited to join the OASAP bloggers community. After finding out about OASAP - which sells quality high street fashion - from a fellow blogger, I fell in love with the stores style. In today's outfit post, I'll be talking you through the gorgeous denim jacket, that was sent from the lovely people at OASAP and hopefully convincing you to head over to check out the website for yourself! 

Because it was such a lovely day, I chose to wear this pink pinafore from New Look, that was only £8.00 in the sale. Pinafores are really popular at the moment, especially denim ones, but this cotton one is great, as it doesn't restrict you. It's a great wardrobe piece for summer, as you can dress it up/down easily. 

I've worn it with a white over sized tee from H&M, which is also a great item to have tucked in your wardrobe. My sandals were a steal from the Clarks sale (my recent weakness for top quality shoes) and I'm sure you'll see LOTS more of them in the future..

The denim jacket from OASAP was $43 and I was so excited to be buying something from overseas! I felt very American wearing my jacket (weird I know..). Its a great quality jacket, which fastens with buttons up the front, and rolled sleeves - making it more suitable for summer nights! You can wear it with pretty much everything, so it's a great cover up in evenings, if you're trying to squeeze everything into your suitcase!

The colour is washed and has a slightly worn style, and it fits lovely. I was really impressed with the OASAP website service, as I don't usually buy items from abroad, but it was worthwhile, as P&P was free and it took less than 10 days to arrive! You can get the jacket here: at OASAP.com.

What I'm wearing: Top - H&M, Pinafore Dress - New Look, Sandals - Clarks, Jacket - OASAP, Head Band - Primark. 

Well that's all from me! I hope you're all soaking up lots of sun (and not getting burnt.). As you can see, I'm always an 'bilk bottle' as my dad puts it, so I'll be reviewing lots of fake tan in the next few weeks!

Lots of Love,

on my travels...

It's hot hot hot in the UK - which is fabulous, as I've just returned from (even hotter) Germany! It's been hectic the last few weeks, with work experience and jetting off on collage trips, so I apologize for the lack of blogging. I've got plenty of posts lined up, so watch this space...

So I visited Berlin for the first time last week - AND LOVED IT! Although I was on a very educational trip, I was more than envious when I found out it was Berlin freaking Fashion Week, and events were taking place a few 100 yards from where we were standing (gutted, doesn't cover it). Then again, equipped with my functional Converse and Rucksack - I wasn't exactly dressed for the catwalk.

I've selected a few photos from the trip to show you, as proof I'm not just being lazy and sitting in the sun all day - although that is a tempting offer...

It was such a lovely place, and although my only German language knowledge is 'please and thank you,' the city was so welcoming! It was actually a history trip, so we spent a lot of time discussing the War and it's impact. (hence the lack of photos - as most were just landscape and museums.) 

I also thought the traffic lights were too cool - and it seems to be a symbol of East Berlin, as every memorabilia shop sold green men on key rings, etc. It really is a cool city, that mixes old with new - in a contemporary way.

We also followed our trip to Poland to a visit of Krakoff and Auschwitz memorial site. It was very emotional, but I learned so much in the few days I was there! The photos above are in a little Jewish restaurant we visited - we had traditional foods, a table lit by candlelight and a string quartet played for us! 
We also took the opportunity to other Berlin snacks.. from Curry-wurst... to more recognized DOUGHNUTS!

 It was a fabulous trip, and if you're considering traveling, I would definitely recommend Berlin - there's so much to see and do, and it's a city filled with culture and history! 

I'll be posting later, once I've unpacked all my suitcase (a.k.a emptying the contents onto my bedroom floor).
Enjoy the sun, and don't forget the sun cream ;)
Lots of Love,