Saturday, 13 July 2013

on my travels...

It's hot hot hot in the UK - which is fabulous, as I've just returned from (even hotter) Germany! It's been hectic the last few weeks, with work experience and jetting off on collage trips, so I apologize for the lack of blogging. I've got plenty of posts lined up, so watch this space...

So I visited Berlin for the first time last week - AND LOVED IT! Although I was on a very educational trip, I was more than envious when I found out it was Berlin freaking Fashion Week, and events were taking place a few 100 yards from where we were standing (gutted, doesn't cover it). Then again, equipped with my functional Converse and Rucksack - I wasn't exactly dressed for the catwalk.

I've selected a few photos from the trip to show you, as proof I'm not just being lazy and sitting in the sun all day - although that is a tempting offer...

It was such a lovely place, and although my only German language knowledge is 'please and thank you,' the city was so welcoming! It was actually a history trip, so we spent a lot of time discussing the War and it's impact. (hence the lack of photos - as most were just landscape and museums.) 

I also thought the traffic lights were too cool - and it seems to be a symbol of East Berlin, as every memorabilia shop sold green men on key rings, etc. It really is a cool city, that mixes old with new - in a contemporary way.

We also followed our trip to Poland to a visit of Krakoff and Auschwitz memorial site. It was very emotional, but I learned so much in the few days I was there! The photos above are in a little Jewish restaurant we visited - we had traditional foods, a table lit by candlelight and a string quartet played for us! 
We also took the opportunity to other Berlin snacks.. from Curry-wurst... to more recognized DOUGHNUTS!

 It was a fabulous trip, and if you're considering traveling, I would definitely recommend Berlin - there's so much to see and do, and it's a city filled with culture and history! 

I'll be posting later, once I've unpacked all my suitcase (a.k.a emptying the contents onto my bedroom floor).
Enjoy the sun, and don't forget the sun cream ;)
Lots of Love,


  1. omg those doughnute! I'm craving sugar now! lol mmmm Hersheys cookies and cream! xx

  2. Great pics! Those doughnuts look so yummy!

  3. Those doughnuts!!!
    Im soooo hungry

  4. yummy... looks like you had great time :)


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