Sunday, 27 January 2013

'Too school for cool,' SS13 inner CHIC style...

My Pantomime show finally over! I've had such a great time with all the cast and it's 'bring on the after show party' now!

Since finally returning to civilisation, I've been sooooooooooo excited about the return of slogan's and a new adoption of the 'inner CHIC,' featuring all over the high-street! 
It's been a few years since it was acceptable to go out in with your favourite catch phrase on your jumper, and pull off a combination of 'school girl nerd' with 'cool chic' - but it's back! I was inspired by Ashish's collection for Summer/Spring 2013 collection, which covered everything a 'too school for cool' teenager could ever need in their wardrobe!

 Below is some great snaps form the collection, my own trend wardrobe wishlist, and how celebrities are wearing it!

I also loved the fresh take on the messy bun, throughtout the collection. Using the old school scrunchies to hold a side bun in place - look out for my own 'step by step tutuorial' on that soon! 

Check out the rest of the collection here:

With a highly needed shopping trip, I've been puttign together my own trend wishlist...

I just love the Top Shop dress, and Geek slogan top! They look great, and you can pair them up with your favourite skater skirts, frilly socks and converst! The red college top is from missguided, and Kapow jumper from Boohoo. These are a great way to dress for a casual SS13 outing; and take some inspiration from Ashish's collection, and add some glitter to make your outfit stand out! 

 Little Mix ROCK this style. They're whole style screams CHIC!
 Here's little mix on Dancing on Ice, they look amazing in their chick/geek look! I love how Leigh show's off her printed slogan tee and follows the trend, by pairing with a glittery sequin skirt! LOVE IT!

Anyway, I'm off now!

Lots of Love,

Saturday, 26 January 2013

My Week - Panto Show, and lack of sleep! #2

Good Morning, and happy Saturday!
I've not had a second this week to get on my computer and blog. And... being as unprepared as I am, I haven't prepared anything exciting for you!

I've been in a Pantomime production of 'Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs' by Harlequin Pantomine Productions, this week. It's been so exciting to take part in a production, with a lovely set of people! I've been taking the part of a very 'clumsy fairy' dancer - which, seeing as I'm the clumsiest person ever, hasn't been too difficult! 
As the show is still running, I can't spoil you with photo's of such a great pantomime. But ,I'll leave you with a few cheeky snaps and look out for a 'stage make up' tutorial coming your way soon! 

Exhibit A - how to dress like a clown and make yourself look around 7 years old...
This is one of my favourite costumes from my show outfits! I've managed to be 10 years younger, with the creation of the piggy tails. Women forget the facial creams - piggy tails are the new 'age decreaser'...
This outfit cost me under a fiver (excluding the tutu) - thanks to Ebay! I may have to wear this bow tie more often!

Well, I'm off now to plaster myself in orange foundation and Barry M glitter!
Enjoy your weekend - I'll speak soon!
Lots of Love,

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Call the Midwife is back! Let the 1950's return!

Vintage is a huge part of my life! And with the latest season of Call the Midwife starting on Sunday, it's all I've been thinking about recently!
 Vintage is a way for us 'modern girls and boys' to dream of the lovely 'old day's,' our grandparents speak of so much...
The day's of ball's and dancing, of music and laughter and the incredibly styled clothes, that were designed for comfort, rather than how much skin you can flash!

Call the Midwife, sets the reality of what the 1950's clothes were designed for - hard work and to last in all weathers?! - So, no Primark then?

I'm so excited about the return of Call the Midwife. In times of horrors and slaughtering programs, it's good to see a different sort of 'blood and guts,' with the main character creating  life, rather than destroying it! 

This season is due to be another heart throb, however, this time with gripping drama included! It addresses the issues looming in the 1950's, and this time will focus on the enforced prostitution in London and nursing technology, including 'gas and air'... 

Here are a few thing's vintage, that appear on the program, that you can still buy for yourself to Vintage up you life! 
I just love the Robert's radios. This Vintage style Robert's Radio, proves how Vintage still go on - just like Robert's Radios, which was founded in the 1930's and still lives on today! I wan't this radio in my Kitchen! Radio - £138. 

Another Vintage item, staring in Call the Midwife, which is still as popular today, is the Bicycle. I've always dreamed of riding my bike with my little basket on the front - only problem is, is my house is surrounded by fields  so I doubt it would be very practical... Still, I tell myself this will be my first 'investment' when I go to University!

Well that's all from me!
Anyone else excited for Call the Midwife? Hope you all enjoying the snow too!  
Lots of Love,

Friday, 18 January 2013

The first fall of snow...

 "The first fall of snow is not only an event, it is a magical event."
YAY! A few weeks late, but the SNOW has finally arrived!
I've also had the last of my exams today, so the fun can really begin this weekend!
As our school let us out early this afternoon, me and my sister waisted no time to get out into the snow and put out hats and scarfs to good use...
 My sister enjoying the snow - minus the frost bite she got afterwards!

 I took advantage of the snow to wear my New Look boots, with these great Over boot socks from River Island, that kept my feet EXTRA warm! These boots are great, as they have lots of grip and you can tighten them, to stop the snow getting in!
Another key piece in my winter wardrobe is this years coat from Dorothy Perkins. It's lasted me all winter, and definitely worth buying - as it's passed every coat quality test! My french style hat, has always had a place in my winter wardrobe (since I was about 6..) and keeps my hear cosy!

 What I'm Wearing: Coat - Dorothy Perkins, Scarf - TU at Tesco, Boot Socks - River Island, Boots - New Look.
What Lydia is Wearing: Coat - New Look, Scarf/Hat - Matalan.
Did it snow where you are this week? How are you spending your snow day?

 I'm about to have a large mug of Cadbury Hot Chocolatte and change into a snuggly pair of  slipper socks, as I think my toes may just fall off any minute! 

Enjoy the snow, wherever you are!
Lots of Love,

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

My first contribution to the world of GIFs and Make your own GIFS...

It's nearly Mid Week!  
I've got my AS History exam tomorrow, so this really is a little post to cheer myself up a little (blogging really has that therapeutic advantage, don't you think?)

Over the weekend, some of  my lovely friends came round for a curry. In our midst of craziness, I was determined to finally work out how to make my own GIF, and make this little one to share with you! (the girl in the GIF is Natalie - though this one's so fast you can't really tell!)

I wouldn't call myself a expert, but I'm hoping to work on it! You can make your own GIF, in 5 easy steps!

1. Select the photo's you want to put into a GIF. The better the quality the better!
2. Upload your photos onto a GIF maker website, such as:,,,or
3. Make sure you images are in the right order!
4. Preview your GIF to alter the speed, and size of the GIF
5. Download your GIF and your ready to use it; whether it be on a blog, website, or social networking icon.

Have you tried making your own GIF? I'm hoping to use this idea more in the future for my blogs, it makes demo's much easier to understand (obviously a lot slower than this) and is so simple to create!

Lots of Love,

Sunday, 13 January 2013

My Week...Birthday/Revision/and a big Thank you! #1

Okay, It's another quick post, as I'm being howled at by my mother about GETTING ON WITH REVISION! Anyone else got exams at the moment - it's killing me!
First I just wan't to say a big Thankyou!
Since starting off my little blog back in summer, I've enjoyed every second, of blogging, and thanks to you lovely readers I hate spending a second not ranting on about all my interests!
So last week, I hit 10,000 hits which for many of you is like 'yeah and what?' but I was so chuffed!
So thank you!!!

With celebrating my birthday last weekend, I haven't had chance to show you all my lovely present's off my friends and family.....
 This was a highlight of my birthday. I have always wanted a teddy bear from the 'build-a-bear workshop' since I've been about 6. So, when I opened my new teddy from my lovely friends, I was over the moon! Then I pressed the wrist, (and knowing I'm not the greatest fan of One Direction) my friends had kindly added 'that's what makes you beautiful' as the tune.... which keeps accidenty playing when I'm asleep!
 This was a present I kindly brought for myself from Ebay and got my momma to wrap it (best way to do it, if you ask me!). I just love how cute this satchel is - it even has little ears! I'm sure you'll be seeing more of this, in future posts!
Here's my reading list the last few weeks. As you know, I'm officially obsessed with Downton Abbey, so have enjoyed reading the latest series book! Did you know, that on set, it's so cold outside - the actors do all their rehearsals in coats with hot water bottles, so they don't freeze! I've finally got my 'Teen Vogue Hand Book', which I'm super excited about reading...when I get round to it.
 I always love adding new things to decorate my bedroom. This lovely 'LOVE' sign, looks great among my many books on my bookshelf, and I can't wait to add my own photo!
 I love doing my nails, and my lovely friend Lauren brought me this amazing nail set - that has everything you'll ever need to make your nails look gorgeous! I can't wait to do some demo's for you all, though I'll be waiting till after my exams, as my nails are currently bit down with nerves! Whoops!
My Auntie brought me this lovely bag to match my new Vintage Satchel I had for christmas: you can see it here. It's just the right size to put in your phone and purse in, and compliments any outfit!

Well that's all, Enjoy you Sunday - The Suns out, though I'm hoping it FINALLY snows in the next few days?!!?!?!
I'm off to learn about the origins of the Second World War. My own brain will be having a World War after all this revision... Still, let's hope it's worth it!

Lots of Love,

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Guest Shoot #2 - Partying the New Year away...

I forgot to give you all a pre-warning that I'm now officially in exam mode...I have 6,  yes, that's  6 AS exams, which all fall in the next two weeks! In between this, I'm off to intense rehearsals for the Pantomime I'm in, which starts later this month! 

Between all the busy rants of the new year, (which I'm afraid you'll have to ignore) I'll still be hoping to fulfil my New Year's resolution of providing a wide range of content for you all! If there's a topic or review you'd particular like - please let me know! 

So back to today's GUEST SHOOT. It's another brilliant shoot with my friend Charlotte - who your all getting to know as a 'regular' fix on the blog! Her last shoot is here: check it out here...

It was a surprise in itself to see Charlotte, in a skirt? - which was probably the inspiration behind this shoot. It seem's, that I'm not the only one prepared to try new things, as part of their New Years resolution this year!  
I just love the lace detail on her blouse, from Top Shop!
Fashion Tip....
 -----A plain coloured blouse, with sections of elegant lace detail, is always a great option to wear, if you've chosen statement piece (like Charlotte's Skirt).-----

Her Urban Outfitters skirt is the centre of this outfit, with it's paisley style pattern.
She adds simple accessories to this outfit, to prevent the distraction from the skirt's detail. With a simple pearl bracelet, that compliments her outfit. The black blazer is from Miss Selfridge, and as my house is usually like the north pole... it was definitely needed!
NEWS FLASH: If I wasn't such a great friend, I would have stolen these shoes, before the evening was over! These studded boots from Top Shop are just amazing - don't you agree? There a great example of simple designed footwear, being the best! You can wear them like Charlotte, on a night out, or with jeans on a casual outing. 

What Charlotte's wearing: Shirt and boots - Top Shop, Skirt - Urban Outfitters, Blazer - Miss Selfridge

It's time to get back to the revision...
Good luck to anyone who's got there exams starting now - and they talk about pressure? Hope you all make it to the weekend!!!!

Lots of Love,

Sunday, 6 January 2013

'I am Sixteen, Going on Seventeen' It's Party Time...

I'm going to be 17 tomorrow - how scary is that?
Seeing as my birthday falls on the unluckiest day of the year (back to school...) I had a lovely get together with some great friends on Saturday night to celebrate - and have a good catch up.
In true 'Childhood Style', we had all the party classic games, with some punch to add some spice to the evening, and I even got a princess cake! I've selected some of the less atrocious photos to share with you...

No prince charming this year, But I was more than pleased with my pink princess cake!!!!
My lovely friends! X
 The first party game 'wrap the money' - you have to completely wrap the person up in toilet role - the one who uses up the role first - WINS ;D .... though my team, spent more time making sure our mummy was fully wrapped, rather than using up the role.
our completed mummys! What do you think? It's a No.1 party game. Above; Allie and Sarah
 Our next game was the 'straws' game. Basically you have 1 minute to move as many sugar puffs as you can from one bowl into another, using only a straw... I must say I was very out of breath after - probably from laughing so much, but it's great fun!!! Above: Emily and Myself.
 Though they don't look the most excited here - we played our own version of 'deal or no deal'.... Each person picked a bag at random, then I 'as host' selected the order of presents to open. On each present was a amount of money (which was only up to £50.) My friends got to keep their presents, and I was offered envelopes depending on how many 'higher' values I had left... I took the booby prize of 2 theatre tickets (WHICH I WAS MORE THAN PLEASED ABOUT!) It's a great game, so if you wan't more details, do not hesitate to contact me!
 Me and my lovely friend Lauren!
 Me and Charlotte - who you've probably seen in previous posts!
 Another lovely friend of mine; Sarah! I wanted to steal her jumper, but I resisted....

So here's to another birthday. Another year older into my teenage hood - and still surviving it!
If you back at school/work/whatever else, tomorrow; good luck and if you think that's bad - just think of me being at school on my BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

Lots of Love,