Thursday, 10 January 2013

Guest Shoot #2 - Partying the New Year away...

I forgot to give you all a pre-warning that I'm now officially in exam mode...I have 6,  yes, that's  6 AS exams, which all fall in the next two weeks! In between this, I'm off to intense rehearsals for the Pantomime I'm in, which starts later this month! 

Between all the busy rants of the new year, (which I'm afraid you'll have to ignore) I'll still be hoping to fulfil my New Year's resolution of providing a wide range of content for you all! If there's a topic or review you'd particular like - please let me know! 

So back to today's GUEST SHOOT. It's another brilliant shoot with my friend Charlotte - who your all getting to know as a 'regular' fix on the blog! Her last shoot is here: check it out here...

It was a surprise in itself to see Charlotte, in a skirt? - which was probably the inspiration behind this shoot. It seem's, that I'm not the only one prepared to try new things, as part of their New Years resolution this year!  
I just love the lace detail on her blouse, from Top Shop!
Fashion Tip....
 -----A plain coloured blouse, with sections of elegant lace detail, is always a great option to wear, if you've chosen statement piece (like Charlotte's Skirt).-----

Her Urban Outfitters skirt is the centre of this outfit, with it's paisley style pattern.
She adds simple accessories to this outfit, to prevent the distraction from the skirt's detail. With a simple pearl bracelet, that compliments her outfit. The black blazer is from Miss Selfridge, and as my house is usually like the north pole... it was definitely needed!
NEWS FLASH: If I wasn't such a great friend, I would have stolen these shoes, before the evening was over! These studded boots from Top Shop are just amazing - don't you agree? There a great example of simple designed footwear, being the best! You can wear them like Charlotte, on a night out, or with jeans on a casual outing. 

What Charlotte's wearing: Shirt and boots - Top Shop, Skirt - Urban Outfitters, Blazer - Miss Selfridge

It's time to get back to the revision...
Good luck to anyone who's got there exams starting now - and they talk about pressure? Hope you all make it to the weekend!!!!

Lots of Love,


  1. Lovely editing skills Kendrick ;)

  2. that skirt looks amazing!

  3. Charlotte has beautiful hair, love the shirt too! x


  4. Loving Charlotte's shirt x

  5. Lovely outfit!

  6. love your hair!


  7. Hi, I nominated you for a Liebster Award! see my post to answer questions and pass the award on! :)

  8. I nominated you for The Liebster Award!

    Go to my blog to find out the rules and see what it's about. :)


  9. Nice outfit, your friend has cool style and we have the same boots, but didn't know Topshop were doing them, i=I got them from ebay.

  10. You Are Beautiful! and your Designs is Pretty AMAZING!! i Love it :) Specially the Outfit..

  11. Love the studded boots!



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