Friday, 31 May 2013

Travel Essentials with #Inspectagadget

The UK weather was perfect for my post today! With summer fast approaching (and many of us looking forward to summer holidays) we all like a budget shopping spree before hand, so we can make the most out of the few months of sun the UK offers.

Being a penniless teenager, I was really excited to be asked to take part in the MoneySupermarket project called 'Inspect A Gadget.' Basically, MoneySupermarket choose 5 examples of 'budget gadgets' including: a potable DVD player, MP3 player, Kobo Mini eReader, Android Tablet and a HD camcorder. I was offered the chance to select one to review - and I chose an affordable Phillips Camcorder. I was then supplied with the money to purchase the item from the retailer...

To evaluate the Camcorder from Expansys, I've tried to give my own honest opinion of the product, which all in all was 10/10! Unfortunately, I haven't got much video footage yet, this is because I had to separately purchase a Micro SD card from Amazon (which hasn't yet come). 

  • Price - Definitely Affordable! It's now only £51.99, which is definitely worthwhile!
  • Size - This product is pocket size, making it easy to carry around in a small bag. 
  • Delivery of Product - I opted for a 3-5 days delivery, but the product arrived the next day.
  • Resolution - It's full HD, producing high quality videos - winwin!
  • Editing - You can add video effects while filming, which helps make your videos a little bit different easily!
  • Easy Sharing - You can directly upload your image/video's directly to Facebook/Youtube/other websites - which is great for recording your summer holiday quickly!
  • USB - Built in, so need to worry about loosing your USB lead (which I usually do...)
  • Swivel Screen - allows you to film from different angles, and even get the screen to face you, so you can film you and your friends at the same time!
  • Battery life - around 2 hours (which isn't ages, but is still long enough and easy to charge up, once plugged in via the USB). 

 I found the product worked much better outside than inside; as it tended to be more pixelated when filming inside. However, this shouldn't be too much of a problem, as during summer, I'll use this product more outside anyway!

I would also recommend purchasing a good memory storage SD card alongside the camcorder, as it doesn't have much internal memory, and a USB plug, so you can charge it from the mains!

Overall, this is a really great product. I can't wait to use it, for both my blog (yes, that's right I'm branching out into the vlogging world [help] - so watch out...) and to capture summer moments with friends and family! I'm heading to Germany in a few months for a school trip, and this will DEFINITELY be coming with me!
 It's light weight and easy to use, and definitely on my 'top budget gadget' list!

Lots of Love,

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

What's in your handbag? - Money Supermarket...

I've got something a little bit different, for today's post - courtesy of Money Supermarket! Basically, I was set the challenge to post the contents of my handbag after a typical day in 'Blondie's Shoes' (so, I obviously chose the day I'd been shopping..)

The aim of this challenge was to calculate how much an average handbag is REALLY worth. As a savvy student (who has no money what-so-ever) I was like 'maybe this isn't for me', but I was surprised to find out, after a quick 'market research,' a.k.a referring to Google, that an average woman's handbag is worth around £200 -300!!!! So, I thought it would be interesting to see how my handbag matched up to these figures. 

If you want to take part in this competition too, head over to Money Supermarket and you could win a handbag prize worth £1,000! And 6 runners up prize's of £25 vouchers for Asos, thanks to Fashion Perks- Yes PLEASE! (it's about time I treated myself)...
Here's my little handbag that I'm usually carrying with me wherever I go. It's small, because I end up filling large tote bag's with endless junk, when I'm shopping. So sometimes smaller really is better! However, It doesn't stop me from obsessing over tote bags when I'm shopping! As you can see, I don't really hold my bag at much value, but this could still be interesting..
(p.s. my phone is ollllllllllllllllld. and yes, I wish I had the I Phone...)
 I'm very optimistic when it comes to UK weather, so my Primark £1 sunnies are always packed and ready for wearing.
I this little make up bag my 'first aid kit'. That's because it has everything you could possibly need (and fit) into a bag of this size for a beauty emergency. It's got: nail file (50p), mirror (£2), lip balm (£2*), bare minerals concealer (£16),  plasters, tweezers, and obviously a small packet of sweets for when lunch isn't soon enough! I also carry around £10 worth of additional makeup (whoopsie).
 Then there's even more essentials. I don't know what I'd do without my diary. I take is EVERYWHERE, and although my phone has a calender, I always refer back to my little book of notes! My purse was a vintage charity shop purchase and my phone is well... old, but still in working order. Diary (£2) + phone (£32) + earphones (£7) + purse (£5) = £46
 Some more of my handbag favourites... A bottle of impulse (£1) goes with me everywhere - it's lightweight, well priced and smells lovely! Also my ted backer body souffle (£2), is great for summer days and Jack Wills hand cream (£5) was a little treat - but has lasted me ages!
Finally, my bag, was £8 from a local charity shop!

Getting the Maths right...
An average woman's estimated handbag value = £200-£300
My handbag value (excluding cash etc) = £93.50

This is a great experiment, to see how much your actually carrying around with you! Just because It's not a shinny new I Phone, it's worth considering the value of your other items in your bag, and whether getting insurance is wise. Even if you don't fancy entering the competition I'd advise heading over to Money Supermarket, for more tips on insuring your handbag!

That's all from me, I'm going to spend my evening planning outfits around the Mulberry Bag prize (did I say that..) and wishing I had more money!

You can enter by writing your own "What's in my bag post" (see all the details and Ts&Cs here) and emailing with "What's in your Handbag" in the subject line. You can also check out other entries and plug your own on twitter with the hashtag #whatsinyourhandbag! GOOD LUCK!


Lots of Love,

P.S. If you do enter, drop me your link in a comment, as I'd love to see some other entry's too!
P.P.S. I promise not to hate you if you win, hehe ;)

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So, I'm being a bit cheeky today. If you don't know, 'Blondies Style Fix' was started back in August during a VERY boring Summer holiday. I realised I needed an excuse for my drastic shopping spree's and my limited wardrobe space, but since then I've not stopped (literally...).

I heard about the Cosmopolitian blogger awards, but this year there was a special award with Next called the 'Newcomer Award' for blogs under a year old.
And well, my thinking was, If I've only got one shot at it, I might as well pleed with you all to drop me a vote ;) 

I'd just like to thank you again for all you support!

Lots of Love,

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Return of the blonde... floral prints X

And blondie has returned - no the aren't exams over - but I was fed up of revision...
So, I told myself I wasn't going to spend any money until AFTER the exams. However, retail therapy is proven to be a great 'anti-stress' remedy, so I thought I'd give it a try. I can say, that it works brilliantly.. but I'm now in debt to my parents (whoops).

As my next exam isn't for 2 weeks, I thought I'd take the opportunity to put down the work books and get blogging. Today's outfit was a little floral number I wore for a meal out with my nan, over the weekend. It was her 88th birthday last weekend - so happy birthday nan!

 I think it's about time you met the number one fella in my life - ISSAC; the big fat cat! Technically he's my neighbours, but he likes to stop by for an occasional visit.
He's also a CAT PHOTO BOMBER! If there was prize for the most photogenic cat - he'd win it. So, as you can see, he was keen to get in the photo and well he made them a bit more interesting as well!
 What Blondie's Wearing: Dress/Top/Belt - Primark, Socks - Dorothy Perkins, Bag - Charity Shop, Cardigan - Next, Bracelet - Fat Face.

The dress was a Primark steal for £10. I have a weakness for floral clothing and this dress reminded me of Cath Kidston! I added a black collar to create a neckline, and added a belt to gather the dress at the waist (it's my little trick for clothes that aren't tightly fitted).

The shoes were an old pair of sandals I dug out from my moms wardrobe (so thanks mom!). As I'm still awaiting a 'half term' shopping spree, where I'm hoping to purchase some new sandals, I thought I'd style up an old pair with a cute pair of frilled socks (well, you know me...).
 My cardigan was also stolen from my sister's wardrobe! The first signs of sun, over the weekend, have got me attached to everything pastel, so this outfit was no exception.

Well that's all from me, I'll be blogging over half term!

From a very 'glad to be back' blonde...

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Friday, 3 May 2013

Dealing with the stress of exam's that time of year AGAIN :'(

It's been ages since I've allowed myself to blog (absolute torture as you can guess) but I'm afraid the A level Revision has take over. I have 5 AS exams this year, and right now I'm racing like a maniac to meet deadlines and get all the information into my little brain!

How to deal with Exam Revision Stress. Blogger help.

Luckily for you, I'm not going to rant on to you about how horrible school is. Because, although I won't admit it, it's a pretty awesome place to be... However, I'm currently surrounded by books and note cards, rather than my laptop and camera! 

I've also got a few tips for successful revision (trialed and tested)..

 1. If you can't learn it, sing it. 
Mad I know, but there's always that one piece of information that you keep forgetting.. but trust me, if you keep on singing about it - it's so much easier to remember. Some of my favourite musicals, have turned into rants about British Politics in 1916!

 2. Reward yourself with hopeless amounts of chocolate.
 It's fair to say chocolate can be my only motivation, when it comes to revision. I stock up on all things unhealthy, and reward myself each time I complete a page of revision. However, my mom usually has to watch over, just to check I'm not just stuffing my face with food..

 3. Test yourselves with friends.
I always find a great way to test how much you know is to recall it all to a friend. Hopefully this friend has a clue about what your rambling on about, as this is a great way to see if what your writing on note cards is actually going in. 

4. Always ensure your chilling in your comfy's.
 If your going to revise there's no point siting around in something that's uncomfortable! Any posts in the next few weeks will be me in my favourtie trackies and jumpers!

5. Say no to T.V, phone and the internet.
that's right. Put the phone down. And turn off Twitter! If your going to concentrate you might as well do it properly - you can always tell everyone about how tedious revision is later..

So, that's how I'll be trying to survive the next few weeks! I've got so many things planned for my little blog, so please bear with me..

My plan after exams:
1. Burn every book I've had to read this year.
2. Spend all my savings on a huge Primark haul.
3. Beg my dad for an I Phone.
4. Get DIYing for summer.
and 5. eat less chocolate.

Good Luck to everyone who had exams this term! I hope the revision pays off!

Lots of love.