Saturday, 25 August 2012

There's no place like home! X

I'm Home!
So I've had an amazing time in the Lake District - climbing up the mountain side, it's fair to say we got lost a fair few times! I also got my GCSE results sitting on a rock up a hill, I was amazed by the glittering A*'s! I was especially surprised, as GCSE results have been their lowest in years, so to achieve 7A*'s was a bit of a shock, to be honest! My only disappointment was a B for Spanish - but I think it's being re-marked (fingers crossed!). So yeah - not to bad for a BLONDIE eyyyy?
As for the lake district, I don't have any fashion secrets to tell you - It seems the only clothing worth wearing is a good pair of walking boots... so it won't surprise you, that as soon as I got home, I did LOTS of online shopping!
So yes, it was a lovely day away - and I've got a lovely photo to share with you. (to any serious shopaholics - please look away, as the state of my clothing may be too much!)

Here it is - my lovely Mountain climb outfit. This photo doesn't actually look very impressive - but I'd rather not show you the ones of me up the Peak's as I really do look BAD! Must say, a pair of walking boots are the most comfortable things every; but I won't be wearing them 'out and about' any time soon! ahahahaaa!

I've also eaten my weight in 'junk food!' This was left for me by the hotel each morning and trust me it was as delicious as it looks!

So yes, I haven't had time yet to do a propper blog, but will keep you updated, and post some REAL FASHION mayhem later!

I’m off now to unpack – great! Enjoy your day – the sun’s out here! Yay!
Lots of Love,
Blondie X


  1. Wow congratulations on your results! x

  2. Wow well done, 7 A*s is fantastic! I love the lake district as I lived there till I was 3 :) Glad you had a good time xo

  3. Thanks guys! I was so happy! Really shows what a Blonde can do, when they put their mind to it! hahaha!
    The lake district was lovely! I'm not much of a walker, but it was great fun dragging my parents up the hill sides!
    Thanks again!
    Blondie X

  4. Congratulationss! You did AMAZING!



  5. Hey, congratulations for the results :))
    I really enjoy reading your blog and I tagged you for Liebster Award, check it out here
    Hugs and kisses :)

  6. Awh, thanks so much guys! I'm still so chuffed!
    I'm glad you liked my blog, and i'll be sure to check it out, and return any follows!
    Blondie X


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