Saturday, 11 August 2012

Kate Middleton - Princess of Fashion X

Good Morning!!

My addiction continues of the Olympics - I'm off tomorrow, down to London - I love the place! Mainly for it's shops and boutiques! So I'll have to make my blog today extra special! (no pressure!)
Well, through the last weeks the only celebrity's in fashion news have been the London Athletes and it's spectators. One of my idols is Kate Middleton - to have accomplished what she has - well she's the perfect princess in every way! Not only is she Royalty, she dresses like it too!

Duchess of Cambridge is also known for her elegant style and has put 'chic tailoring' and 'pastel pinks' back onto the fashion must have list! She gives her own sparkle to every outfit - and always looks flawless (no matter what she wears!). I'd love to snoop in her wardrobe. Just one piece, is probably worth the whole of my girly clothes collection! Still, her style is something to be inspired by, and I love to find my own Royalty pieces, and feel like a princess for the day! But as always, I'm out to get her 'lool' with that realistic 'highstreet price' in mind...

Kate Middleton at Diamond Jubilee Garden Party, in A £1,200 baby pink day dress by Emilia Wickstead.

My 'Middleton' look: Dress £22 from Vivi Boutique - House of Fraser.

Match your pink dress, with these nude heals, now £20 from ASOS.
This Outfit, Worn for the Royal Jubilee celebrations, is a typical 'Middleton' look. She Loves her pleats, and the nude pink really compliments her skin tone. My Pick, has to be a simple peach pleated dress from House of Fraser. Only £22, it's a complete bargain, and is stunning for any summer evening out with your friends! Although wearing a matching trimmed hat might be an unnecessary splurge for any budget shopping, a pair of nude heals - like Kate's - would match perfectly! You can pick up a pair of nude heals in most high street stores for around £20, but my favourite definitely are the nude heals from ASOS!

Kate and William at GB Olympic house, saying thankyou to volunteers and supporting athletes.

The exact jacket - £69.99 from Zara.

Dorothy Perkins 'Look a like' blouse - £25.00
Kate Middleton looked very patriotic in her red blazer she wore to the GB Olympic House, where she thanked the all the volunteers and athletes for all their hard work for the Olympic games. Her Red Military Jacket from Zara, £69.99 is stunning and it's not often Kate's wardrobe is actually AFFORDABLE for us 'lower classes' *chuckles*. Paired with a white and black blouse, you can snap your 'look at like' from Dotty P for £25. The Blazer is amazing, as you can wear it within the office and out - way to make the most of your pay check if you ask me! I also recommend a pair of blue jeans to complete the Union Jack look, and brown wedgies.

McQueen Dress at Queens Diamond Jubilee. 'Look a like' only  £65 from Lipsy.
Okay, this has to be my favourite so far of 2012. The beautiful 'baby pink' dress Kate wore for the Diamond Jubilee Service back in June. I've been waiting to find the perfect copy - and Lipsy never fail to create such a beautiful copy of a fabulous dress. I love the lace overlay, its so petite and stands for all things girly! Again, pair with nude heals, to really show off your figure! Ladies, if you haven't already, this piece is so classic; snap it up now - or forever hate yourself for not!

That's all Folks. I've got a day trip to London to plan!

Wishing you all a lovely evening! Please Follow me/comment/keep checking for updates at Blondies Style Fix! I'm always happy to hear your opinion!

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  1. Kate Middleton is freaking gorgeous! I find her a little conservative and boring sometimes, but she does really really well and is always perfect considering the image she has to get across :) Also, she wears rocks those fascinators like no one else.

  2. awh i know! She's amazing - and i know, but she has the whole world constantly watching her! She's just so lovely! And god i wish i could dress like her! aahaha! If you have chance please follow me! It's okay if not though :) X


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