Sunday, 19 August 2012

Top Tips For Shopping Addicts - Just a Quick-Read X

Happy Sunday - and happy birthday to my lovely (more like pain in the backside) sister for tomorrow! It's just a quicky today folks, as I currently have to wrap up a huge amount of presents - don't worry, I've stayed clear of clothes, as my tastes don't really suit her's!

I've recently had a little purchase that I had to share - it's pretty amazing, and no... it's not clothes!

Seriously, this sums up my shopping habits perfectly! 'Keep Calm and Carry On Shopping' has now become  my catch phrase - and why not! From my own addiction, I've decided to leave you with this....
 'Top Tips For Shopping Addicts'. 

1. Admit you understand your shopping obsession! 
I'll say it and I'll say it again. I love shopping. Once you've admitted that, you know you can sort out your obsession into a 'long term hobby' - that's how I refer to it now!

2. Set a Budget!
Weather it's £50 or £5,000 - Set yourself a BUDGET! Think every month 'I've got this much to spend,' and stick to it. Hold off from those impulse buys, and set out to get a good quality piece so your shopping habits are tamed by the beauty of one item - whether that be a handbag or a shiny pair of shoes!

3. If in need of a shop-out, think BARGAIN!
You can still get those beautiful shoes you wanted, but waiting a few weeks could be the difference between full price, and a 20% off dicount. So be savy, look out for that bargain, and shop around to get the best deals. Trust me - shopping is so much more exciting knowing you've brought the same item somewhere else for cheaper!

4. Set yourself Time!
One great way to tame your habit is to set yourself an amount of time each week that you allocate to purely shopping. With a schedule, you'll be able to stop yourself from those mad urges, to buy the whole store in Selfridge's! Say once a week, set yourself 3 hours to shop, and you'll feel more relieved to have spent time well - and obviously blog about it all after!

5. Finally, Buy what you really want!
Problem number one about shopping has to be buying THAT dress 'because it looked nice on the mannequin,' and when you put it in your wardrobe (promising yourself you'll wear it everyday) that's where it stays. Make sure you try the clothes on - if you don't fall in love with it, when you try it on, then it's not worth buying!

So yeah, that's a few tips to help tame your shopping addiction. And even when I follow these rules, don't let it take away your love of fashion! Adding some 'rules' makes shopping even more exciting, even though it's tough to follow, I promise you'll feel great about it later!
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Lots of Love,

Blondie X


  1. I need that poster in my life lol, where did you get it from?


  2. I know - it's pretty amazing! nearly brought a matching bag from Primark too, but my mother was going mad by this point! ahaha!
    It's actually from a place called
    'the original factory shop' and was around £5 when I brought it!

    Thanks for the comment!
    Love Blondie X


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