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Summers nearly fading away, but for any of you lucky devils out there, yet to have your perfect Summer holiday abroad, today's blog is for you. I'll be showing you the best of New Look's 'Holiday Hop' - to get the most out of your Summer suitcase (on a budget!). If you like what you see - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE follow me - its a promise, that I always follow back X

Following DaisyButter's post, she's been teaming up with New Look's 'Holiday Hop' to give us shopaholic's a chance to do what we love, (blogging about all things beautiful) for a chance to win a £400 shopping spree at New Look. There's nothing I love more, than the high street prices New Look offers, for some truly fabulous collections! So as a fellow 'Newlooker' I decided it was about time, I let my creative instincts and love of fashion explode, for you lucky readers!

My Mission was as follows:

 "Imagine you are going to Ibiza for a long weekend. Create a post on your blog stating which items from the New Look store you would wear to complete each of the following outfits on your holiday. You can create one of five outfits, so get creative and show off your style with the items you would wear and tell me why you'd wear it."

Okay, so you get to your paradise holiday, first thing your thinking - 'what do I wear?'
First things first, forget the mad explosion of clothes, as you throw them around the room trying to combine the perfect outfit. PLANING! Is all you need, and with my help you'll have 5 perfect outfit's suitable for every part of your holiday - so you can avoid those 'I've got no clothes' tempers and you can get the most out of your holiday!

TRAVEL STYLE - What to wear for that long journey, to your holiday paradise...

So your planning your trip. Start with travel. Jeans are always a bad idea - because although it's more like winter here in the UK, as soon as your plane lands on the 'other side,' you'll fry! I recommend comfort for any lady wanting to travel in style. The khaki green Bench Jumpsuit, in New Look's Collection is a great buy - for both style and comfort on long journeys. It's lightweight, so you won't feel to hot and sticky when you arrive at your destination and still covers you up perfectly! The material is also brilliant - as its not tight to the skin, (unlike those skinny jeans, you were thinking of wearing) so you can freely move about, without feeling like your going to split your pants!

Here's my drawing of my chosen outfit - TRAVEL STYLE
I suggest matching up your Jumpsuit with a pink open front cardigan/jumper, you can cover up when on the plane. The one I've chosen, is brilliant value at £19.99, and perfect to snuggle when sleeping through the night! It's fairly thin, but gives you that sense of comfort, which is essential for any long journey. I've also thrown in a pair of  purple Keds suede champion trainers. If there's one thing I hate about journeys is the standing around at the airport (for any of you 'first classer's' out there - this is another fortunate example of being wealthy!). These shoes are so comfy, making those hours on end of waiting, a little more durable and you'll love them too!

You want to keep accessories to a minimum - the more you wear - the higher the chance of being 'buzzed' and searched at security (which I will tell you now is not much fun!). So, I've recommended a cream woven straw satchel and a matching straw hat, which will get you in the holiday mood! This outfit is just an example of types of comfy clothing you can wear - and still look great. Leggings are also brilliant to wear, as they provide movement and are not too thick.

POOL SIDE - Hitting the sunbeds and pool side bar in style...

Okay, so you've arrived at your paradise destination, first things first - hit the pool! You want the perfect bikini, so here's three important things to remember when buying yours...
1 - Different bikini's suit different body types, so pick a style which makes your figure look best.
2 - Comfort; there's no point wearing a beautiful bikini if you feel uncomfortable - so make sure you're happy with what your wearing!
3 - Finally, always remember QUALITY - it makes all the difference!

Here's my drawing of my chosen outfit - POOL SIDE
So my choice of bikini's, is the green palm tree Bikini, which is beautifully fitting for most figure sizes. It's simple but exciting pattern, will spice up pool time and provides the support you need jumping in and out of the pool.  I've matched it with a purple Kaftan, that is perfect to wear too and from the pool. I've also chosen some gold 'Mel' owl sandals which are so cute! Finally, finish of your look with a big pair of sun glasses, and a statement piece of jewellery.

BEACH IT - Perfect outfit for hitting the sand and waves...

Here's my drawing of my chosen outfit - BEACH IT
When your tiered with sunbathing by the pool, (most unlikely) a trip to the beach is just around to corner! And of course, you'll want to look as beautiful as the deep blue sea, the golden sand and the glistening sun! So here's my outfit choice! You'll want your bikini as your base layer so you can hit the waves, but for going down to the beach I suggest selecting clothes that are easy to throw on and off. A pair of denim shorts and crop top gives a casual look, but look great too. I've gone for a tribal selection of clothing, as it looks amazing on any tropical island! Some tribal sandals will go great with shorts and allow you to slip them off quickly once on the beach. 

SUNSET SUPPER- Dining in style...

When the sun falls, and your belly's grumbling - it's time for dinner! The outfit I've chosen is beautiful, and perfect for the climate. I chose a nude pink dip hem skirt, as its chiffon material is so floaty and girly! I've matched it up with a black studded crop top, it adds some glamour to the girly skirt - as you don't want to feel like you've gone back to pre-school! Still adding glam to an already gorgeous outfit, I've pared some glitter platform heals, which are amazing! They'll give the finishing touches to the outfit, and make sure every part of your style looks amazing.
Here's my drawing of my chosen outfit - SUNSET SUPPER
I've added a Stud hair clip, as after a day on the beach, simply scrape your hair back into the clip, for a beautiful 'up-do' that will still look great. This photo is all about making an impact, and using simple nudes with powerful blacks, gives a modern twist to a girly/rocky look. Finally, finish your outfit off with a black jewelled clutch. With this outfit - you'll be the centre of attention, and feel amazing too!

BEACH TO CLUB - From the waves to the 'raves'...

This is your typical 'beyonce' look and perfect for any holiday night club. I've gone for the 'nude' and 'black' mix again, as being on holiday is one of the only times you can get away with it. I chose a crochet crop top as it's brilliant for the humid temperature, and also looks really great on a night out. I've also selected an amazing pair of sequinned hot pants - which may I say now ARE A MUST HAVE! They're just so gorgeous - giving all figures (short and tall) a juicy behind! So if your looking for your perfect 'summer romance' these hotties won't let you down. For clubbing goers you want to ensure your outfit is suitable, as if you thought the day was hot, its only going to get warmer, so less is more (sorry to those 'layer up' people out there!). 
Here's my drawing of my chosen outfit - BEACH TO CLUB
The black platform heels I've chosen are brilliant for a long night out, as they have a thick heal which will give you the support your ankles need when 'dancing in the moonlight.' They also look amazing with their inspiration from your typical 'holiday sandal'. Finally, I've added accessories of some nude feather earrings and a pink clutch, which add those important finishing touches. Towards the end of the holiday, I always advise a white dress for a night out - as your tan doesn't stay forever, so make the most of it (while you can!).

Okay, so there you have it. My 5 killer holiday hop looks - I hope my tips help, and you enjoy the most of your paradise destination. If you fancy checking out the competition please check out, if you use any of my styles for inspiration, please leave a mention! Follow me/comment - I'm always up for a chit-chat!

Enjoy the last of summer! (not that the UK has really had one!)

Lots of Love

Blondie X


  1. Great ideas for vacation wear! Especially traveling in leggings, they are so comfortable without looking frumpy. Love. Thanks for the comment on my blog! I'm your newest follower, can't wait to see more from you :)

    <3 Josephine

    1. awh,thanks so much!
      I really appreciate the support! And no problemo - I'll be reading your blog even more in the near future!
      Thanks again,
      Blondie X

  2. Your drawing are really cute, I wish I could draw!! xx

  3. Awh, thanks so much - I've actually only just started - I love doing it though!

    There's some really good tutorials on You Tube - check them out, as they really helped me!


  4. TravelStyle <3333
    I also have a blogpost for the contest, feel free to visit it
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  5. Awh, thanks so much. I've already checked it out, and added you to my followers list!
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  6. Such lovely picks! And the little drawings that you did of the full outfit is such a unique touch! The sunset supper's probably my favourite, very pretty :)

    I also had a crack at this, my enty is here if you fancy taking a look:

    Best of luck to you :) xx

  7. Oh wow, I love your outfits and the drawings are such a good idea :) Check out my entry if you'd like :)


  8. awh thanks! They were a first attempt, but I had so much fun doing it, i've started designing my own! Great fun!
    Thanks, I'll check your blogs out, and happy to follow back :D
    Thanks again
    Blondie X

  9. Love your Polariod designs and drawings, awesome!
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  10. awh thanks so much!
    And thanks for the follow, i'll make sure i return it!
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