Sunday, 12 August 2012

If Celebs wear it... So can we! X

Hey Ho, to my fashionista's!

Well, we've got a glimmer of sun here in the United Kingdom, but I've refused to leave my home without updating my blog for you all. If your a Jessie J fan (like me) I was fascinated by her recent make over! She's gone from her 'teenage' bold statement outfits, and dramatic make up. To a more stylish and glamours Jessie J. Rumour has it, she sacked her old stylist, as she felt her 'signature' look, was beginning to look more like a "Cartoon Character" - I can see what she means! So what do you think? Can Jessie J really glamour up forever - for me she has so much attitude, I expected the crazy outfits to come with it.

Jessie J's Signature look. 
Jessie J's amazing makeover

Another Fashion Fix for Celebrity's is the 'Shorts and Boots' look. Believe it or not, with the messed up summer we've had, our fashion tastes have got crazy too! Its the perfect blend of Summer and Autumn in one look. I loved the dip dyed shorts and your favourite ankle boots look: hot hot hot! The Knee high socks are trying to make a comeback - they're a must have if your off to any festivals, with your favourite welly boots. And it looks like their staying for autumn, as its all about rocking up a casual look - so go crazy! I'm not the biggest fan of this look, but you can definitely give it your own twist. I love elegance, so I'll bring in some chiffon shirts and pair them with my high wasted shorts, my frilly socks and ankle boots! My rock look will be a few stud's added, or some chunky gold necklaces, and thick bracelet, why not? I love the attachable collars you can get - they look great over tops, to give that runway feel to an outfit. Animal prints are continuing to sell like hot cake's in 'the high street stores - and celebrity's love them too! 
Vanessa Hudgen's in LA, pairing leopard print, shorts with ankle boots.
Leopard print shirt and a pair of leather shorts would look great, but if your going out, throwing on your favourite black heals, will do the trick! So looking onto the next few months, wardrobe essentials have to be: an animal print top, leather shorts, ankle boots and a statement jewellery piece. Its all about rock meets glamour; so leopard print is perfect! The elegant gold, with contrasting black, really looks great! I also saw a great animal print dress in Zara,which changed colours: - it's so glamorous, and looks great with a pair of black cow boy boots! 

Rihanna, Beyonce and Miley Cyrus all wearing the animal print trend. 

I don't think its cold enough yet for our granddad jumpers, however a tailored blazer will match up with anything! So pull one out your wardrobe, role up the sleeves and attach a funky broach, and TAADAA! You've got yourself a 'one off' blazer, that you can pull on when it gets chilly, and help you save the pennies!

So yes, that's all from me today folks!
Off to enjoy the summer sun (which is a rare sight in England!)

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Love your fashion friend,

Blondie X

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