Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Guest Post: DollySnowFlake is taking over Blondie's Style Fix...

Hey Grace's viewers!

From reading the title you may be slightly confused of who/what dollysnowflake is. Well firstly let us just say hi, we're dollysnowflake (Olivia and Poppy) and we write our own fashion and beauty blog just like Graces! We are writing a post on Graces blog as she on holiday but wanted her lovely viewers to still have a post to read, so that is where we come in. If you would like to check out our blog click here and to read more about dollysnowflake go on the 'about us' section of our blog.

 So after that slightly rambly start we are going to write about back to school survival kit. I'm sure some of you have just gone back to school or some of you are going back some time soon (boo!) so we thought this would be the perfect post to write for you. For you who don't know what a survival kit is its basically items that you keep in your bag to keep you prepared for all possible situations. So to find out whats in our back to school survival kit stay tuned.

1. My first tip for what to put in your survival kit would be a hand sanitiser. You can get these for as cheap as £1 which would be £1 very well spend as hand sanitisers can come in handy a lot at school. Think about how many germs there is on school keyboards, or the banisters on the stairs? Its always good to be the friend who everyone asks to borrow their hand sanitiser!

2. The next thing I would recommend is gum/mints. Some of my favourites would be Polos or Wrigleys which you can get basically anywhere. A lot of teachers won't let you eat/chew in class but it is always good to have in your school bag for in-between classes. You never know when the school cafeteria could be serving garlic bread and you don't want your breath to be smelling horrid. Also I think that gum and mints wake me up on a morning but I don't know about you!?

3.The next essential is a lip balm or some sort of lip product that we keep your lips looking nice and feeling hydrated through out the day. Two of our personal favourite lip products for school are the 'Revlon lip butters' we think these lipsticks are so nice and glossy but have just the right amount of colour for school, although some are a lot more pigmented than the others; Our other favourite lip product for school are the 'Maybelline baby lips' we adore these products as they are better for your lips than any lipstick and make them feel silky smooth too! They come in a range of sheer colours like pink, cherry and peach or you could choose one with no colour at all.

4. The last essential we are going to talk about today is for us the most important, its a snack of some
sort. Having something to eat at school is vital as it's very unhealthy to go 5-6 hours without anything to munch on. So we think having a cereal bar in your packed lunch box is key because they are healthy as well as filling and they will also give you lots of energy ( which everyone needs at school! ) We love nutri-grain bars because they are so tasty and come in a range of different flavors.

So, that was our top 4 things to keep in your survival kit! Here is a list of other things you could keep in your survival kit-
  • plasters/bandaids
  • bobbles and clips
  • face wipes
  • spare essential makeup
  • spare pen/stationary for if you leave your pencil case at home
  • tweezers
  • compact mirror
  • tissues
  • paracetamol (check if your school allows it first though)

So that was our back to school survival kit essentials, we hope you enjoyed it and don't forget to click here to check out more of our posts on dollysnowflake. We'd also like to say thanks to Grace for letting us take over blondiestylefix!

Drop a comment to tell us whats in your survival kit, as we'd love to know!

Lots of love,

Poppy and Olivia x

Friday, 23 August 2013

V Festival 2013 (day 2) - Festival Style...


If you saw yesterday's post, you'll know I'm currently catching up on my highlights from last weekends V Festival at Western Park. It was such a fab weekend, so I thought I'd share a few photos of the real festival style - rather than just a glossy magazine of VIP's who are no way getting the true festival experience...

Today's post is day 2 of the V Festival, and the sun was shinning - so there were lots of photo opportunities! I decided to get a bit creative with the Neon UV paint, which got a bit messy (note to self - let the paint dry!) and obviously the festival framed sunnies were out for the occasion...

 For day 2, I chose to wear a pink bandeau from Republic (or whatever it's called now) and a white crochet top, which I brought from a little Spanish market while I was on holiday. Seeing as the floral head crowns have been a huge hit at this years festivals, I wore a cream headband from Primark - It was really comfy and helped tame my festival (a.k.a very wild) hair!

I stuck to my cutie wellies from Joules, but opted for a biscuit pair of knee high socks, and my Top Shop hot pants (tee hee) to complete my look! On a personal note, I was glad I took my jacket as it gets colder in the evenings, but once your in the crowds, it's so warm I felt like I was on a tropical Island!

 What I'm Wearing: Bandeau - Republic, Top - Spanish Market, Shorts - Top Shop, Wellies - Joules, Socks - River Island, Sun Glasses/Headband - Primark.


Best part of festivals is the way everyone expresses themselves through how they dress - even the wellies you wear show your personality!
For example my lovely friend Lauren, is such a girly girl, and with her Pink Wellies (below) you isn't afraid to show it.
Emily (above, left) dared to go wild with fringed crop top with her animal print rain Mac, and a lovely floral headband - which looked fab!
And Charlotte (above, right) also dared to try double denim: shorts and jacket, which she carried off effortlessly!

Jessie J is such an inspiration, she was amazing and really got the crowd going - I wouldn't want to be hated by her though, her new song It's My Party, is fab, but her haters are really getting an earful! Mwhaahha! I'm going to see her in October on her tour, and she'll be fab - as always! 

Jessie J Western Park V festival 2013

 So best part of the whole weekend (wait for it)... WAS BEYONCE! After wainting for nearly 8 hours, of standing up and with nothing more than a sausage roll to keep my going, She finally graced the stage! She was amazing, and it's fair to say she's the biggest DIVA ever! She sang some of the favourites: Single Ladies (yes my hand was up), Love on top, and yeah, it was fab! As you can see, we were about 5 rows back, and I'd have never got a place like that If I'd have ordered tickets for her tour, so I was very chuffed with myself!

Beyonce Western Park V festival 2013

Beyonce Western Park V festival 2013Beyonce Western Park V festival 2013

 So that's all from me, I've got lots of packing to do, as I'm off (again) on a little family break!

Let me know if you've been to any festivals this year, I'd love to hear about them!

Lots of Love,

Thursday, 22 August 2013

V Festival 2013 - Festival Style all wrapped up...


So, I've been leaving it a few day's (of recovery) before I finally posted some photos from the V Festival at Western Park last weekend. As a festival 'first timer' myself, I was a tad nervous, when I turned up and saw crowds of around 150,000.  However, it was such a fab weekend - I'd definitely recommend the festival to first timers like myself!

As I went with a rather large group of girlies, I managed to take lots of photos - some against their own will - and thought I'd share some festival outfit ideas! 

However, unlike the magazines/newspapers/any other source of media, at the V festival, who seem to all get their photos directly from the VIP area, I've taken a more realistic approach to what people really wear to festivals! 

 For my first day's outfit, I chose a Aztec Cotton Crop top from New Look, with a bright coloured pair of shorts from River Island. It was freezing when I left home, so I also took my blue denim shirt to cover up - and tied it around when the sun came out!
My Joules wellies are my new best friends, and you may find me out shopping in them fairly soon! They are so comfy, and cute with little doggies on them.


What I'm Wearing: Top - New Look, Shorts - River Island, Denim Shirt - Primark, Wellies - Joules, Socks - Top Shop
 From my first day I picked up the following TIPS:
1. Get a bloody good Waterproof MAC just in case of rain - it's really worth it!
2. Take food - because there are lots of reason why you won't want to buy food there!
3. Don't be foolish, wear your WELLIES! 
4. Take you bare essentials in a trusty rucksack! 

 When I said you'd need a waterproof, I wasn't lying! Emily and Sarah (above) both rocked out their rain macs! You can get them for as little at £2.99-£9.99, depending on the quality!

 Charlotte's floral crown (above) from Primark was perfect to control camping hair, and she too had the genius idea to bring a denim jacket along - Charlotte's is from Top Shop.
Sarah also chose a sun flower floral crown from Claire's (in 3rd photo up)...

And the crowd goes wild - above photo from V festival website..

So that was my first day of V Festival!
I'll post my second day later! :)

Lots of Love,

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Sporting for Summer: Sports Direct Beachware Review...

Hello! Today's post is all about getting sporty during summer, so I hope you enjoy!

It's great to do lots of sports during your summer, especially when most term time activities aren't on during the holidays. However, one problem on holidays is that you want to by sporty and get involved in activities, but want to feel great while doing it! Sports Direct contacted me to let me know about their specially selected Women's Beach/Swimwear Collection, which offers the best of comfort for summer sports while looking fab too - PROBLEM SOLVED!

I chose to put together a few items, which I loved from the collection, to show you I'm not just ranting on again about nothing, and I'll be offering a little discount for you too, if you fancy getting yourself something from the Sports Direct website!


The first item I chose was a pretty floral patterned top, which was reduced to £5.99* in the sale. It's the perfect length to throw on over a bikini or pair with shorts. I loved the pattern, as it reminded me of surf style, and the bow detail at the front makes it look pretty on, too! This top is long enough to wear around the pool as a dress, or pair up with trainers for a game of tennis.

The bag was also £5.99* in the sale, and it great for carrying your beach towel while your on holiday! It's vibrant colour is great for summer - and will make it easy to see where you've left your stuff when your doing your 'Baywatch' scene back from the sea... 
Finally, I picked out some black shorts for £5.99*, which are easy to tug on after a full day of activities and are lightweight to carry in your bag! They have an elasticated waistband which makes them super comfortable!

What I'm Wearing: Top/Shorts/Bag - Sports Direct*, Belt - Primark, Floral Crown - Primark, Flip Flops - Havaianas.

Overall I was really impressed by the range of clothes Sports Direct are selling this season, there's  something for everyone! I'll be posting a discount code for you later, so keep a look out!

Oh and if you were wondering where the tent came from - it's my sisters birthday today, and she had a 'camp out' last night with some friends. I thought I'd get some relevant photos with it, before it was taken down and our garden restored to normality! ahhaaha!

Lots of Love,

Monday, 19 August 2013

Giveaway time! 1st Blog Birthday! Win a selection of goodies from Little Birdie London...

I've been living it up, at the V festival the last few days! I haven't had chance to blog, but I've been desperate to finally post a little giveaway on my blog, as it was my 1st bloggy birthday last week! To celebrate I wanted to say thank you to my no.1 readers, by organising a giveaway for you all! :)

Thanks to the lovely Stacie from Little Birdie London - one of my favourite up and coming Jewellery boutiques, I've got a goody bag up for grabs along with a specially selected item from the Little Birdie Collection.

A few months ago, I was sent a beautiful bunting necklace from Little Birdie's collection, and fell in love with the online store! If you want to check out the review I posted on behalf of Little Birdie, you can check it out here.

Make sure you enter the competition on the Giveaway application below! This is only open for those of you living in the UK - sorry! :)


Lots of Love,

Friday, 16 August 2013

'Wish you were here' (Vacation 2013: day 1&2)


Around two weeks ago, I jetted off with one of my besties, for a girly week away to the beautiful island of Mallorca! It was a week of fun and a well deserved break. It was also a great distraction from the looming 'results day' yesterday - which I've managed to scrape though without any epic exam fails (thank the lord!).

But before I rant off about the cruel system of A Level exams, I'll stay focused on a few photos from the holiday! Enjoy :)

Day 1...

 We set off far to early on a Saturday morning, dressed in our comfys and boarded our Jet 2 flight - which I can now strongly recommend as a great affordable airline! The short flight gave me chance to chill out, with my latest copy of the Company Magazine in hand!

 When we arrived at our hotel, we were pleasantly surprised, to find complimentary refreshments had been left for us, which was a lovely treat to get the day started!
 Our first evening was spent drinking cocktails, and walking along the beech! Seeing as my legs were still very white, I opted for a lovely patterned maxi dress from Primark.

What were wearing:
Me: Dress - Primark, Sandals - Clarks, Bag - Market.
Sarah: Dress - New Look, Floral Crown - Claire's, Sandals - Primark

Day 2...
For our second day, we decided to try out the beech, and try a new mode of transport - WATER SOFA. This basically involves holding on for dear life, onto a giant rubber sofa, while being towed through the sea at high speeds. It's lots of fun, but I'd recommend suitable swimwear, as you can end up with a giant wedgie!
With a slight case of sunburn, I opted for my evening dress with lots of patterns, to distract from my bright red cheeks (thought I'm not sure it worked..). Sarah also wore another beautiful floral maxi dress, and we both tried the "Let my hair do what it wan" approach!

What were wearing:
Me: Dress/Belt - Primark, Shoes - Clarks.
Sarah: Dress - New Look. 

 Well that's the first of my holiday posts, I've got lots of other photos to share with you - including my first speed boat ride!

Lots of Love,