Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Sporting for Summer: Sports Direct Beachware Review...

Hello! Today's post is all about getting sporty during summer, so I hope you enjoy!

It's great to do lots of sports during your summer, especially when most term time activities aren't on during the holidays. However, one problem on holidays is that you want to by sporty and get involved in activities, but want to feel great while doing it! Sports Direct contacted me to let me know about their specially selected Women's Beach/Swimwear Collection, which offers the best of comfort for summer sports while looking fab too - PROBLEM SOLVED!

I chose to put together a few items, which I loved from the collection, to show you I'm not just ranting on again about nothing, and I'll be offering a little discount for you too, if you fancy getting yourself something from the Sports Direct website!


The first item I chose was a pretty floral patterned top, which was reduced to £5.99* in the sale. It's the perfect length to throw on over a bikini or pair with shorts. I loved the pattern, as it reminded me of surf style, and the bow detail at the front makes it look pretty on, too! This top is long enough to wear around the pool as a dress, or pair up with trainers for a game of tennis.

The bag was also £5.99* in the sale, and it great for carrying your beach towel while your on holiday! It's vibrant colour is great for summer - and will make it easy to see where you've left your stuff when your doing your 'Baywatch' scene back from the sea... 
Finally, I picked out some black shorts for £5.99*, which are easy to tug on after a full day of activities and are lightweight to carry in your bag! They have an elasticated waistband which makes them super comfortable!

What I'm Wearing: Top/Shorts/Bag - Sports Direct*, Belt - Primark, Floral Crown - Primark, Flip Flops - Havaianas.

Overall I was really impressed by the range of clothes Sports Direct are selling this season, there's  something for everyone! I'll be posting a discount code for you later, so keep a look out!

Oh and if you were wondering where the tent came from - it's my sisters birthday today, and she had a 'camp out' last night with some friends. I thought I'd get some relevant photos with it, before it was taken down and our garden restored to normality! ahhaaha!

Lots of Love,


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  8. I never knew Sports Direct sold clothes like this! xxx


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