Friday, 23 August 2013

V Festival 2013 (day 2) - Festival Style...


If you saw yesterday's post, you'll know I'm currently catching up on my highlights from last weekends V Festival at Western Park. It was such a fab weekend, so I thought I'd share a few photos of the real festival style - rather than just a glossy magazine of VIP's who are no way getting the true festival experience...

Today's post is day 2 of the V Festival, and the sun was shinning - so there were lots of photo opportunities! I decided to get a bit creative with the Neon UV paint, which got a bit messy (note to self - let the paint dry!) and obviously the festival framed sunnies were out for the occasion...

 For day 2, I chose to wear a pink bandeau from Republic (or whatever it's called now) and a white crochet top, which I brought from a little Spanish market while I was on holiday. Seeing as the floral head crowns have been a huge hit at this years festivals, I wore a cream headband from Primark - It was really comfy and helped tame my festival (a.k.a very wild) hair!

I stuck to my cutie wellies from Joules, but opted for a biscuit pair of knee high socks, and my Top Shop hot pants (tee hee) to complete my look! On a personal note, I was glad I took my jacket as it gets colder in the evenings, but once your in the crowds, it's so warm I felt like I was on a tropical Island!

 What I'm Wearing: Bandeau - Republic, Top - Spanish Market, Shorts - Top Shop, Wellies - Joules, Socks - River Island, Sun Glasses/Headband - Primark.


Best part of festivals is the way everyone expresses themselves through how they dress - even the wellies you wear show your personality!
For example my lovely friend Lauren, is such a girly girl, and with her Pink Wellies (below) you isn't afraid to show it.
Emily (above, left) dared to go wild with fringed crop top with her animal print rain Mac, and a lovely floral headband - which looked fab!
And Charlotte (above, right) also dared to try double denim: shorts and jacket, which she carried off effortlessly!

Jessie J is such an inspiration, she was amazing and really got the crowd going - I wouldn't want to be hated by her though, her new song It's My Party, is fab, but her haters are really getting an earful! Mwhaahha! I'm going to see her in October on her tour, and she'll be fab - as always! 

Jessie J Western Park V festival 2013

 So best part of the whole weekend (wait for it)... WAS BEYONCE! After wainting for nearly 8 hours, of standing up and with nothing more than a sausage roll to keep my going, She finally graced the stage! She was amazing, and it's fair to say she's the biggest DIVA ever! She sang some of the favourites: Single Ladies (yes my hand was up), Love on top, and yeah, it was fab! As you can see, we were about 5 rows back, and I'd have never got a place like that If I'd have ordered tickets for her tour, so I was very chuffed with myself!

Beyonce Western Park V festival 2013

Beyonce Western Park V festival 2013Beyonce Western Park V festival 2013

 So that's all from me, I've got lots of packing to do, as I'm off (again) on a little family break!

Let me know if you've been to any festivals this year, I'd love to hear about them!

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  1. Wooow so nice you've seen Beyoncé!!! I really adore her <3
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  3. Geniales fotografías!!!

  4. You look lovely! looks like you had a great time :) xxx

  5. looks like u had a great time!! nice shots!! thanks for ur visit!
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  6. cool photos!
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  7. Music festivals are always so fun! I'm going to Electric Zoo at the end of the week, thats the big one in NYC ever year! So excited! I loved your outfit, especially the top! Seems like you had a blast! Oh and I just got your comment, but I didn't see your follow on GFC as you said. Anyways, keep in touch doll!



  8. The outfit is cool ..! you look amazing.!

  9. Lovely photos!<3

    Hugs, Brittany, xx

  10. I love your outfit! Looks like a ton of fun :)

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  11. Nice outfit for the festival, really like your crown :) If you like we follow each other in GFC and Bloglovin, visit my blog and let me know please.


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