Thursday, 15 August 2013

how to turn pale skin - tanned (without being a tangerine...)

In case the title didn't give you a big enough hint, today's post is quite simply my attempts to turn my pale skin to a moderate tan (well for me anyway...).

If your pale skinned, you'll know most fake tans (etc) have a probability of making you go a lovely orange colour - and personally that's not my ideal look. After years, and I mean years, of caking myself in the wrong colours, I've finally found the first signs of hope - thanks to Dove.

Dove's tinted moisturiser is a real gem, you can apply it gradually over a few days, just like moisturiser and it gives you a fresh and smooth covering of gradual tan. It's my secret weapon during summer months, and stays on in water - so no horror swimming pool moments! I also use mine with a Vaseline essential moisturiser, which is great to keep your skin soft and silky!
Dove tinted moisturiser, is currently around £4.99 in most stores, but you can get a bottle from Boots for half price at £2.50, so its not a major problem if you decide it's not for your skin!

A few Tips when buying fake tan for Pale Skin:
  1. Always make sure you check the colour range (e.g. don't get a product that says it's for dark skin).
  2. Test it first on a small section of your skin, to see if your happy with the colour, before you cover yourself in it!
  3. Don't just stick to one style of fake tan. It's good to use other methods of applying a tan, like spray bottles!

Well that's all from me, I've got lots of school work (boring) to get on with...

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  2. interesting post!

  3. LOVE your blog!

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  4. great tips dear! thank you for sharing :)
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  5. Oh, this was written for me. Thanks! Glad I'm not the only one who turns orange...


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