Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Style Spotter - Oscar's 2013 Red Carpet...

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I haven't had chance yet to watch the Oscars 2013. Mainly because I wasn't staying up till 2 o'clock in the morning to watch it, on Tuesday night! But, I'm hoping to catch up with it all tonight on my reliable laptop, in the comfort of my living room.
However, I've been stalking the internet, to see the latest of the celebrity's style, as they waltzed down the Red Carpet!
Pale hue's, shocking Red's and lots of jewel embellishment's were a popular choice for many of the celebrities, with cutting edge dresses aimed to catch the camera. I've done a little post for you to show some of my favourite's and the 'style alike' looks too!
1. Jennifer Lawrence get's my 'Best Dressed' award as she wore a 1950's style Christian Dior ballgown. Although a few minor technical faults (e.g. being unable to walk in it), It really stole the whole evening. Her hair was swept back, with complimenting silver clutch and delicate jewellery to keep a stunning minimalistic look.
2. Kristin Chenoweth looked like a princess in a crystal embellished gown. All she needed was a tiara!
3. Amanda Seyfried wore a stunning Alexander McQueen gown. She never fails to look beautiful in the simplest ways, although this dress may not have been the best to match her completion! Still I wouldn't mind giving up my wardrobe to wear this stunning jewelled dress!

Both Sally Field and Jennifer Aniston wore red. Sally in a stunning Valentino gown, was later caught out, when Hilary Swank also wore a very similar at the Vanity Fair after party (seem's all the celebrity's wanted their hands on a Red dress this season!). Still it's fair to say, she looked amazing! As for Jennifer Aniston, she pulls of pretty much anything - and manages to make her Valentino dress look effortless. Many Critic's have claimed her as a disappointment- but it's fair to say not everyone can pull off a red dress like Jennifer!
Pale Hue's were dominating this year's red carpet with Jessica Chastain, Anne Hathoway and Kristen Stewart all opting for a 'lighter shade'. Jessica Chastain's Giorgio Armani strapless gown, dazzled with a covering of crystals (jealous?). Anne Hathoway, after a last minute dress change from a Valentino dress (rummered to have been similar to that of Amanda Seyfried), appeared in a Prada gown - which looked effortless! Kristian Stewart, appearing in crouches, still managed to look amazing as she hobbled down the red carpet in a  Reed Krakoff - and mismatching shoes (but then there's always a first for everything at the oscars!).

Well there's my little review of the Oscars! Did you get chance to see Adele perform Sky Fall? It was AMAZING! (just saying).

Lots of Love,

Friday, 22 February 2013

My first GIVEAWAY - 200 Followers, hip hip hooray!

With London Fashion Week over (cries), I've finally got my act together to put together my first GIVEWAWAY on Blondie's Style Fix!
 Blogging is now my life - mainly because It's well and truly taken over my life, but I wouldn't change it for the world! When I started writing my first post, back in summer, I never thought anyone would actually wan't to follow my little ramblings! A year on, and my little blog is farrrrrrrrr from perfect, but for those of you who have been as lovely to follow, and actually read my blog this little giveaway is for you!

Please note everyone can enter this giveaway (even if your not a blogger - yay!)

So, what's up for grabs...

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Lots of Love,

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Topshop Unique AW13 Live with Google+ #LFW

It's already Day 3 of London Fashion Week - Can you believe it?
So, I'm sure I wasn't the only one, who had their eye's glued to their computer screens, watching the TopShop AW13 Live streaming today! There was so many beautiful textures, from sequins to furs and beautiful 'subtle' clashing of your favourite shades.
It was so amazing to get the whole FROW experience, while sitting in my living room! They even had a 'models view' where the camera's were fitted especially into the models handbags!

There was a few particular designs that stood out for me...
My all time favourite was the finale piece, which was this stunning Sequin Jumpsuit. Every girl should want a piece like this for their AW13 wardrobe! I love the simple cut, with a splash of colour used for make-up, that complemented the whole look perfectly. 

Talking about the subtle colour clashes, really stood out for me with PINK ON PINK. It seem's us girls may finally have an excuse to look like our inner Barbie, and style it amazingly too! I just love this whole look, as the sheepskin fur gives the biker jacket a new twist. There's nothing better than looking good in Winter, but being warm with it! Again, the make-up, clashing with pale blue eye-shadow, actually works well to 'make a statement,' without being overpowering. 

This next look from the Unique show, really stood out as a classic piece from the collection. It reminded me of my day's in my Paddington bear red Wellington boots. How Topshop managed to consider to incredible rain fall in the UK when it designed such wear's is beyond me! The gorgeous patterns of the tunic, are also a great example of change this fall. Rather than contrast your whole outfit, you can concentrate on pairing subtle colour contrasts, to create this look. 

Finally, I fell in love with these two designs, of Fierce red, black and white combinations. To the Left, silk make a huge comeback, with a few pieces from the collection featuring 'pyjama style' jumpsuits, with matching scarf's. To the right, oversized coat's with panelling looks effortless, and paired up with Red ankle boots, is sure to be huge talk during Autumn!

Well that's all, did anyone else get the chance to catch the live showing of the Topshop Unique collection?
What did you think? I loved the effortless style, - especially the models hair!

Lot's of Love,

*photo's all courtesy of Topshop*

Friday, 15 February 2013

Say Hello, London Fashion Week 2013! #day1

London Fashion Week has officially started today - Hurrray! Although I'm currently bunged up with a cold, I've been so excited all day! (Sorry to my twitter followers!)

For many high street shoppers, you see London Fashion Week as just another opportunity for designers to go crazy with ridiculous looking outfits and super skinny models. DO NOT BE FOOLED! You might be purchasing a copy of one of those very 'ridiculous' outfits, from your local high street shops! For this reason, I'm constantly inspired by Fashion Week and when it's my turn to take part, (fingers crossed for SS14) it will be like fulfilling a childhood dream!

So with Autumn/Winter 2013 Fashion Week underway, I'm going to be filling you in with each day's highlights as they come - selecting my favourites and telling you how these amazing designs could be some of your favourite pieces of Autumn 2013!

 One of my favourite designers from today's Fashion shows is Zoë Jordan! I loved the wide range of patterns and textures that graced their way down the catwalk! I found the whole of the show so wearable - especially the warm oranges and fur jackets (though maybe not together)! Zoe is definitely a designer to watch!  With such original designs, I'd definitely fill my winter wardrobe with Zoe's designs.
 Bora Aksu was another designer to watch today in London. I'm obsessed with the stunning patterns of this collection (especially the far right!). The start of the show focused on neutral colours - from the transition of Summer to Autumn and the later part was a pop of colour in the form of fuchsias and raspberry pinks. Like many of the Fashion Week collections, there was so many gorgeous textures in the range, and headpieces seem to a central way to accessorize for this Autumn.
 Textures went to a whole new level in the KTZ collection today. I hope you like a lot of leather! Everything leather,  from shoes, leggings to jackets - made the KTZ range so distinctive, yet linked beautifully. Oversized hat's looked great, and the vibrant colours in similar collections (Zoë Jordan) also appeared in KTZ collection, and look great in contrast to the dark tones!

So, that's my highlights from today's London Fashion Week, I'll be posting more over the next few days - so lookout.

Also, I'm currently preparing for my first Giveway - how exciting!

Lots of Love,

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Be my valentine?

Well, unfortunately for me, this years valentines (as most, since I was about 2) will be a night in. Accompanied by my favourite ginger cat, I'll be all tucked up in bed watching a heart throb movie, staring Channing Tatum and a giant box of chocolates!
Until my prince charming comes along *sighs*, it's not really a celebration day for me - more of a 'join in on the hate' day instead. Though I must say, it was nice to see my mom get a lovely bunch of flowers! And rather than waste the money on buying me an overpriced bunch, my parents opted to buy me this months issue of vogue (they know me too well!).

So whether your a Single-Pringle like me, or being over flown with roses, I thought I'd do my bit to say 'HAPPY VALENTINES DAY' from Blondie's Style Fix...

Lots of Love,

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Time to put on my Party shoes...

Hope you've all been having a lovely weekend! 
Before I rant on about today's post I've got a little announcment (well two - but hey ho).
First, 'Blondies Style Fix' is reaching out to Facebook! For those of you that find it easier to follow on a social network, please hit 'like' as it would be so great to get some support! If you drop me a comment, I'd be happy to 'like' your pages too!
Secondly, I'm so excited to tell you all I'll be hosting my first giveaway very soon! I'm so close to reaching 200 followers of GFC, (which was far more than I ever expected) so please show your support and I'll get organising something special for you all...

Today's post is centred around the Panto 'After show party' I went to last night. It was a great chance to go shopping for a new dress, and slap on 'normal' make-up, rather than the bright blue eye shadow and red lipstick I'd been wearing during show week! I wanted a dress which would be used both day and night, and after hours of searching, this River Island dress ticked all the boxes! 

 I added a belt from Primark, to give a splash of colour. The great this about this dress, is the detailed pattern. It means you can get away with minimalistic accessories - which is always a plus when your dancing all night! I also put on my sturdy Clark's heels - mainly because I'm not the steadiest under the influence of alcohol!

My clutch was also a River Island purchase from the sale in January. I always go for simplistic clutches, as you can pair them up with everything - black, pink and creams are great colours! 

My sister, Lydia, also got all dressed up for the evening (which makes a change from her usual jeans and t-shirt!) Believe it or not, she is the younger sister... although she towers over me and most the time more mature as well! 

She went for a classic dress, from International - and I just love the colour! The pleat's on the skirt make this piece a dateless wardrobe item, and for the benefit of the photos, she stole my clutch

What I'm Wearing - Dress and clutch - River Island, Belt - Primark.
What Lydia's Wearing - Dress - International, Shoes - New Look, Bracelets - Top Shop

Well, that's all from me today. I can smell another Sunday dinner downstairs (there's nothing like your mothers cooking!).
Has anyone else been doing anything nice the last few days? Enjoy the rest of your weekends! 
Lots of Love,

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Bringing out the Tartan Skirt...

It's me again! Another 'catch-up' post I'm afraid, as I've been so excited to show you my little Ebay steal...
But before, I bore you with my rambles, I know your all dying to know what I'm doing for my Art Exam this year... or not.

After consulting with my teacher, I've finally come to the conclusion of 'Wedding's' as my theme for this years exam. As a Wedding singer in church, I've watched a fair few weddings in the last 10 years and thought why not combine all my favourite aspects of the perfect wedding and my fashion instincts, into one project?
So there's my initial ideas, I'll let you know how it comes along!
  If any of your blog's/know blog's contain 'wedding inspiration' please let me know in the comments! 

My outfit today is centred around my Ebay Tartan skirt. It was irresistible, with 5 minutes remaining at no bid's at £4.50.... (it's no wonder I have no money!). So, to prove to my mom (and dad) that this time, my 'long term investment' was more than an auction splurge, I'm trying to wear it as much as possible!

What I'm wearing: Skirt and Bag - Ebay, Shirt - Vintage, Necklace - George at Asda, Cardigan and Boots - Primark.

It was worth every penny in my opinion, but that's up for you to judge! Anyone else a Ebay buyer, or selling?
I'm off now, as I can smell apple pie down stairs, and all this talk of weddings, has made me feel hungry!
Speak soon!
Lots of Love,

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

A little day trip to Shrewsbury...

Long time no speak!!!  This was supposed to be a weekend post - so I apologise in advance, but it's been difficult with the madness of the last few days! I've been off all round the Midlands over the weekend -  the highlight being a visit to Birmingham, leading the singing at the MFY (music for youth) Primary schools proms. The young children were so cute! 

On Saturday, I jumped on the train with Charlotte, for a lovely day, mooching through rails of charity and vintage shops in Shrewsbury! It's such a lovely town and despite being inefficiently dressed for the chilly weather, it was a lovely day...

I managed to find a vintage shop that sold satchels from THE CAMBRIDGE SATCHEL COMPANY (please someone buy me one!). I must have spent a good 10 minutes picking up the variety of satchels on display... this mustard colour was my favourite, as it's a little bit different from the 'typical' satchel.

We went passed a lovely florists in the town - the flowers put me in the mood for spring! I love looking at flowers, but I'm not so good at keeping them alive... any tips, please drop me a comment!!!! 

The highlight of my day, has to be finding 'Mollies Sweet Shop'... basically, it was candy heaven! I spoiled myself with a bag of sweeties from the pick-a-mix, and a slush puppy - which was probably a bit stupid, considering it was -2 outside!

Well, that's all! I'd definitely recommend a day trip to Shrewsbury - there's so much to do, and it's all so cute! I've got lots of posts planned, to catch up with you all over the weekend! I'll make sure I find time to get blogging (I'm having withdrawal symptoms!).

Lots of Love,