Friday, 10 August 2012

First Blog Post...

Well, cheer's to my first blog.

I'm new to the blogging world, but thought it was about time my interest in fashion, photography and style, were shared with the wonderful people of the blogging universe. I hope you're all enjoying your summer - although in UK it hasn't been much of a summer (if you ask me!). I've noticed my summer shorts haven't left the wardrobe - unless pared with black tights. I like this look, and it's also saved me a bomb in fake tan - seeing as I'm 'a white rose' when it comes to tanning.

I've taken a lot of inspiration this summer from the London Olympics 2012 - well its everywhere isn't it! Stella Mccartney has made an amazing job of the designs for the team GB's outfits, I love the way she took apart the union jack and fixed up a cubist look, with the triangles, that looks amazing! Go Stella!
If you haven't been to see the Olympics in London, you really should, just to get a feel of the atmosphere - I've been addicted to watching it on TV! It's really had a huge impact on this summers clothing - all centred around the sports. Every shop is selling union jack leggings, and any other clothing the logo looks 'appealing' on. I love the Nautical colours, they always look amazing in the summer, there's nothing like some blue denim shorts pared with a white and red, candy coloured top! Also, Check out the Top Shop 'Made in Britian' collection! I love how it's embracing Britain's best looks, without the over use of union jacks!
So yeah, definitely taking all the inspiration I can from the Olympics - its good to see the athletes making the most of fashion off the track too! Rebecca Adlington for one has been rocking the fashion world! I'm loving the Athletes nail art as well - especially GB's swimmers. I tried myself but these look so good - Especially Amy Oliver's, in the archery. If there was a gold medal for best nails - she'd win it!
I think that's all for my first blog - check it out for more blogs coming your way! Hope I haven't bored you - if not please follow my posts! (Blondiesstylefix)

Lots of Love,

Blondie <3

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