Sunday, 12 August 2012

Autumn Trends - Office to Casual X

Hey to all my fashionista's out there -  Blondiee here,

Seeing the British summer has been so terrible, (like everyone else) I'm already looking ahead to the autumn fashions. I'm starting 6th form (a.k.a College) in September, so I've been really inspired by the tailored looks, simply because that's all I've been buying. Every coloured blazer - you name it, I've got it. I must say, I'm really impressed by the autumn trends this year - their so original and fresh, it makes the thought of the coming winter, less agonising.

My favourite has to be the white studded collar shirts. They dress down the sophisticated look and still cling to the summer freshness, with its flowing chiffon material. You can make these for yourself quite easily - just buy a plain white shirt, (around £15 in new look) and sew some studs  - which you'll get from your nearest craft shop - onto the collar. For a more glam look; you could add some sparkly sequins, and your ready for a girls night out. Simply tuck into a pencil skirts for work, or pair with your rockiest boots and shorts when out shopping. Or you can just loosen the top button for a more relaxed, night out feel, and team up with slouched blazer and your favourite heels!
Kate Bosworth - pairing white shirt with  Topshop shorts  for a casual style in Los Angeles. 
White Studded collar shirt - Urban Outfitters.
Another trend coming to stores near you for autumn, is the geometric patterned blazer. They are amazing, for day and night time styles! Stella Mccartney rocked the patterned blazer with matching suit during the Olympics, and it's give the usual blazer a whole different twist. Some of the inspiration for these geometric blazers has come from the Olympics, but I have a feeling this style is going to last longer  than closing ceremony. Paired with some tailored trousers, these blazers will look very professional for office. And why not pair with a tie necked shirt, and plain black pencil skirt. These patterned blazers generally look better with co-ordinating colours, but if your feeling brave, go for a contrasting skirt!

My final autumn trend that's also got me hooked is the 'Dog Tooth' print. It's appearing everywhere at the moment, so if there's one essential piece you need for your first day of work in September, it's a black dog tooth skirt. You can pair it with anything, and will last you right through the winter. It's the type of pattern that never goes out of fashion. So if you've spent your summer bonus on holidays and festivals, I'm sure if you haven't got a dog tooth skirt in your wardrobe, there's a chance your mother will - so go vintage! - Here's a Dog Tooth skirt from River island - and a must have, if you ask me!

I'm signing out now, all this talk of office trends has me worrying about my own wardrobe pieces for 6th form in September - So if any of you fancy donating any pieces, do let me know! It's a hard life being a student. Wow, I need a job!

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Your loving fashion friend,

Blondie X

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