Wednesday, 2 July 2014

I'm Back, and Blonder as Ever...

In case you've forgotten me, I'm still Grace, and after a long break I'm back with my same blonde head to comment on the world of fashion, my own style choices, and what the adventures I get up to. 
During the last few months, I have been cramming revision for my final A Level exams. Part of my commitment was to put hobbies like blogging to one side, in the hope that it would allow me to remain focused (that and eat my weight in chocolate spread for "revision purposes").

Finally summer has arrived and I'm freeeeee (she says while being dumped with a massive pile of ironing), so my intentions are to restart the blog! I'll be giving you the low down on the bits you missed between exams, and hopefully record one fabulously stylish summer with you all, as I take on my last ever summer before I head off to University.

So a few things that I've been up to include... 
A final school trip with my music school to Belgium!
- This was one of the most inspirational visits, as the opportunity to sing in the Ypres at the Menin Gate Ceremony in this 100 years since the first battle, was both emotional but also rewarding in every way to see the impact it had on ourselves but also those attending. 
My school Prom!
- Yep that's right, after 7 years of hard work the school leavers ball was the perfect arrangement to celebrate the end of school. I had a lovely evening with my closest friends, who all looked like princesses! 
I got a fit?!
- A harder one to believe, but after a few months of tedious weight control and intese gym sessions, I've finally slimmed down to bikini body weight (and just in time for my summer holiday)! It's been incredibly hard, but I'm now a converted gym freak - horrah!
Last Days of School!
- In the last few days left of school, I cherished the moments by putting on my school uniform for one last time, taking ridiculous selfies and enjoying the summer concert with some great musicians I have met over the years. 
So that's all for me,  hopefullly it wont take me long to get back into blogging away my spare time this summer. So keep watch!

Lots of Love,

Grace X


  1. Welcome back, Grace! :D
    Prom is always something soo special! I left school this year, too, after 8 years of studying. :) I'm so glad we both did it! The prom pictures are gorgeous. :)

  2. Good to see you back on blogging
    Sounds like a super fun trip :)
    Keep in touch

  3. Love your blog so glad your back... Please check out my blog ( ) as I would be so grateful xx

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