Saturday, 1 September 2012

Back from Wales...A week without internet connection!

Afternoon everyone!

I've literally just got back from the exotic land of Wales! First thing I wanted to do, was get back to my blogging addiction and my colourful laptop screen. I've had no internet for a week, but I've had a fantastic time with my best friend, Sarah and her family, in a stunning country cottage.
You wouldn't believe how much fun you can have with a couple of board games, and their dog named Charlie, (who may I add, seems to think he's human - and looking at him you'd believe it!). It wasn't the tropical holiday I already knew I wasn't getting this year, but it was much more! Your only 16 once, so there's not many times you can say you went to Wales and had a great time - without the influence of alcohol or nagging parents taking you!

There was also a leisure centre we used down the road, as part of the package, so although I ate my weight in chocolate, a few strokes of front crawl, and lazing around in the jacuzzi made it feel like I was doing some sort of exercise...

Here's me and Sarah. Were really going for the 'we want to wear short's because were on a beach, but it's way to cold' look! I've teamed up a new look top with vintage shorts with a River Island jacket, which is great for carrying around, as it's so lightweight! I've got my Primark beach bag, and those glasses are a Ray ban knock off pair (as I really can't afford the real things! *boo hoo*). 

As for Sarah, she's going river island shorts with a blue top, and her Top Shop jumper - which she has in several different colours, and lives in them! So were not exactly looking like Vogue models, but when it comes to English weather you have to think practical. 

Who said dogs didn't like to swings? Here's Charlie, the famous 'human' dog! Seriously - he drinks out of bottles, he sits like a person, and he's the most photogenic puppy around! We were on the swing and he got so excited, he jumped on with us. He also got the shock of his life, when we went on the beach, and didn't realise we'd passed the ministry of defence 'line' and got a very loud horn blown at us - whoops! But you know what us blondes are like, and me and Sarah are no exception to that rule! 

So now I'm back and looking towards the last few days of summer, I'm more than panicking about joining 6th form (formal version of collage) and making sure I'm in classes with at least one of my friends!
It's actually quite exciting, buying all the outfits I'm going to wear, but for some reason the first day nerves has taken hold... so it looks like a restless night sleep for me! Any advice? I really could do with some!

Is anyone else back to School, Collage or Work? The feeling is mutual at the moment about going back - probably because the weather's been so pants and I know the minute I'm back in the classrooms, the sun with surly be shinning!

I'm off now, to re-coil my knowledge of the fashion world! Hope you've all had a lovely day - and not spent too much time shopping! I managed to find a small shopping town in Wales - and spent my weeks 'alloance' Wednesday - it's killing me now! Still, Happy September everyone!

Lots of Love,

Blondie X



  1. Hey!
    I'm just here first, I like your blog so much, so I'm your newest follower!
    Follow each other?
    Have a nice day!

  2. I’d be happy to follow you back! Thanks so much for the comment, that’s so kind!
    Thanks again,
    Blondie X

  3. Looks like you had a lovely time, Charlie is so cute! :) Don't worry about 6th form, you'll love it. I'm not back at uni till October yay, loving the long summer! xox

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  5. Awh lucky you! Thanks so much, you've calmed me down for a few moments! The most annoying thing is I'm panicking most about what to wear! I might just create a post and ask you bloggers which outfit I should wear - you are the professionals after all!
    Good luck back at Uni, and enjoy the rest of your summer! And yes. Charlie is very cute - I'm seriously considering 'dog napping' him!

    Blondie X


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