Saturday, 29 September 2012

Lana Del Rey Ad for H and M X


So I got my H&M catalogue today (that always makes one very happy girl) and was so happy to see Lana De Rey Featuring in the latest Campaign - she's nearly as amazing as the brand itself! There's some really gorgeous pieces that I've spotted while skimming through already. As I'm now out of pocket booking yet ANOTHER trip to London, it seem's I need to start being paid, to have all these lovely weekends in The Big City - any offers? I diddn't think so...

I'm off the the Radio Teen Awards next week at Wembly and as I've never been to Wembly - It's fair to say I'm more than excitedddd! I love a free concert, and as the workload from my A-Levels is already piling up, I thought it was about time I kept my social life, so I don't turn into some social monster! I'm also starting up my new role as 'Fashion and Events Expert' at 'Style Stanza,' which is launching October the 1st, so make sure you check out the website then! 

Before I get started on my GIGANTIC pile of homework, here's some lovely shots from the Lana Del Ray Ad:

Lots of Love,
Blondie X

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