Saturday, 22 September 2012

The perfect outfit for under £50 - No problem!

As you already know, I'm obsessed with a bargain or two! So when set me the challenge to put together an outfit for under £50, I was more than happy to spend my Saturday morning clawing at my computer screen, for the wonderful creations in the current Boohoo range. Problem was, choosing one outfit wasn't going to be easy! If you fancy checking out the compeition for yourself and testing out your 'bargain hunter skills' then head over to: So, I'll stop my's my competition entry. Enjoy! X

Skater Leather Look Skirt: £14, Shirt £18, Velvet Slipper Shoes £18.
For my entry, firstly I've selected a Skater Leather Look Skirt £18. Leather is a 'must have' this winter, and as I haven't snapped myself one yet, thought I'd take this perfect opportunity to plan how I'd wear it! I've gone brave with my choice of Shirt, as I've selected this Tartan check shirt. I just love Tartan, and it always looks great during the winter! Tucked into the Leather Look Skirt and you've got a perfect 'casual' winter recipe. It also has a gorgeous studded detail on the shirt, which looks great and keeps you up-to-date with the latest trends. Finally, I've added these gorgeous Velvet loafer slippers into the mix. If your looking to splurge, I'd add a pair of thick tights, a chunky necklace and a oversized floppy hat (or maybe not!).

Now, I've managed to put together an outfit simply from Boohoo's latest range, however if your up for the challenge  you can check out the Boohoo clearance page! I was so impressed with the classic pieces Boohoo has, and amazing price tags too! Just have to resist buying the whole outfit now...

Good luck anyone else taking part! Here's the competition link: click here.

Blondie X


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