Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Some Mid Week London Fashion Week Highlights X

From my kitchen table, eating a spoonful of peas, watching Deal or No Deal, I thought I'd share my week's favourites from the London Fashion Week Highlights! So here you go, sit back (drop that extra homework, or over load from work) and enjoy!

Here's the J.W Anderson Women Spring/Summer collection. I actually love this! The ruffles look great, and it gives me hope through the cold winter months, that a gorgeous collection in spring is coming my way - YAY!

Next up we have the Peter Pilotto collection. This Peplum top with puffed three quarter sleeves, looks amazing with it's gorgeous detail. And there's nothing better than a patterned pair of leggings! Meet the diamonds, this outfit reminds me of a funky version of a 'Alice in Wonderland' character!

Metallics and Chinese pattern all in one. I just love this jacket from the Mulberry Spring/Summer 2013 collection. My friend wore one to 6th form the other day, and I'd love to think Chinese patterns always have a place in the heart of fashion!
Block colours are still here and the Roksanda LLincic Spring/Summer 2013 collection is definitely embracing that fact! I'm a huge fan of the mustard and royal blue mix, but throwing some black and white in, and these colours look surprisingly amazing. There's nothing like a simple statement dress - I know one like this, would never see the back of your wardrobe!
Emilo de la Morna collection really based the Summer/Spring 2013 collection on these cute squares. I picked up a similar patterned dress in a sale from Apricot last spring, and well I wouldn't mind it making a late winter come back! I love the theme of 'black and white,' which goes great with all the winter metallics I'm stocking up on.

I'll leave you with this pretty dress from Kinger Aggugini from the Spring/Summer. It's probably one of my outfits, it's got a lovely vintage twist, with the blue shirt underneath. I could just imagine picking up one of these 'look-a-likes' in a Top Shop store next Spring. So watch out!!

That's all, as I have a mountain of homework to complete, and some whining parents wanting to steal my precious laptop off me! :'(

Speak Soon,

Blondie X

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