Thursday, 6 September 2012


Girls, as I've missed nearly 3 days blogging (shocking I know), I'm doing a double today! Between rushing about, catching up on the latest and greatest fashion news has really been crazy! Why can't A-level English be based around reading Vogue and analysing the article's writing - eyyy? Oh, but I suppose that would make English FUN - am I right?
So I've resulted into posting about my very favourite Miracle hair treatment, I want all you fashionista's to know about - after all those gorgeous outfits need lush hair to match up with it! So you wan't that look they show in all those 'Hair shampoo' adverts... Well trust me 98% of the time, using that shampoo won't give you that dazzling finish. Many hair products, just don't do the justice to the words written, on the label of that brightly coloured shampoo bottle. I've tried nearly every brand of shampoo, trying to get that ultimate gloss and long lasting protection for my hair and after many years of  'trial and error,' there's only one shampoo that ticks all the bottles for me... AND THATS AUSSIE!

Who ever thought up making such an amazing selection of shampoo's deserves a number of awards! I've always wanted that 'L'oreal' shine, but it was only after using this shampoo that I found you really can get that  advert models look! It's around £3.00 per bottle at boots (I wait until it go's on offer - but that's just me!) and It lasts you forever! Now I know they say 'different hair requires different shampoo' but so far, I've not met another person who can't agree on the amazing feel (and smell) of this range! So if your on the hunt for a new shampoo, or just fed up of your old one - I'd definitely give it a shot! They've got a whole range to choose from, and they all smell as good as each other!

I'm off now to crack on with some homework!
Lots of Love,

Blondie X


  1. Good luck with your homework, when I was at school I wished Vogue was reading material too! You can't beat Aussie, 3 minute miracle is amazing! XxxX

  2. Ahhaaa, thanks so much! Just found out were reading Frankenstein.... the joys! So if i go mad and start posting blogs about 'how to get the Frankenstein look', you'll know why! X

  3. I love 3 minute miracle! It's awesome!

    1. I know its amazing right?
      Thanks so much for the follow - I've kept true to my word and returned it! :D
      Love Blondie X


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