Thursday, 27 September 2012

Style Stanza - Coming to you!

Not long till the weekend YAY!
I've got an exciting new venture to share with you today...
As of the 1st October, I'm going to be the 'Fashion and Event Expert' for the up and coming Style Stanza Website. Your thinking: 'Woah, I don't know that name'... Well you don't... not yet. As of the 1st of October, Style Stanza, is going to be the centre of fashion attention, as writers and bloggers like myself are given the challenge to post fashion like it's never been seen before to the big wide world! 

Excited yet?
As I've been so excited about getting involved, I can't wait to see the results on it's BIG OPENING! If you still haven't got the idea. Here's ten words to sum the venture up: Daily Posts From the Bloggers All about Style and Fashion! Got it? Good.

Well, If you haven't I suggest your check out the Website on the 1st of October! I'm sure you'll all want to get involved! 

Thanks Again - 
Blondie X

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