Monday, 17 September 2012

Girl Meets London X

Goooooood Afternoon :)

What a weekend it's been!

I haven't had a moment to get blogging all weekend - so sorry about that! But I've been touring the wonderful city of London! No, I didn't get those front row seats at London Fashion Week - But maybe next year, eyy? Although, I did have a brilliant time gliding down Regent Street gazing into the elegant shop windows, then catching the tube to Oxford street and buying the high-street 'Primarni' or Primark eddition for myself!

I also saw (as you know I'm obsessed with musicals) Ghost the musical! It was just amazing - if you haven't seen it yet, the show is due to close from West End, so make sure you see it! I was so impressed with the staging, and the special effects had me gasping (and crying I must say!). So yeah, definitely a 'top of Blondie's list' in terms of must see musicals!

We had dinner in a typical London pub, and had a last minute shop in Selfridge's! For me, not very productive, but I spent some quality time viewing the new Ralph Lauren collection. At first, the little old lady that seems to be the icon of the brands latest collection looked like something from a horror, but actually I think it was pretty amazing in a weird way too! Think: Mini Mouse, Bows, and Polka Dots, and you've got a fair idea of the collection. I fell in love with a beautiful skirt; and my poor mother had to drag me away, before my lifetimes savings were splurged at once! Carrying around my 'Primarni' paper bag, I think it was pretty obvious to any shop keeper I wasn't going to be buying anything but a souvenir, but I had great fun admiring the dresses - and the price tags attached!

With the permission of my darling friends I've got a few snaps from the day to share with you! If you've been fortunate to go to London Fashion Week, please drop my a message - I'd love to hear all about it... as you can see, I could barley afford a ticket, let alone a new outfit to wear - but I've got big ambitions, so there could be a day I get to try on those beatiful Selfridge's dresses that look so beautiful on the hanger...WELL A GIRL CAN DREAM - CAN'T SHE? :D

Here we are before the show - we couldn't have one after, I was still holding a tissue in both hands!
From left to right: Lauren, Eleanor, Lydia (my smelly sister), Me and Sarah X
Before the show - Me show casing my Primark bag with pride. A lot of us went for the 'tight's and shot's look, as the weather is too unpredictable in England! 
I doubt there was a moment where we weren't laughing our heads off! Sorry girls! Charlotte (left) show casing her Ray ban's here - Yes they are amazing!  ;D
Me and Sarah, and again my Primark Bargains (I'm sure I'll share the purchases at a later date)
Yes, Selfridges is practically draped in the lush Ralph Lauren Polka Dots, so here we are with one of the many ‘statues’ of this iconic woman! I was very jealous of my friends Loui Vuitton Bag!
Summing up an amazing day, just before we hit the shop floor at Selfridge’s! 

So that’s all for today’s blog – just a quick ‘up to date’ with the hectic teenage life I live! I’m off now so speak soon!  

Lots of Love


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