Wednesday, 24 October 2012

CALLING ALL STUDENTS! The perks to the life of a student...

So your a Student?

You probably don't realise the wide amount of discounts your open to - especially for all you fashionistas!
There are so many companies out there, claiming they're the best company to sign up with!
So, (because I'm just so lovely) I've selected some of the very best Student Websites/offers, which are open to you. That way, you can get the most out of being a student - especially with a bit of online shopping!

If you've never heard of 'student Lock-in,' then you've never lived! For all you Eager Shoppers out there -this is your dream come true! Once a year, at your nearest Organiser Shopping Centre, the 'Student Lock-in' is the place to be. Think huge discounts off your favourite brands! Check out the website now, on the link above, and find out where your nearest Lock-in will be! It's also a great chance, to meet new people. There's a great atmosphere, thanks to your local radio an DJ's, and is definitely worth just going along and seeing for yourself! :) 
Next up is this new website I found out about! It has great offers strictly for students, and advice on how to get part time jobs in your local area. Its also got some great 'fun stuff' like games for those rainy day's and helpful advice from experts - who really know what it feels like to be a penniless teenager! It's free to join, and only takes a few minutes to sign up. They also sent you notifications with any current offers they think apply to you!

I was actually told about this website by my school. You basically sign up and pay 12pounds for your very own student discount card! They offer you 'one off' offers, and give you unique codes so you can get huge discounts online as well as in stores! If there's one site I would say to register with - this would definitely be the one! It's got great advice, and if your keen on debating - there's lots of opportunities to get involved in discussions on student related topics! 
This is another Student Card, which can be brought in conjunction with the NUS card! Its great, as it gives international discounts - so you can still get discounts abroad! It's great for your students who love travelling!  Just like NUS it offers great discounts and advice for students -and great deals on your accommodation and transport, so you can keep your costs at a minimal! If you buy the NUS card, you can add this card into your basket - and in my opinion, is worth the money of getting both. They last 12 months at a time, which means you have to re-new it each year, but in that time, you'll be sure to get your money back! 
If your a high-street shopper, then this website is your ultimate Student Discount companion! It offers great discounts for TopShop, Motel, Asos, and with an easy Sign-up, is definitely worth signing up for! With updated discounts daily, its worth signing up for a newsletter, and checking it out ,before you checkout with that online order! You can also filter your search easily, to find the best deals for you - and take a look at the daily favourites! I've got a unique URL for you to join with - So check it out now! and enjoy!


So enjoy saving money on your next shopping spree - hope this has helped! If you have your own deals/websites, please let me know, as I'm always up for new student websites!
Lots of Love,
Blondie X


  1. These opportunities are really great, The only student discount I knew of where the ones that asos offers, Thanks a lot for sharing. Great Blog, Keep it up :)

    I am now following, please support my blog by following back at Thanks <3

    1. Yeah - they're fab, and I'm happy to share my secrets - that's what blogs are for :)
      I've followed you back. Thanks again for taking a look at my blog :D
      Grace X

  2. I visited student's lock in because i don't want to be labelled that i never lived. LOL Yeah! They got cool stuffs! I wish we have student's lock in here in our city. :( Thanks again for your lovely comments and for following me back!

    1. Ahahaha! I think it's worth it - just for the entertainment ;)
      Its okay, and no problemo! X


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