Monday, 22 October 2012

Revamped - Meet the NEW Blondies Style Fix :D

The half term is here, so no 6th form for me for a week :D
I've got plenty of Revision to be getting on with, but as per, I've been distracted by yet another exciting blog post for you!

So Blondies Style Fix has been under quite a bit of construction recently. I'm happy to announce it's all nearly over, with a few touches under way! YAY!

Here's my new Banner for my page! One of my very talented friend, (who is only 16, may I just add) is just amazing! She's so talented with graphic's, so when I asked her to create the 'blondies style fix' look, I was more than excited to see the results! She's always bursting with ideas, and this was no acception!

So who's this Genius?
Katie and Me :)

Meet Katie Browne! She's a great friend of mine and thank god she's such a graphic genius, or I don't know what I'd do! I've gone pink for my banner -as it's fair to say, all thinks pink, fluffy, and sparkles make me happy! I wanted to keep it simple - and well nothing says 'blondie,' like a blonde haired cartoon! I'm one very happy girlie right now with the finished banner! What do you think? Please let me know!

I'm also happy to put you in contact with Katie, if you wan't some advice on how to create your own - or whatever! Let me know, in an email to:, or just comment bellow!

Your Banner is what people see when they first access your blog - and mine spells out, BLONDIES STYLE FIX, Perfectly! So thank you Katie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm off now, to complete some art homework - this could get messy....
Lots of Love,
Blondie X


  1. Lovely banner, the colors are so cool.


  2. me encanta tu blog!


    1. thankyou!
      It's a good job I understand Spanish! :)
      I'd be happy to take a look!
      Grace X

      Es un buen trabajo, yo entiendo español! :)
      Yo estaría encantado de echar un vistazo!
      Grace X

  3. Wow, I love Your Banner too, It' so Pretty & The Layout looks wonderful. Keep up the Good Job! :)
    Xo Pam

    1. Thankyou Pam!
      I was a very chuffed girlie with it :D X


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