Monday, 22 October 2012

Big girls really are Beautiful - and there's someone that will prove it?!?!

I've been catching up of my 'beauty' knowledge - which I must admit, isn't great.

I'm not a fan of fake tan. I only wear foundation when I'm 'going out'. And the amount of mascara I war, usually is less than noticeable!

So, when I came across an article about Body shapes, I was more than inspired by a girl called Stella Boonshoft, on her blog 'THE BODY LOVE BLOG', where she writes about how she's happy with the body she had - and embraces it too! If you have a few minutes - check it out - it really was inspiring! I've selected a few photos for you also, from her blog, that would inspire anyone. 
I'm all for 'living life to the full' and my group of friends are just the same - hence the bouncy castle for Charlotte's 16th birthday - the fun never ends! 
Me and Charlotte, making the most of BUBBLEEEES! Me: Top- Primark, Dungarees-Top Shop. Charlotte: Top- Hollister. 

Here's a few shots I selected, that really made Stella Boonshoft stand out for me as someone inspirational. All photos are Copy right to her blog: 'THE BODY LOVE BLOG'
This is what all the talk in the media has been based on. saying 'WARNING: Picture might be considered obscene because subject is not thin. And we all know that only skinny people can show their stomachs and celebrate themselves. Well I’m not going to stand for that. This is my body. Not yours. MINE. ' was the comment that went with this post. She's not afraid be who she wants and in a time where everyone dreams of that 'perfect size 10,' well she just makes them look like complete idiots! 

So there you have it - this is my inspiration for the week/
Lots of Love
Blondie X


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    1. Hey!
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  2. Love the photo where you're making bubbles! It's co cute! :)
    New follower, dear!
    Want to see your next posts <3

    1. Awh thankyou!
      That's so kind - I'll make sure I return :)
      Grace X


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