Tuesday, 27 November 2012

For those 'one off pieces' - now on the HighStreet X

So, I love Autumn/Winter...
There's just so many reasons why.
Santa comes to town, I got to lots of lovely event, Spend time with family, go crazy in the sales, enjoy snuggling up in my woollies and greeting the fluffy snow each morning!

Winter is also an opportunity to develop your own style, with so many different styles and trends to choose from - what's not love!

I've gone mad over leather, military, geometry and a bit of baroque. But what I really love, is the opportunity to buy those 'one off' look's which last right through till spring, and add some originality to your wardrobe.
Most people think they have to gone on mad Vintage hunts to get these 'gem's,' but thanks to the ever growing high street chain's, you can still pick up some unique items from your local shops!

Here's just a few examples of what's on offer in some high street stores - that you'll find difficult to find anywhere else!

1. Tile Print Blazer - £70 Warehouse.
So I'm kind of obsessed with Tile print at the moment, and saw this is a magazine - I think I fell in love. It's a tile print blazer, which will look great with your jeans and boots, or if your feeling brave - THE MATCHING TROUSERS... just saying.
2. Embellished scallop hem vest - £60 Miss Selfridge.
If your looking for the perfect party top this season, this embellished vest from Miss Selfridge is your winner! The detail is just gorgeous on it, and will look glamorous under the sparkling lights.
3. Lipsy Sequin Dress - £60 Lipsy
I've gone for another 'Party Stopper' piece. Recently I found a heavenly sequin dress from Motel, which, if you look on previous post: (click here), You'll see why. However, when I came across this Lipsy dress, I may have a new 'Party Dress Crush'!!! It's just so unique, with panelled sequins across the entire front of the dress.
4.Red Lace Long Sleeved Dress - £49 Miss Selfridge.
This next dress was thanks to look magazine! I've already taken it upon myself to love lace this season, but red as well! It was all too much! It's such a lovely dress, that will get you in the mood for Christmas - for sure!
5. DogTooth Trousers by Unique Top Shop £120.00
Dog tooth has been the centre of attention this Autumn, especially in the office. I fell in love with these Top Shop trousers, that take Dog tooth to a whole new level. I love the contrasting tones and subtle colours, which I would die for in my wardrobe
6. Navy Aztec Jacket - £32 Dorothy Perkins.
So it's fair to say every girl will wearing more than one jumper, on constantly this winter, so why not treat yourself to something a little bit different. I think Aztec looks really great, and this jacket will keep the chills away, while being unique in style, in every way.
7. Black velvet baroque knicker shorts £40 River Island.
Not going to lie, if I could buy these now I would. They'll look great on a night out, with a chiffon cream shirt, and your favourite heels.
8. Asos peplum frill skirt in tartan £25.
If you the 'bring back vintage' sort of person, then this tartan skirt is for you. I still have a tartan skirt from when I was 10, (God knows how it still fits) but I love wearing it on special occasions for something a little bit 'me'. This Asos frill skirt is now reduced from £25, to £17.50, and if your looking to bring some vintage into your winter wardrobe, then something like this, is perfect!
9. Red Label Gold Baroque Print Slim Leg Trousers - New Look £16.99
Finally, as trousers are the only thing keeping my legs warm at the moment, these slim leg trousers are a glamorous alternative on a night out - and keep you warmer! They're also on the Baroque side of life - but why not embrace it, while its in trend!

So there you have it, I'm in my midweek homework catchup so escaping now, BEFORE I try and spend all my savings in a hectic online shop!
Speak Soon,

Lots of Love,


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  2. I LOVE THE #4...:) OMG! I want that! :)



  3. Love all of them, but #3 takes the cake for me! Great dress ;)


  4. love the tartan skirt!



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