Monday, 15 April 2013

Guest Shoot #3 - From behind the camera lens...

It was back to school today - and didn't the world know about it! My sister yelling 'WAKE UP GRACE' at 6:30 this morning was not the best way to role out of bed - but I'm glad she did, or I would have been going to school in my Pyjamas! (not that I'd complain).
Today's post is a slightly delayed guest post of my darling sister! As she's usually behind the lens, it was great to let me have a go at snapping away (as it's what I love doing). I have to admit, I'm completely obsessed with the use of light in photos, particularly sun set - it always looks so beautiful! These photos were originally a little experiment, so please ignore the fact she has no shoes ;)

 Okay, so sister's aren't supposed to pay each other compliments regularly (and it's certainly a rarity in our house) but I love this Jumper from Republic. There was a huge sale at Republic, due to rumours of it closing down. This meant of course, that my sister was first to snap up a bargain! The wool is thick and amazing quality and I love the knitting work on the front and arms.
This satchel is becoming a favourite of ours this Spring, since we snapped it up at a local charity shop! Pastels are a classic for Spring, and well, this satchel is a classic. She's also sporting her ONE DIRECTION wrist band, from the concert she went to last month. Yes, she's a little obsessed. And yes, I can now sing every lyric, to every song, since she plays the 1D album on full blast, in her bedroom....
The sun glasses (which are MINE) are from Primark, and look effortless for summer! Lydia's style is mainly a relaxed casual look. Not like her sister... But, it's great that we can wear each others clothes in such different ways! 

To complete the 'Saturday shopper' classic look, Lydia styles her hair effortlessly, by simply pulling some of her hair into a pony tail, and leaving a bit half in/half out. Spring is all about an effortless "up-do's" so I'll definitely be trying this look out...

What Lydia Wears: Jumper - Republic, Bag - Charity Shop, Glasses/Jeans - Primark.

So, you've officially met my camera wizard! 
One thing thing that bugs me about blogging is that people may think 'it's all about me'. But it's really not! One of my favourite aspects of blogging, is to take photos of people's style which inspires me (and I hope to do more of this too). So look out! ;)
Lots of Love,


  1. loving the sunnies xx

  2. So cute!
    I loved your blog :) I'm looking for mutual followers are you in?
    let me know
    kisses :D

  3. Casual and cute - another fun outfit from you. No, sisters aren't supposed to pay each other compliments, except for when they truly deserve it.

  4. lovely pics <3

  5. You look really cute!



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