Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Snapped in the Summer...

Amid the crazy rush of summer, yesterday I managed to spend a few hours with my girlie's, taking lots of lovely photos for my friend Izy's portfolio. She's a rather talented young photographer, and I couldn't resist sharing some of the shots with you all! 

For the photos, we did a combination of 'au natural' shots in a nearby field (dodging local farmers, in the middle of quick changes), with some more elegant photos. Personally, my favourite was the 'lets try and jump at the same time' photo - which I will admit, took numerous attempts of epic fails. The setting was perfect as well, as the barley field's provided the perfect backdrop! 
Before you take a look, let me thank Izy for a lovely day of laughs, tears (from intense sunlight) and our yummy pizza lunch! Enjoy!

Well that's all from me (for now)!
I'm off on my holiday tomorrow, and my current suitcase situation isn't looking good.. so I should probably attempt to start throwing clothes into the case! 

See you in a week,
Grace x


  1. Love these photos! You ladies look adorable :)

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