Friday, 28 December 2012

A wise old owl sat on an oak...

Weather permitting - seeing as around 98% of the UK is underwater or being rained on, I've managed to dash out between the spells of rain, for a post today!
My mom - being a secret shopaholic - (I think that's probably where I've got it from) brought me a lovely dress and satchel from her recent trip to London. Since opening my Satchel on Christmas day, I haven't put it down! It's a stunning vintage leather satchel - and I LOVE IT! Originally, I wanted a Cambridge Satchel. But, I think what makes vintage pieces so special, is you won't see many other parading them around town! PLUS IT'S HALF THE PRICE! My dress was another 'wise' purchase from Camden Loch market, and I've been seeing them everywhere recently...

I just love the pattern on the dress - being an owl lover myself, I can understand why my mom couldn't resist it! After a trip to town, I found they sell a similar design in New Look, Debenham's and Dorothy Perkins. I pared it with a mustard cardigan from Primark - another favourite piece this season! 

 This Pocket Watch was a beautiful Christmas present from a friend from School - Emma-lee. Yes that's Emma-lee (and don't you forget it!). So although I can't tell you where it's from, it's a great example of what to look for, when searching for your own! This one works - so finally I'm keeping track of my time! 
Looks Great + Keeps Track of Time = Not Taking It off!!

I couldn't contain my excitement over my new satchel... as you can see! It was brought with a purpose of use for university - though somehow I can't see it lasting that long (however strong the leather is), once I've started using it. The straps are also adjustable, and the colour means I can match it with pretty much anything! 

What Blondie Wears: Dress - (similar) New Look, Cardigan, Boots, Socks - Primark, Leggings - Matalan, Satchel - Vintage, Necklace - a present!

Well, that's all for today. I've got revision cards to make, books to read and notes to take - oh the joys!
Have a lovely day; wherever you are! 

Lots of Love,


  1. This is such a cute, simple look. I love the satchel!


  2. You are adorable, and so is the dress :)
    Happy Holidays!

  3. Photos look Great Grace, fantastic quality with the new camera! ;)

    The bag is beautiful, I'll have to find myself one.

    Charlotte x

  4. Print on the dress is so cute!
    Love the satchel too
    S xx

  5. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog - yours is so great - love this post. I'm following now too with GFC.


  6. How beautiful!


    Come to me :)

  7. You look great! Love your bag :)

    I really love your blog and your style, I´m following you!
    Maybe if you want, you could visit my blog and if you like it,
    follow me back ;)


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