Monday, 24 December 2012

“Another fresh new year is here . . . Another year to live!"

With a little inspiration from IFB Project #76 I've come up with a few resolutions for the New Year! 
It's never too early to think of your new years resolutions - and hopefully this will give you some inspiration, for when the clock hit's 12! 

1. Eat Less, Blog More! 
It's time I put down the Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Ice Cream, and Haribo sweets, and concentrated on creating original posts for my lovely followers! 
If this involves writing sticky labels on every biscuit tin, then that's what I'll have to do! 

2. Reach out to new blogging friendships
It's very well having a blog, which is your own 'little space'... but ignoring the many other bloggers out there, is no advantage for you! It's great to reach out and seek further inspiration from other bloggers, which could benefit your own blog too! 
My plan, is to seek fresh and original bloggers, follow their blogs, and seek inspiration! 

3. 'Giving rather than Receiving' - bring on the Giveaways!
Yes that's right! I'm breaking all my piggy banks open, to provide some great giveaways for my lovely followers (well it's about time isn't it!). 2013 is going to be all giving from me! 

4. Become too 'School for Cool'
Grades, Grades, Grades. Life evolves around getting the grades at school, so focusing my time on my exams  is essential! Work experience, is also key, and thanks to my blog, I've got the support and confidence, to apply for work experience!

5. Express Yourself
When I started my blog up in the summer, a blogger told me 'always express who you are'! It's important to show your personality, especially when blogging, as it's what makes each blog so unique! My resolution is to embrace my own personality, and ensure everyone see's me on my blog, as who I really am!

So what's your New Year's resolution?
What ever it is, start planning - AND MAKE IT HAPPEN! 
And what every you decide - do it fashionably! :)

Lots of Love,


  1. Hello, just checked out your blog and love the simplicity and design of it! Really good job with it! Keep it up :D Great to see all those efforts you take!
    Check out mine too :D :
    Merry Christmas!

  2. This is great! Good luck and Merry Christmas :)

  3. hey great resolutions!! :)) wanna stay in touch thru google/fb? Wld love to c u drop by my blog!
    Blog Url:

  4. These are so great! I wish you all the best in the New Year and much success with your resolutions.

  5. I should come up with my new years resolutions :) Do you want to follow each other? I am following you!


    1. Yeah, it would be great - I'll follow back now!
      Lots of Love,
      Grace X

  6. Hi! I found you on IFB. This looks great (: Good job! Following youu heheh

    1. I love IFB!
      - I've returned the follow, so thank you X

  7. I also take part in the IFB project and made a list of resolutions of my own! I can say that blogging more and writing better content is also one of my ultimate goals as well!

    Good luck with everything on your list dear!
    The Dilly Chic

    1. IT was a great challenge! I'll take a look at it!
      And thanks for the lovely comment!
      Grace X


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