Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Kate Middleton Pregnant?! One Fashionable Mummy...

So, if you haven't already noticed I'm a very patriotic person, so if the London Olympics and Golden Jubilee wasn't enough this year, the announcement of a Royal baby, has sent me, like the rest of the UK in celebration!

As I'm not completely laid down with homework today, and my brain is overspilling with talk of Kate's baby new's, I can't help but doing a little post of my own!

Kate Middleton has been a style icon since forever. Though one of her highlight's has to be her wedding dress - I may be only 16, but watching Kate step out of the open top car, it was fair to say every girl across the nation wanted to be in that dress!

Below, I've found a few snippet's of Kate's 'Best Moments' - It's fair to say, if I had one wish, (taking out World peace and all that) I'd wan't 10 minutes in Kate Middleton's wardrobes!

Kate Middleton - in Birmingham, Shirt and Skirt - Sarah Burton, Alexander McQueen
I just love the sailor look Kate pulls off here, and still look's elegant. The collar line is gorgeous, and as I've noticed in may of Kate's outfits, pulls of colour co-ordination amazingly well! 

Kate at Wimbledon - Alexander McQueen Sailor dress.
The Duchess of Cambridge is commonly seen in Alexander McQueen, and this outfit really shouts out why! It's another Sailor choice for Kate, but styled so differently. The knitted patterns really make my oen Granddad jumpers at home, look very unimpressive... 
 KateMiddleton - Erdem pleated dress, Singapore. 
This Erdem dress shouts 'Princess!' and is elegant in every way! The pattern and fusion of pale colours looks great against her skin tone - which really demonstrates why choosing outfits that suit you is so important! I also love the matching clutch and mid heels, which really set off the outfit.
 Kate Middleton in Emilo Pucci navy suit, presenting medals at the Paralympics.
Hello Military. Here's another take on the 'Sailor meets Army' look. Seeing at Military has been a huge hit this Autumn, it's clear to see Kate was setting the trend in summer, without even noticing it! 
 KateMiddleton Jaeger dress and floral crown - in Soloman Islands.
This was one of my favourite summer looks from Kate's wardrobe. It really embraces her girly self, with a beautiful floral crown, that suited the surroundings perfectly! The vibrancy of her Jaeger dress makes me wish it was still summer and the lovely pleats are always great at showing off your figure - as Kate proves here!
 Kate Middleton in Kuala Lumpur china blue dress with lace overlay - at tea party. LK BENNET SHOES.
To start this wish 'oh my' would be an understatement. It would be my dream to wear such a lovely dress as this! The fine detail of the lace overlay is just stunning, and would make anyone feel like a princess (who was like a size 2...). With complimentary pearl earrings, and classic 'up-do', she really know's how to stand out, welll, LIKE A PRINCESS. 
 KateMiddleton visit to Dulwich picture gallery, in Orla Kiely pleated dress.
This is probably a favourite number of mine, simply because it's simple, but you don't have to be a millionaire to buy something similar! The dress has lovely detail around the neck, and pleated skirt which create a effortless style. Pairing with black heels and clutch, the Duchess of Cambridge know's how to keep accessorize to a minimal to create the best look.
 Kate Middletonin Alexander McQueen - St Andrews former prep school. green plaid skirt and jacket.
When Kate Middleton visited St. Andrews - her former Prep School, I'm sure most people spent more time gasping at her outfit! Kate always know's her English roots and this always shows in her dress sense - which I applaud her in doing so! This green plaid skirt and jacket/dress is simply gorgeous, and looks great with her suede knee high boots. 
 Rugby Match In wales - festive red coat L.K.Bennett, Red Gucci clutch.
Red has been everywhere so far this season, and I love this festive example of why! Kate wore this lovely L.K.Bennett, (another popular choice of designer for Kate) to a Rugby Match, and again it's simplicity is what makes it so lovely!
Kate Middleton Alexander McQueen dress, in Malaysia
Finally, I've selected this stunning Alexander McQueen dress Kate Middleton wore in Malaysia as part of her World tour! The exquisite detail that has gone into this dress, is breathtaking, and blends beautifully with the white underlay. It's obvious Kate is a fan of simplicity - white being one of her most common colours used in summer - and it's great that she embraces that, in outfits like this! She really demonstrates what a princess should look like, which is what makes her such a role model! 

Now, if that doesn't prove Kate Middleton will be one fashionable mummy, then I don't know what will! I'm not going to start spreading rumours about the 'twins' theory, and all the media's crazy stories, but what I will say is GOOD LUCK KATE! :D

Lots of Love,


  1. Ha! That's a great wish but I don't know if ten minutes is enough.... I absolutely love her style too.

    1. Tell me about it! Her style is to die for! :')

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  3. She always looks amazing, people love her because she's the true fairly tale all little girls watched on disney!
    Erica xo


  4. She makes little "princesses" everywhere happy. I hadn't heard that she's expecting. I hope it's a girl!

  5. Love her style! :)
    Nice pics!



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