Monday, 3 September 2012


Hey guys, this is a quickie.

I'm back to School/Collage tomorrow, and as usual I'm stressing. I need some girl to girl tips on what to wear. I've lined up some outfits, so If you've got a few minutes, drop a comment for which ones your favourite! I love them all, but unfortunately going into 6th form, has meant a brand new take on 'formal uniform' - you can guarantee the first day is going to be a head to head fashion contest (the joys!).
So here it is my outfit line up. All comments are welcome! (trust me....)

For anyone else going back to Work/School, this small selection might give you some inspiration too! I'm not used to all this formal clothing, and neither is my very empty piggy bank, so bear with me! Enjoy X

Okay, this one is probably my favourite so far. Skirt and Jacket - H&M, Blouse - Peacocks, Shoes - Clarks.

This one's a really patriotic style (Olympics had too much of an impact on me!) Shoes - Clarks, Skirt, Shirt and Blazer H&M.
Here I've pared the Emerald blazer with a dog tooth dress... not the best photo I admit. Dress  -  New Look,  Blazer H&M, Shoes - Clarks.

This is a more 'dress it down look' Blazer - Next, Dress - Dorothy Perkins, Shoes - George at Asda.

I've gone for a mix match here, but love it! Blazer and Skirt - H&M, Blouse - Peacocks, Bag -  Primark,  Shoes - George at Asda.
Finally, I'm not usually a trouser girl. But I love these three quarters! Trousers and Blazer - H&M,  Blouse and bag - Primark, Shoes - Clarks.
One more sneaky look at those lush heals. They are so comfortable, and although I hate Clarks for the years of ‘brick shoes’ my mother forced upon me as a child, you have to give the quality and style of these shoes some credit!

Okay, so that’s all I’ve got time for. Please drop a comment – your advice is VERY welcome! And good luck to everyone else going back to school/collage!
As for me, my hectic teenage scedual has started, so I’m off to my Dance and Piano lessons!

Lots of Love,
Your fellow blogger, Blondie X


  1. I really like the last outfit, but I would replace the the blouse with the one from peacocks, good luck in sixth form:)

  2. The 5th outfit's my fave, the mix of prints and colours is lovely :) Also flats are usually the best for school, I love heels but at school we're there to learn and sore feet aren't going to help! But they're all very pretty and smart looking without being at all drab and 'office' looking.

  3. I love the second and last outfits, have a good first day at college! :) xo

  4. I'd choose the last one, it's classy but not nerdy. You'll have a plenty of time to wear flats during the school year, so you MUST choose the high heels, after all it's a special ocasion :)
    Pick up the clothes in witch you feel the best :)

  5. Awh thanks guys for all your comments so far! It's so hopeful, I'm still deciding. I think I'm just being a stress head - but aren't we all on our first day of anything!
    Good luck to any of you going back to work/school too!

    Blondie X

  6. They're all lovely, but I definitely think either the last one with the peacocks blouse or the second one!

  7. The 2nd or the 5th i think :)


  8. theyre all lovely :) which did you choose?!

  9. I wen't with the majority and chose option 5! Thanks everyone for your help X


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