Thursday, 25 October 2012

Very Best of Next AW12 X

Hey there!
Turns out I've spent the most of my Week off school, blogging, eating and doing homework... the joys! 

I found a lovely competition to enter on blog page! Amy has teamed up with Next in an exciting competition, to win £500 worth of Next vouchers! The great thing about Next, is that it offers something for everyone! Me and my momma regularly do swaps on Next clothing, and fight over who is aloud to buy which top! So here's my entry! If you fancy having a go for yourself check it out now! All the outfits bellow, can be found on the Next website: ENJOY X
My first outfit is this lovely Lipsy wax lace shift dress. Just because Winter's here doesn't mean you can't wear your favourite dress with a pair of heals! I love the Gold over wax design, it's so elegant, and perfect for Christmas parties! I've pared it with some glittery heals, as a girls outfit is never complete with a sprinkle of glitter! Accessorize with a black and beaded clutch, and John Richard Vine Necklace, to set your outfit off. Not forgetting a lovely Sparkle Jacket, as let's not forget, it may be hot on the dance floor - but it'll be freezing outside (from personal experience, trust me on this one!). Dress: £70, Shoe's £45, Clutch £35, Necklace £30, Jacket £38.

This next number is a Smart/Casual outfit, simply to make your Autumn as stylish by comfy as possible. I would be no where without my Brogues - and are always a must have! I fell in love with these berry check trousers! They'll look great with the blue blazer and a white shirt, as they keep your outfit looking effortless - and perfect for those of you who want to ditch the heals and skirt at work, for something a little more comfortable! I love a good satchel - so have added one to this outfit, as it complements the tones of the trousers perfectly (and makes me a happy girl)! Trousers £38, Brogues £48, shirt £26, Blazer £60, Satchel £35. 
 My final outfit choice is this perfect winter selection. I've picked everyone's favourite Winter clothes; the knee high boots, the wooly cardigan, and thick tights to create a great everyday combo. I originally fell in love with the thick Tan Cord Pencil Skirt, as it will look great with brown boots! Then I noticed the tone's of the gorgeous pussy bow shirt, which complemented that of the skirt. I love winter - and this outfit is an example of why! Bring out the Patchwork Cardigan and grey wooly tights, and your prepared for every weather! It's worth spending the money on a good quality pair of boots that will last you right through the winter, and these knee high boots, will always be your favourite wardrobe item! Blouse £28, Cardigan £35, Boots £99,  Skirt £24, Tights £12

Well that's it! I'm dying for winter, so I can wear my wooly tights! Make sure you get your entry's in to If you fancy some of the shoes that appear in this post, here's the links: Glitter heals, Brogues, Boots. If you don't fancy joining the compeition, just have a sneak peak at her Blog - it's so original, and I love her view on life <3 

Lots of Love,
Blondie X


  1. I love winter's night out attire, so glam and classy! ヅ

    P.S. Glad to follow back on GFC#53.

    Also followed you on Bloglovin#12 and Google+ #2,
    waiting for you to do the same. ヅ

    Thanks! ヅ

    1. Thanks!
      And thankyou for following me!
      I'll make sure I do that now! :)
      Love Grace X

  2. Go blond power! What a chic selection!!!! Thanks for finding me on IFB!

  3. What a great outfit, that dress is wonderful!


    1. Awh thanks - I know! (literally wishing I had the money to buy it now!) X

  4. Hey! Interesting posts you've got here! I'm your newest follower! <3
    Thanks for dropping by my blog.

    Much love,

  5. Love your style.

    1. Hi Haley,
      Thanks so much!
      I'll check out your blog now :)

  6. nice pictures, cool post :)

  7. I love the winter's night out set, it's really flattering and chic!
    Love your blog, I'm your 62nd follower!
    I would be really happy if you checked out my blog, too!


    1. Hi Maria!
      Thanks so much for following my, and I'd be happy to check out your blog also! X

  8. Your blog is amazing! Love your style! !


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