Sunday, 9 December 2012

Lets get Christmasy with a little inspiration from Nichole Scherzinger's red dress X

There's only 16 sleeps till Christmas!!!!!!
It's going to be a quick post today, as I am currently trying to focus on typing, while watching my favourite Christmas movie 'Elf'! I'm really in the mood for Christmas, as have been doing lots of Christmas shopping today! Although I can't show you any snaps of my lovely gifts, (mainly because my friends are terrible for surprises). But. I can tell you they're verrrrrrrrrrrry cute :)

Have we all been watching X Factor this season? With the final tonight, I thought I do a little post on the outfit, beautifully flaunted by Nichole Scherzinger, (so not you Louis, sorry), on yesterdays show...

If your feeling Christmasy (like myself) they you'll love the stunning red Zuhair Murad sparkly dress Nichole Sherzinger wore at last nights show! oh my, me along with a nation of girls were very envious! 

So Nicole might have been concentrating on her TWO final acts, who lets face it are AMAZING... But wow, she's always got time to spread some Christmas cheer! She stepped out onto the X factor stage in the red, sparkly Zuhair Murad dress, and a towering pair of Charlotte Olympia shoes - and why not?

And okay, unless your a millionaire (which is a 0.121262736% chance) you're not going to be going out to your nearest high street store and be able to find anything like this stunning dress, but there's loads of glitter all over the high street at the moment. SO EMBRACE IT!

Lots of Love,


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    1. It's certainly got me scouring the internet to find something similar! aahaha X


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