Monday, 8 October 2012

Teen Awards - 'Live While Were Young'!!!!

Just call me 'moody pants' today, as it wasn't easy waking me up this morning!

So I went to the teen awards yesterday at Wembly in London – and well It’s times like that when you love been a teenager – it makes me never want to grow up!
I was just in love with Taylor Swift – Okay, I just love Americans FULL STOP! And well, if you’re a one direction fan, you would have been in your element. 10,000 screaming teenagers all chanting for a 5 lad boy band! It was mental!
Well I’m off to catch up on class work/homework and all things boring! So here’s some lovely press photos ( as in my photos one direction look like a few dots on a very big stage!
Lots of Love

Blondie X

Taylor Swift in Alice & Olivia - Radio 1 Teen Awards 2012
Taylor Swift, I loved her dress - she's like an angel, and has the voice of one too! <3
One Direction - Radio 1 Teen Awards 2012
One Direction - Had 10,000 girls (and a few boys) singing along to 'that's what makes you beautiful' <3
Tulisa Contostavlos - Radio 1 Teen Awards 2012
Tulisa, collecting the X factor award, She was rocking the 'Red Dress' look! <3
Little Mix - Radio 1 Teen Awards 2012
Little Mix. I love their style sooooooo much. They make Waccko Jacko look hot! I've never heard them live but they were so amazing! <3


  1. This looks like so much fun, Taylor Swift looks gorgeous :) Glad you had a good time x

    1. Awh it was great! And i know - she's so amazing! :') X

  2. Your so lucky you got tickets! I tried to get some but never did :( Glad you had a good time! Sounds like it was amazing!xx

    1. Hey! My friends managed to get them (I definitely owe them one!)
      And yeah it was so great! Though, I now have no voice left!
      Thanks X

  3. sounds great! would you like to follow each other in gfc? let me know!

    1. okay! yeah? whats gfc? But i'd be happy to :D X

  4. did you actually see the awards?! that's so cool! your blogs really cool btw:DDD:) can you please check out my photography blog?

    1. Hi Elizabeth! Yeah, It was so great!
      The atmosphere was just amazing!
      Thanks so much - I'll make sure I check It out. If you fancy following each other, just let me know! X


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